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  1. This is the thread for all non r.p related posts for the Gods of Blood r.p. Please post important content in the plot discussions thread so persons who are not watchong this thread can see it
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  2. I find it annoying when people say that their first (excluding the one who made this thread) to post so I'm taking that position =_= (...lol I literally just said that I was first to post but in a completely different context xD)
  3. Congratz, a medal is on it's way
  4. Aaw everyone's going on holiday except me... Well, at least that means that I get to control everyone elses characters but no one gets to control mine >:D
  5. *bows* I'm honored sire~

    Ahaha true xD Also I didn't get a chance to say this because I either forgot or I had to leave but your IC post had me rolling on the floor in laughter xD I wonder how Ascheriit is going to react when he finds out he was mistaken for a girl ;p
  6. I'm probably not going on holiday for more than a day or so... and because I'm lonely and at home all the time I think that more than makes up for it.
  7. And so far my ren fest group consists of four.

    1. There's me playing the horny elf.
    2. My friend is cross-dressing as a pirate with multi-personality disorder.
    3. We have a weird demon.
    4. And we have the typical princess :D
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  8. Ahhhh I wish I had cool friends like that... I seriously want to be able to do something like that one day ;_;
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  9. Yeah it's gonna be awesome! Last year I didn't get to go with them (because I went to NYC to see family instead, totally worth it!) so they brought me back a fake rat pelt <3

    It was kinda a joke since I have pet rats, but it's super amazing and this year I'm going to tie it to my belt. :D
  10. Im going as my bday present pretty much lol so its not a random trip
  11. Are you guys going to Disneyland, Sea world, or Universal Studios for your visit? :D
  12. I SLEPT! HOLY SHIT! I went to sleep for a two hour nap and woke up in the morning o-o And now I have lectures, then I have to look after my nephew...I'll get to posting soon x-x.
  13. Lol none, that takes a lot of money plus I dont think he lives near any of them XD

    Haha good luck!
  14. Ohh yea good point ^^" I live semi near sea world but it still takes an hour drive or two to get there~ ;p Also loving the grand entrance made by Styxx xD (which now I just realized after looking through the character vault is pictured after Grimmjow from Bleach :D He's up there in my favorites along side Ulquiorra ;p).

    Time for a little OC RP~

    Ascheriit: *sigh* Man-woman...do I really look that much like a girl?

    Me: Pretty much yea~ ^^

    Ascheriit: =_=*
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  15. Well I'm awake again and it's before 11 so I'm on time. And yeah he does kinda look like a female by the way. Maybe he should cut his hair and grow a beard... like a really long beard.
  16. Lucky lol I live next to the beach but since its WI it doesnt get hot enough often to actually go swimming without freezing your tuckus off XD I dont know how far he lives from any of those places but I imagine its at least 2+ hours.

    Hehe glad you enjoyed it, I had to make a entrance to fit him, hes kinda like a colder/badder version of Aladdin =D Ya Grimmjow is pretty awesome, I've watched the entire Bleach anime but I wish they would continue it =(

    Lmao, I couldnt help it!
  17. Ahahaha maybe in the future if he decides that maybe its time to actually appear as more of a man instead of a women xD For now though he can be the...lets say designated 'trap' (all you otaku's out there know what this means) of the RP xP

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  18. Also just realized I haven't made a single post with Alodia in it as of late -_-" I'll be writing up Jack's first then Alodia's since I have to respond to @Zloglasniot Fasada post first ^^"
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  19. Yeah I kinda want to give other people a chance before I reply...
  20. Lol hey now Styxx didnt throw him, he gave him to some of the guys buddies.....Then ran like the dickens XD
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