Gods of earth.

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  1. For as long as history has been recorded, there have been documents of the gods that inhabit the world of humans.

    The organisation of high priests are in charge of finding, training, and serving these gods and their destined guardians.

    Whenever a previous god dies, a new one is born somewhere in the land within the next twenty days, along with a child who will someday be that gods guardian. The organisation of high priests search any child born within this time span and gather twenty of them to take back to their holy village.
    Ten possible gods.
    Ten possible guardians.

    The children are taught lessons in ancient religious verses, potential gods learning about the duties of a god and their powers, and potential guardians learning combat and how to serve their future master.

    at the age of twelve, a gods power is realised and the true deity becomes apparent. When this happens, they will have to choose from the twelve guardians in training and form a bond with one of them, bestowing upon them access to magics and powers few others have.

    children not chosen will continue their study to someday become high priests whereas the god and their chosen guardian move to their new home in their assigned temple.

    The temples of all the gods are nearby, all situated on one mountain, however gods are only permitted to meet each other during religious events.

    All was well, until recently the gods have begun to loose the control they once had over the world. Droughts and wildfires, famine and a decrease in birthrates. People begin to fear that the gods have forsaken them, and plan to sacrifice them in order to bring forth new gods to replace them.

    Not wanting this to happen, the gods and their guardians flee the mountain.

    Now, they are on the run from high priests who wish them dead and trying to survive in a world they know nothing about. Their goal is to be rid of whatever force is harming the land and people before humans die out entirely.

    Fantasy, open world.

    Looking for:
    A few Gods and their guardians.

    Able to write a few decent paragraphs in reply, no godmodding, be kind and inclusive to everyone. At least three (or maybe two) replies a week.

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  2. Sounds interesting, I'd hope to be a guardian.
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