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  1. For as long as history has been recorded, there have been documents of the gods that inhabit the world of humans.

    The organisation of high priests are in charge of finding, training, and serving these gods and their destined guardians.

    Whenever a previous god dies, a new one is born somewhere in the land within the next twenty days, along with a child who will someday be that gods guardian. The organisation of high priests search any child born within this time span and gather twenty of them to take back to their holy village.
    Ten possible gods.
    Ten possible guardians.

    The children are taught lessons in ancient religious verses, potential gods learning about the duties of a god and their powers, and potential guardians learning combat and how to serve their future master.

    at the age of twelve, a gods power is realised and the true deity becomes apparent. When this happens, they will have to choose from the twelve guardians in training and form a bond with one of them, bestowing upon them access to magics and powers few others have.

    children not chosen will continue their study to someday become high priests whereas the god and their chosen guardian move to their new home in their assigned temple.

    The temples of all the gods are nearby, all situated on one mountain, however gods are only permitted to meet each other during religious events.

    All was well, until recently the gods have begun to loose the control they once had over the world. Droughts and wildfires, famine and a decrease in birthrates. People begin to fear that the gods have forsaken them, and plan to sacrifice them in order to bring forth new gods to replace them.

    Not wanting this to happen, the gods and their guardians flee the mountain.

    Now, they are on the run from high priests who wish them dead and trying to survive in a world they know nothing about. Their goal is to be rid of whatever force is harming the land and people before humans die out entirely.

    Fantasy, open world.

    Looking for:
    A few Gods and their guardians.

    Able to write a few decent paragraphs in reply, no godmodding, be kind and inclusive to everyone. At least three (or maybe two) replies a week.

    Character Sheet(doubles allowed):
    God/Guardian of: (can be an element like water, fire, earth, wind- or something like sun or moon, fertility or health, be creative)
    Sexuality: (Including this just in case anyone wants to delve into romance with other characters.)
    Age: (Keep in mind they have more or less a human life span)
    appearance: (Image and/or description.)
    Abilities: (feel free to be creative here!)
    Other info:

    Example(my character):

    Name: Dion.
    God/Guardian of: Guardian of water
    Gender: Male.
    Sexuality: Asexual Pan-romantic
    Age: 17-19 range (depends on the god he ends up assigned to)
    Deeply dedicated and hard working, he has always taken his role as guardian very seriously. Spending as many years as he had living in the temple with his god, he never bothered to try developing social skills so he's a bit out of his depth out in the real world, becoming immediately cautious of those he doesn't know. Nonetheless he always does all that he can to perform his duties as a guardian, more than willing to put his life on the line to protect not only his own god, but all of the deities. When comfortable he tends to loosen up significantly, becoming more friendly and open as the situation allows it.
    Quiet surroundings, reading, meditation.
    Heat, crowds, spicy foods.
    Trained at hand to hand combat and the use of staves, his abilities rely mostly on fluid movement and not being hit. His damage retention is low, but he's hard to hit, and can call upon his gods element of water for certain attacks and other situations.
    Other info: He's red-green colour blind (NOTE: this doesn't mean he cant see colours! He sees colours differently see this table:

    There will be an overall story that I'll feed in gradually through events and NPCs but you can let me worry about that tid bit! I have many things planned.
    If you have any questions, just ask! and we can start once we have at least four gods and their guardians. If more than that want to join too that' fine, even if its later, they can jump in having escaped separately to the others.

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  2. Hey!~
    This seems pretty rad, so I'll try to get a CS up soon c:
  3. Name:
    God/Guardian of:
    Goddess of the moon and water (mainly oceans)
    Kamaria has long silvery-white hair with black streaks in it. Her eyes are light blue and she is pale with smooth skin. She has a petite, feminine figure, standing at about 5'5" (165 cm) and weighing 130 lbs. (58-59 kg.) She usually paints the moon between her brows, and the stars under her eyes are less common.

