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The basic Idea of the story was for it to be a HUGE allegory of sorts about WWII. A man unknown to the world started a chain of hospitals where experimental obsceneties were created in the medical field. He created things from Animal/Human hybrids-- taking abilities from animals and trying to impose them upon his patients-- to temperature tolerance modifications in which the human body could tolerate temperatures far beyond that of a regular human body and remain unscathed.

In my Novel, I had 2 main Characters.
Christopher: A 16 year old boy who was brought into the experimental world to be used as the "Perfect Human." The Perfect Human was to be a Biological Weapon in human form. They would be the ultimate fighting weapon in means of speed, thought processing, strength. Anything that would make them elite in the fighting grounds. However, this came at a price for Christopher. He is manic and has fits of self destruction and accidental murder.

Aseda: Upon a group of 50 children, ages 5-10, Aseda was kidnapped from her parents to be used as the modern form of the "Fountain of Youth." Experiments were made to try and make a human being completely ageless in mind and body. The tests were harsh, and killed most of the children. The ones that survived were killed due to them not reaching the high standards the Doctor wanted. Aseda no longer acceptable in the standards, and was abandoned in a house, assuming that she'd die of thirst and starvation because she was left at such a childish age.

My idea for this RP is to have characters of whom were experiments of the Organization, trying to find their ways out of the hospital. There will also be doctors, nurses, and corrupt forms of government which allow the organization to carry on in their doings. No one outside of the circle of managament, corruption, and experiments knows of what's going on. They've all been killed, or corrupted.

I'm still working everything out plot wise, and such, and most importantly a time in which the RP can end.

Different patients will be put in different environments. Some will be in the hospital, while others are far along enough to be put into the outside world.

My thoughts for the ending would be when the head Doctor is killed and all the evidence/hospital chains are destroyed, or it could be something else. Any and all thoughts would be greatly appreciated. : D
SORRYYYY. I didn't mean to make this so scatterbrained...

In an attempt to be clearer, the idea of God's Marionette came from my hopefully future published novel which I have been working on since I was just a wee 14 year old.

Christopher and Aseda were my main characters in the novel, but they are simply examples of characters that you can create. I only have one thing that has to be a must with your characters: They MUST have a fatal flaw! Chrisopher's flaw is his anxiety, and capriciousness. Aseda's, her innocence and easy trust in peple.

Having a fatal flaw prevents problems such as god modding and having a super duper strong character that can do anythign because... blah blah blah.

I do not know exactly where I am going to take this RP yet, but any and all insight would be wonderful for some plotting ideas.

I can divulge more if necessary about my RP idea, but I don't want to overwhelm anyone. I -really- would like some insight on this, so anything and everything is welcome.