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  1. Before the beginning there was the Storyteller and the Existential Light. By weaving the light together the Storyteller forged the 'Existential Sphere' contained within it was the primal nexus, the howling void, and an infinite nothingness waiting to be filled. There was Nothing and Everything waiting to be, already, and before. Within the Primal Nexus the Primal Forces, the corner stone building blocks of Existence surged and struggled against each other. The Storyteller knew that the Existential Sphere needed some form of order if it was to evolve and grow. So the Storyteller created the Divine Engines, and directed them to create from the primal forces the Makers. So The 14 Makers were forged from the primal forces of the Existential Sphere, and would be granted power from the divine engines themselves to create, destroy, manipulate fate, and more. They would provide order and growth to the Existential Sphere. Of course this was only the beginning it would be up to the Makers now to forge ahead and create more to the Story.

    What is the God's Game really?

    Now you may or may not have played a roleplaying game where you got to be a god or demigod of some sort, wondering the earth and having adventures or something like that. This is not that kind of game, similar more to the 'classic Ao, take a turn and use a sentence/act to do something' game only ... different.

    Basically you start by playing a 'Maker' a divine creator forged from one of the primal forces of existence within the primal nexus your home. You create, manipulate and destroy stuff within the 'howling void' or the rest of the existential sphere. The Howling Void is a infinite nothingness with no limits upon it's space, (unless a Maker creates them of course.) Nothing exists within the 'howling void' not even the primal forces really although a Maker can easily manifest that primal force within the howling void from which they were born. That means no matter, no energy, no gravity, no laws of physics, nothing.

    The God's Game progress over a series of 'Volumes' and 'Chapters', during the first Volume you play Makers who create 'Existence' and determine it's progression. You can work together or against one another, the politics of the Makers are their own affair. When the volume ends we move into the next 'phase' of the game, you'll have to (except in unique cases) give up your Maker characters for a New Kind of Character with less overall power, but more of a 'physical' impact if you know what I mean.

    The intent of the game is that as the game progresses and evolves and time moves, that we'll eventually play mortal characters having adventures in the world and/or worlds that we create. Could be interesting who knows, but at the moment the plan as it is doesn't have us doing anything more than being Makers for a while. (Although to some extent how quickly or slowly we progress is mostly up to the players.)

    In order for a Maker to create, destroy or manipulate they must use divine power granted to them by the divine engines. Divine power takes the form of points, Makers normally get one point from each of the divine engines every 24 hours. The Creation Engine grants the divine power to create, The Entropy Engine grants the power to destroy, The Fate Engine grants the divine power to create 'destinies' and The Lady will grant either the power to 'Evolve', do something in 'Secret' or 'Ask' or 'Request' something of the Divine Engines themselves. After using divine power, depending on how the divine power is used the Divine Engines will explain the result and effect of the usage of power. On rare and exceptional occasions the Storyteller himself will manifest his power and explain results and special events, and sometimes even intervene especially in cases when the Existential Sphere itself is in danger.

    Remember as you create and play in the Howling Void that anything you create including scientific , mystical, and spiritual laws will continue to be in effect after their creation unless they are destroyed. Meaning for example if you make strange laws of physics they will continue to effect existence until the 'end of time' that is if the appropriate Maker manifests that primal force into the Existential Sphere that is.

    So Join in! Be a Maker~! Free forum : The God's Game
  2. Alright so you've heard about my forum. Perhaps you heard about the fact that it is in some ways the 'prologue' to Mistygleam Friar RP which acts as the 'origin story' of The Storyteller... Perhaps you wonder what I mean by that precisely. This RP Forum/Game is intended to grow and develop eventually spanning several forums as the 'Existential Sphere' becomes more and more defined. Eventually we can even attempt to recreate our favorite fandoms.... (Lord knows I have a few I plan to recreate.) But they'll all be part of the same 'Canon' this an attempt at creating our own original Canon and Verse that in it's own way is set in stone. Our own personal Existential Sphere now don't tell me that isn't a little tempting. Anyone with a creative mind would probably be at least a little tantalized by the idea. What's more I've set up so that right now in the First Chapter of the First Volume you have the opportunity to really cement the seeds of what you would want in the future.... Eventually yes we'll be playing more mortal characters, but due to the actions of the Makers now... well different stuff could be available to you, different areas to explore and so on. It's the chance to really be part of a sandbox multiverse and create something that's yours in a collective canon... I mean be a legend right?

    On top of all that this sandbox game comes with some epic storytelling, there are plans in place for many volumes to come and so much exciting stuff! We aren't going anywhere any time soon, so be a part of a growing creative writing community that's literally bringing an Existence to Life!

    We have a handful of members already, although only really two to three of them are active so far with characters, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't join! With every active member added the activity of the collective grows and the whole of the game becomes more intricate and interesting. Don't think you can join the game right now? That's fine too! Make an account and lurk for as long as it takes for you to get comfortable! We reward are lurkers when they eventually join the game based on how long they've been around lurking!

    We started with nothing in the Existential Sphere, well it's been a while and some stuff has happened. The Existential Sphere has been divided into Physical Realms, Magical Realms, Spiritual Realms including the Lands of the Dead, Elemental Planes, and the Spirit Lands. A bit of the science of the Existential Sphere has been defined, and a lot of work has been done on building and defining the physical aspects of the Universe. Also due to some investigation on the part of the Makers it would appear that the Existential Sphere of the God's Game has an intruder. An Old One who pursues the destruction of the Makers and the whole of the Existential Sphere.

    The Game isn't slowing down or stopping anytime soon! So Join in when the stuff is still relatively new if you want to be a part of this building this Existential Sphere and the foundations of all that awesome epic storytelling and canon while you still can! We're a forumotion forum that has been up for a little more than two weeks, we're not necessarily at 'full strength' so to speak, but none the less we're still running strong.

    (Also a note for those of an ambitious sort, we do indeed accept moderator and admin applications. Although I wouldn't expect to become either a moderator or an admin, until you've managed to participate in the game itself for a while, but that doesn't mean we're not open to the possibilities and knowing that you are interested in a mod/admin position makes it easier for us to prepare you and fast track you into one.)
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