    She is a very emotional individual, and while she is completely honest with those close to her, strangers may think of her as being quite enigmatic. Because she wears her heart on her sleeve, Kamaria may be easily taken advantage of. For the most part, Kamaria can be very over-sensitive, but hates being told she is. The female is quite creative and witty, and is also supportive and nurturing towards anyone. She believes everyone deserves a second (or third, or fourth, or fifth...) chance. One of her bad habits is trusting people that don't deserve it, and if they do something wrong she will always forgive them.
    Animals, meditation, change (for the better), open fields, nature, quiet music, dancing
    Humidity, dull settings, monotone voices, impulsiveness, loud noises/too many noises at once
    ♦ "Lunar Empowerment"... ♦
    Drawing energy from the moon (being strongest on a full moon and weakest during the new moon). User may become stronger, faster, etc. once in moonlight, and may also have heightened senses. For Kamaria, her mental strength also improves.
    "Water-bending/Water Manipulation"...

    The ability to control water, whether it be the ocean's tides or the use of water in combat.
    ♦ "Waves of Emotion"... ♦
    Kamaria is able to influence the emotions of others. Usually, she uses this to make others feel better, but if the need arises she will use it in fights to confuse or scare her foes.

    Other info:
    Kamaria has color-to-sound synesthesia, so whenever she hears a certain sound she will see a certain color (e.g. a crow's caw may leave behind jagged navy blue lines). Hearing too many sounds at once and seeing all the colors will overwhelm her, and most likely result in a massive headache.
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  4. Name - Nythis
    God/Guardian of - Goddess of the Celestial Flame (Stars)
    Gender - Female
    Sexuality - Bisexual
    Age - 22
    Appearance -
    Tall, with tanned skin and flowing golden hair that sometimes seems to glow with an inner light, Nythis is a sight to behold. She favors dark blue flowing gowns, offsetting the rosy red of her eyes, while the fitted cuts accentuate her athletic build. Finally, she is rarely found without her violin, even when not playing it she typically keeps the case strapped to her back.
    Personality -
    Formerly an immensely social creature, the day Nythis's power awakened would prove to be the worst day of her life. Cut off from the majority of humanity, with only her Guardian for consistent company, she became withdrawn and irritable. In hopes to counter this trend, the High Priests gave her lessons with the Violin, and now she uses it whenever she feels down or lonely.

    With the recent turn of events, she feels betrayed by some of the only people she truly knew, and has again slipped into the shell she had finally started to shrug off. It would seem that this time her violin alone will not be enough to console her.
    Likes -
    Clear nights
    Dislikes -
    Being alone
    Being wet
    Tight spaces
    Abilities -
    As Nythis prefers not to harm people unless absolutely necessary, she typically uses her power to provide soothing light, illuminating darkness. In times of need, she can reach further, calling forth the consuming heat of the heart of a star, though she hates the overly destructive nature of this act. Finally, her innate knowledge of the stars above her allow her a supernatural sense of direction, making it virtually impossible for her to get lost.
    Other info -
    She has crippling claustrophobia, and plays the violin to cope with most of life's issues.
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  5. Name:
    God/Guardian of:
    God of the Dead and Chaos
    ♫ Height: 5'6" (168 cm) ♫ Weight: 136 lb (62 kg) ♫
    ♫ Piercings: 1 gold cuff (right ear), 1 silver stud (left lobe), 1 silver stud (tongue) ♫

