God's of Blood

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Is this request reasonable?

  1. Yes!!!!! I'll draw it for you

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  2. Yes, but I can't draw

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  3. No, not really

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  4. This really is a terrible idea

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  1. Could someone make me a banner for my r.p? I was thinking it could be simple, all you'd have to do really is draw a banner with 'God's of Blood' written in blood on crumpled looking yellowing paper. It would be so great if someone could do that for me. I'll reward you with my following you (With your permission of course) So please can someone help me? I just want to rally a good amount of persons for my r.p. Thanks to whoever considers it.
  2. I can try to make something. Are you sure you want it to say "God's of Blood" and not "Gods of Blood"?
  3. How's this?

    With the apostrophe


    For future reference, art requests usually go in the Writing & Art Museum forum. I don't care very much whether you follow me or not. You have my permission.

    I don't really consider it a reward though, so no need to feel obligated.

    Tell me if the crumpled paper effect isn't clear enough also.
  4. [​IMG]


    More clearly crumpled, less yellow


    Not crumpled, but may have a more obvious texture
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  5. Thank you!!!! I actually meant for it to be Gods of Blood. If your going to do it over could you make the blood drip more? If not then thank you anyway. And the crumpled effect is fine on the last one. :bubble:
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  6. Like either of these?



    I'm not sure if this is the texture you meant because it's not actually crumpled, but it's the last one I posted.
  7. The second one is a bit too drippy, the words are obscured, but the second one will do. I only just realised I would have liked Gods of Blood: Volume One better but I don't want to give you any more work, so thank you!!!
  8. No, I can do that really fast. Gimme a few minutes.
  9. With "volume one" added

    Same, but with slightly less excessive drip
  10. Wonderful. It's perfect now!!!! You really are good at drawing though.
  11. Hey, couldn't help but noticing this going on. What's the banner for? Like, what's the basic plot of the RP?
  12. @Mr. V The r.p is a dark fantasy. It takes place during the 18th century or so, where the church of the god Inti has basically become not only a widespread religion, but a main source of political power as well. They can overrule any decisions made by the king or make laws on their own. But they are also extremely corrupt and have a hidden agenda, which will be revealed throughout the course of the r.p. The members of this r.p possess abilities such as creating centipedes from blood, or ribbons of transparent energy, flowers made of fire, that sort of thing. There is a lot of blood spill which I expect to happen, so I want a banner with Gods of Blood: Volume One, to be drawn in dripping blood, on crumpled and yellowing paper.
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  13. I honestly couldn't help but notice this going on as well. The title itself is rather captivating, and I would like to know if this is an open r.p. Not to be too forward or pushy, but would you mind if I requested to join this intriguing r.p?
  14. You can as soon as I post the OOC. I was just waiting to get a banner before I put it up, but by all means, you are welcome to join as soon as I put it up. I'll post the link here or inbox you.
  15. That sounds great. Thank you. I hope to r.p with you and others soon.
  16. Great. The feeling's mutual.
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