    Kori is a carefree and mildly apathetic guy that values the quiet. He tends to keep to himself and focuses other things to keep him preoccupied. He tries to focus on meditation to keep himself calm. Normally he manages to keep his cool, but there are times he has mood swings. Most of his mood swings are him getting angry or upset in general. Overall he is pretty shy and reserved, which works out well since most people just make him upset. Generally he is fairly pessimistic and cynical. He tries to keep to himself, but their are times he actually likes a decent conversation. There are times he is also quite mischievous and makes a mess of things. When it comes to interacting with others, he tries to be nice, but he comes off as sarcastic. He is also usually pretty blunt and honest about things that he wants to say. Kori is hardly worried about how others are feeling, but there are times when he can be a bit sweet. He also gets embarrassed easily when talking in a group.
    Discord/Chaos, Darkness, Quiet, Music, Drawing, Fighting
    Crowds, Cutesy things, Talking about feelings, Excessive sunlight, Spiders
    ♫ Enhanced Reflexes and Senses ♫
    Reflexes are heightened about 1.5x that of normal humans. Senses are heightened to 2x that of normal humans. The biggest downside to this is how easily he gets bored or distracted. He has to focus a bit to utilize this ability.
    ♫ Reality Warping ♫
    Able to alter small aspects of what is around him, mostly making them seem off or strange. This has a downside of it being slightly noticeable things for a short time, like making it appear like an animal has an extra appendage or small objects are defying physics. He can affect multiple things at once though.
    ♫ Death Sense ♫
    Can tell if a person is dying, dead, or if a person or persons have died in a location. The downside with this is that he can never turn it off. There are also times when he can feel a bit of what the person dying feels or the dead felt.

    Other info:
    He has photophobia, an aversion and hypersensitivity to light, caused by his heightened senses. Too much visual exposure to direct sunlight can cause him temporary blurry or loss of vision and severe headaches or mild migraines, his right eye is more sensitive than his left. Normally he wears sunglasses, sometimes inside as well. He rarely smokes on occasion whenever he gets too stressed out or upset. Kori also always has his pan flute on him which he plays when he is alone.
    Let me know if I need to change anything.​
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  6. Ooh, this looks fun.

    Goddess of Mirrors

    Utterly incomprehensible; seems to be related to violence and/or mischief but who even knows
    19 years
    Mel is not an easy type of girl to describe. She's the type of girl who wears shorts under her skirt for modesty, yet finds pleasure in dominating any kind of situation. She's the kind of girl who will preach the importance of moral responsibility as she tilts every painting in the hallway as she passes them. She's the kind of girl who claims to be ordinary whilst she demonstrates her powers to act as a messiah to the masses.

    A deliberately unassuming-looking girl, especially for a goddess, she's not all that extravagant, and is quite possibly too laidback for her own good. She tends to do whatever she wants, whenever she wants to do it, and stopping only if and when she feels like it, even when this might end up being paradoxical or contradictory. In truth, even though she can get a lot accomplished like this, she's inherently a difficult slacker-type person with no respect for whatever rules she doesn't feel like following today.

    However, despite how hedonistic and lazy she may seem, she is very morally upstanding, with her philosophy clearly stating to "do the right thing because it is the right thing to do". In spite how vague this sounds, she is always the first to note errors in moral judgement, however small, and will always call the perpetrator out on it. Even though she's harsh, she doesn't believe there is such thing as a bad person, because while "right" and "wrong" exist quite clearly to her, "good" and "evil" are for some reason foreign concepts, meaning that no matter how horrific one's sins may be, she has already forgiven all of it.

    Challenges, freedom, interesting people, messing around, violence
    Habits, boredom, dogmas, restraint, violence
    Mirror Form
    Mel's body automatically "reflects" anything she doesn't explicitly choose to absorb, up to and including divine powers. Alongside it being incredibly pesky for her every time she wants to pick something up, it has two major drawbacks. Firstly, it only affects her body, meaning that whatever is reflected often does so at awkward angles that are difficult to control. Secondly, she cannot reduce its intensity, meaning that while it works as an excellent defence, the collateral damage produced is often rather shocking.
    Bright Lens
    Mel has the ability to increase the energy of an object in any form she chooses (besides, of course, potential). So she can glow and/or be the warmest and cuddliest. It's probably the single most awesome power out of the entire pantheon, to be honest.
    She can multiply the energy up to x50, which means she can also burn down buildings by standing in them if she so chooses. Again, there are two drawbacks: the energy cannot be "turned down", so any heat, light, and so on just... sits there, continuing to exist indefinitely, so she needs to be extremely careful with this; and she also needs to make physical contact with whatever she's amplifying, so... *glances at Mirror Form* ...Yeah.

    Looking Glass
    Mel can use reflections as gateways in and out of an entire dimension where time and space do not apply as we know them to, allowing for what is, in practice, instantaneous transportation between any clear reflection. On the other hand, this dimension, which she has nicknamed the "Far Side", isn't even her territory at all, being what she theorises is a leftover from an older, more powerful god, or at least something similar. This means that she has no control over the Far Side itself, and her only power relating to it is the ability to see and go in and out of it via reflections. But she's the only one who can do that by herself, so it's pretty boring in there once one gets used to the eldritch geometries, and she doesn't spend much time in it if she can help it. Since nobody's around, she sees nothing wrong as claiming it as her own personal realm.
    Crystal Rule
    Mel's fourth ability is the simple power to create and control glass. Mirrors are made of glass, so as long as it's decently reflective, she can make it. There's not really much to this one, but she likes to make little statuettes with it when she's got nothing to do.

    Other info:
    Yes, in case you're wondering, she has probably abused her Looking Glass ability to break the no-contact rule a few times, alongside having a couple of other violations to her name. It's not cheating if you don't get caught, right? No medical conditions on this one, though; Mirror Form can block sensory input, but even then, it's hardly fitting for a goddess like this to get chronic headaches.
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  7. Uh, sorry to all for the double post, but it just occurred to me.

    Four gods and four guardians makes seven players, not including our very own Akaname himself.

    Seven is a bit much, given the premise won't appeal to everyone, so I think it may be an idea if we each make a second character as a guardian to someone else's god. Plus, that guarantees more character interaction. It kills two birds with one stone.

    please dont throw stones at birds

    i think its ill-eagle

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  9. I was planning to create a guardian. Not a God though.
  10. Oh, cool. Then that makes four Gods and two Guardians to boot. Anyone have any reservations on potential Guardians to voice?
  11. Name:
    Goes by Hemoriah, actual name Cassander
    God of:
    As befits someone of his station, he is tall and slender, olive-skinned and regal. He has curly black hair, purposefully kept messy looking, and light green eyes. While he looks noble but friendly, the sharp lines of his face give him a slightly more harsh look. His skin is smooth, but there are a few purposeful marks, not out of any depression, but a sort of obssessive behavior. He doesn't believe in the ink of tattoos, but believes instead of cuts of scarification and the burns of branding. Below his left eye he has a circular scar with seven small dots burned into it. On both his palms he has the same thing but bigger. On the middle of his chest he has a more elaborate scar depicting a realistic heart on fire. Down both of his arms are brands of open eyes.
    He is a naturally curious individual, but not to the extent he actively seeks out answers. He reads instead or asks questions. As a god he has grown into a different person than he was as a younger man, and has become much more sadistic. He is not in himself a bad person, though. He does good things and wants world peace, but on the other hand, he also believes he should rule a significant section of it. His pain tolerance might be high, but his emotional tolerance is fairly low, though he's never had any problems with it thus far. In his own way, he is actually rather innocent. He was completely satisfied living in his temple in luxury as long as he felt his surprisingly small needs were fulfilled. He does firmly believe he is better than regular people, though, if only because he hasn't really talked to many in years, and can't wait to try out his powers on the 'mortals'. During his time on his temple his personality changed into a more twisted, cult leader-ish type. He does enjoy the presence of other gods though, even if his actual experience with them is practically nothing.
    Reading, playing strategic games, people following his orders, music
    extreme temperatures, being powerless or helpless, being yelled at
    Whispering : When he talks, people naturally believe him or do as he says. Not just persuasive, but overpoweringly so, like brainwashing. It doesn't even matter exactly what he says; its more like everytime he speaks there is a sound underneath that conveys the exact meaning and why you should follow it. While most of the time it works effortlessly, it doesn't work as well on people who know who he is, aren't afraid of him, or are other gods. Its still pretty convincing though. He could convince someone they're on fire just by saying 'You're on fire,' no other words needed. Basically, it works best against 'mortals'. Its important that this is a vocal ability, though, and so it only works if the recipient hears him.
    Truthtelling : While this skill isn't as useful, he instinctively can tell if someone is telling the truth. He can also read body language very well, so he tends to get the whole meaning out of any statement, nor just what was said out loud.
    Other info:
    He sometimes wears a steel mask he had custom made. It has six eyes carved into it (only two eyeholes of course) but only a slit-like mouth. It was made to give him an otherworldly look and, the way its made, amplifies his voice, too. Basically, it really helps his 'cult leader' persona among the 'mortals'.

    I noticed there was only one male god, so here I am. There also seems to be a lack of guardians though, so if you'd rather me make one of those I can do that to.
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  12. Greetings! If there's still space, I'd like to join. I've got one other character in the works: The Guardian of Mirrors!

    Name: Solomon
    God of: Wisdom and Scholars
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Age: 20
    Personality: Solomon is a very laid back guy. Nothing really seems to worry him, and it's rare that he shows any signs of outward stress. Because of this, he's got something of a calming presence for most people, although some have claimed to find his ever present aura of relaxation a bit unsettling, when stressful things start happening and Solomon is just sitting there with his feet on the table. No matter the situation, he goes about with a sort of analytical calm. Solomon's by no means cold-hearted or cruel, having a dry wit and a compassionate soul, he's just very factual and straightforward.
    Likes: Cold or overcast weather, sweets, quiet, nighttime, and boggling minds with his incredible reserves of knowledge, and amazing devices.
    Dislikes: Crowds, blood, hot weather, pickled food, all time between the hours of 4:00 AM and 9:00 AM.
    By default, Solomon has a few perks from his station. His brain's ability to process information is greatly increased, to the point where he can receive and react to information almost instantly. This doesn't actually grant him any sort increased speed though, only perfect reaction time. He also has the combined memories and skills of every previous god of wisdom, granting him incredible gifts in virtually all academic fields. The divine powers of the God of Wisdom are numerous, though only one can be invoked at a time. While switching between states only takes a few seconds, this time must be spent focused solely on switching powers, and thus leaves him intensely vulnerable. His divine powers are as follows:
    1) Encyclopedia: This power allows Solomon to ask himself any question, either out loud or verbally, and receive an accurate and relevant answer. While there is no knowledge outside the reach of Encyclopedia, it cannot answer questions with a subjective answer, such as queries upon the meaning of life. It also cannot predict the future. Regardless of what question asked of it, Encyclopedia will present Solomon with as best an answer as possible, answering what it can truthfully and without fail. In short, Solomon can ask the power Encyclopedia for any fact or facts about the universe, and it will be granted to him, so long as his question has an objectively factual answer.
    2) Researcher: Researcher is most likely to be Solomon's greatest gift. It allows Solomon to imagine a task, say, the construction of a car, and he will receive detailed, step-by-step instructions for how to perform said task in an efficient and effective manner. However, Researcher does not grant Solomon anything in the way of resources or physical skills required to perform his task, but the instructions have so far always sufficient that, with his incredible intellect and knack for invention, Solomon can create virtually anything. While Researcher could easily be used to create devices far beyond the reach of the science of the time, he still would require time, effort, and resources. Many of which would not be available to him due to their rarity or inaccessibility.
    3) Tactician: If Researcher is the most powerful of Solomon's abilities, than Tactician is by far his most frightening. While invoking Tactician, Solomon is automatically informed of the physical and mental weaknesses of everything within his line of sight. This allows him to bring down buildings or burn down castles by tossing coins, or manipulate people into serving his will (though this is not mind control, simply an ability to know just what to say), or shattering the bones of veteran warriors by hitting them just right. He is also immune to virtually all mental effects such as illusions, mind-control, or attempts to read/predict his thoughts and actions. There are however, some disadvantages to Tactician. Chief among them is the fact that while invoking Tactician, Solomon becomes cold-blooded and brutal, losing much of his personality. A thin shell of his real self is still visible in his mannerisms, but any sense of morality or respect for life is gone. To the Tactician, there is only an objective. Because of this, It can be difficult for Solomon to change back to one of his other modes while invoking the brutally efficient power of Tactician.
    4) Mentor: The power Mentor is quite a simple one. It allows Solomon to bestow a lesser version of one of the other three powers upon another, willing person. The exact changes vary depending on the person, and Solomon's will, but it is common for them to be more limited in scope, as opposed to weaker in power. For example, if granted to another, the power Encyclopedia might only answer questions about specific fields of knowledge, such as mathematics, or biology. Researcher might give instructions for specific devices, such as arms or armor.
    Other info:
  13. Name: Gallahad
    Guardian of Mirrors
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: ????
    Age: 18
    Inside the spoiler is Gallahad's set of weapons. Primarily, he uses his halberd in both hands, relying on his armor and natural toughness to shrug off attacks. Typically, this works quite well, but there are rare occasions when he must forgo his large, heavy polearm for something more compact and defensive. In these scenarios, he wields a war pick, also known as a crow's beak in one hand, with a shield in the other.


    Personality: Gallahad is a devoted, pious man, and effectively the opposite of his Goddess. If Mel is the one who tilts all the paintings down a hallway, then Gallahad is the one who follows diligently behind her, setting everything back to the way it was. While he will often use his large, intimidating physique to quiet a room, he rarely speaks for himself. Instead, he sits quietly, allowing the goddess of mirrors to dominate the conversation. In short, he is the janitor to clean up whatever messes Merandial's troublemaker attitude may cause.Sometimes, this means literally with a broom, dustpan, and washbucket.

    See, Gallahad is something of a neat freak. Whenever he's not busy doing something else, Gallahad is almost always cleaning, or performing some sort of mundane chore that would be far too boring for his goddess to perform. To him, order and cleanliness is what puts humankind above the mindless beasts, such as wolves or pigs. Even in combat, the knight Gallahad takes great care to insure that the bodies of his opponents fall in a neat and orderly pattern.
    Likes: Order, cooking, cleaning, enabling and picking up after the goddess of mirrors.
    Dislikes: Chaos, mess, wilderness/uncivilized areas, and bugs.
    Abilities: Gallahad possesses a unique, weaker version of the Mirror Form ability. Instead of reflecting energy, it is instead absorbed and stored inside his body. This stored energy can be virtually anything, such as kinetic, heat, electrical, or even pressure. Additionally, this ability requires Gallahad's active concentration to maintain, making it difficult to use his power and perform other tasks at the same time. There is also a limit to the amount of energy he can absorb. After he's reached his maximum, Gallahad can channel and expel that energy in various forms, from beams, pulses, and balls of energy, to supercharging his weapons with his absorbed energy. This process of filling his weapons with additional energies causes it to glow brightly, and is able to cleave through most matter with ease.

    Lastly, Gallahad possesses immense physical strength, and is able to stop a charging bull in it's tracks, using nothing more than the strength in his arms.
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  14. I'm sorry this was so late apparently I wasn't watching this thread! your character is very good and meets all the requirements! I'f you're still interested you're accepted~
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  15. I'm sorry this was so late apparently I wasn't watching this thread! This is a great app and I'd be happy to accept you if you're still interested~
  16. I'm sorry this was so late apparently I wasn't watching this thread! Your character seems pretty fun, and you put some nice detail in, if you're still interested you are approved!
  17. I'm sorry this was so late apparently I wasn't watching this thread! this character is fun and unique, I'm glad people have been so creative~ if you're still interested you're accepted~
  18. I'm sorry this was so late apparently I wasn't watching this thread! I think your character would be a good addition, thanks for the interest! If you're still interested you're accepted!
  19. I'm sorry this was so late apparently I wasn't watching this thread! You went really in depth with the abilities! I love it! If you're still interested, you're accepted!
  20. I'm sorry this was so late apparently I wasn't watching this thread! This is a really cool application,so if you're still interested I'd love to have you join us!
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