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  1. From the very begining of concious human thought man kind has dreamed of greater beings, of gods and goddesses, of demons and angels. Their belief in these beings were so stong that they brought them to life and gave them power, Now the gods are weakened in the waning years, some are gone all togather. But there are still small schools, camps, and temples dedicated to the teachings of the old gods and with them, teaching how to channel their powers.

    This is a roleplay about teenagers to adults learning, teaching, and using powers granted by following the path of one or more god from almost any pantheon and faith. Just know that certain gods and goddesses hold grudges with others and they may make appearences in the RP as well as their followers may carry the grudges themselves.

    average students who have obtained their first power are aged at about 15-16. Most have obtained several by 18.

    there can be any number of trainnees/students/adults who didn't become teachers. I'll allow only 4 teachers as they are near masters of their chosen path and it would be no fun with a RP of all teachers​



    Character sheet:


    Allias: (optional, list any names others call them/go by)




    Patron god(s): (if choosing more than one god please relate them, such as chosing Anubis and Osiris as Anubis is the god of embalming and funeral rights while Osiris is the lord of death himself, i will allow exceptions to this)

    Granted powers: (if younger please keep the powers limited as you are still learning.)

    Appearence: (describe or upload a picture)


    Extras/noteworthy things:
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  2. Name: Yorick Destona

    Allias: Didary Dirrge, Styx

    Age: 22

    Height: 6' 1"

    Weight: 175 pounds

    Patron god(s): Anubis, Hades

    Granted powers:
    Grave Keeper: Anubis has granted him the power to protect a grave from outside tamperings for up to a week.
    Death walker- Hades has granted Yorick the power to call upon the bodies of the departed for favors and tasks.
    Shadows of death: Hades has granted Yorick the power to turn invisible, cloaked in shadow. He still makes noise and leaves foot prints

    Appearence: [​IMG]
    personality: He is a calm, slow to anger, friendly man though he takes death and what follows very seriously. He believes in living life to it's fullest as long as you can. He enjoys teaching others as much as he can.

    Extras/noteworthy things: As well as being a teacher in the path of gods, he is a trained swordsman and Sythe weilder. He's still freshly out of studenthood himself so he may not be the best teacher
  3. 2 questions: What's the max character limit per person, and can we make teachers?
  4. I'll allow 2 characters per person and you can. I'll update the main post with more info
  5. Awesome. I'm assuming all gods are OK to use provided they aren't what one might consider a Creator deity.
  6. Actually even creator dieties would be allowed so long as the powers you give yourself arent too OP. Also if anyone needs help coming up with powers, ive studied many major faiths and pantheons so just message me.
  7. Name: K'horuth

    Allias: The Shapeless One

    Age: 77

    Height: N/A

    Weight: N/A

    Patron god(s): Walpurgisnacht - God of form (or lack there of). (I know there is an actual god of shapeshifting, but his name escapes my mind...)

    Granted powers: Shapeshifting - the ability to transform his physical appearance into anything he desires, provided he has seen that shape before. He can only transform into living creatures. If he transforms into an inanimate object, the change will be permanent.

    Appearence: K'Horuth has no set form, though, he tends to default to the form of a kind, wise-looking old monk.

    personality: K'Horuth is a very mysterious figure. He has tutored people in the way of the skin changer for almost 40 years, and yet no one has ever been able to figure out his true motive. He has never been seen actively praying to his god, and yet his link to the deity is still powerful enough for him to have mastered his lack of form. Despite this, he has proven himself trustworthy on numerous occasions, so the other members of the school consider him safe to keep around.

    Extras/noteworthy things: He gains all the physical abilities of his alternate form, while preserving the mental capabilities of his human form. He may however be rather clumsy in a newly learnt body as he works out how to coordinate movements.
  8. Accepted the latter one we can disscuss being a plot point
  9. That's probably fine, though the personality of the deity might be a little hard to work into a preexisting plot...
  10. My phones being stupid so in gonna go now, but we can discuss it and i may allow it even without it being major plot
  11. Since there're two of them, I'll put the details specific to Amaterasu in curly brackets.

    Name: Shiro {Amaterasu (usually shortened to Ama for conversation)}

    Alias: {Goddess of the Sun and the Universe}

    Age: 14 {Around 3000, though records as to when Shinto began are sketchy}

    Height: below average

    Weight: below average

    Patron god(s): Amaterasu {Herself}

    Granted powers:
    The Voidflame - a fire that can be varied in size and style. It burns much hotter and longer than regular fire, and is a nice shade of purple.
    (Powers below are gained later, after further study. Probably quite a lot of further study since the patron deity in question doesn't know how to do it themselves)
    Anchor - the ability to fix one object in space, relative to another. If one object is moved the other will move as well by the same amount. The anchored objects each gain the relative mass of the other for moving purposes, so anchoring a 1-kilogram mass to another 1-kilogram mass that is 50 meters away would require the same amount of strength as lifting a 2kg mass would.
    The as yet unnamed ability to manipulate anything with a reflective surface, and turn it into a miniature wormhole (allowing for what is effectively constructing a portal, but with the addition of a slight amount of travel backwards in time.)


    personality: Shiro is quiet and serious, and relatively sadistic. She angers easily and will not hesitate to try and destroy anyone that pisses her off. If you can get past this flaw, she is loyal and makes a good friend. {Amaterasu on the other hand, is almost the exact opposite. She's optimistic and full of energy and loves to speak. She hates conflict, and tries to resolve everything with conversation, if she can. she has a hard time being serious and always tries to lighten the mood. Amaterasu has no memories of her life as a goddess, so she has a childlike personality and a curiosity to match.)

    Extras/noteworthy things: Shiro and Amaterasu can converse telepathically with each other, and Amaterasu can leech some of Shiro's power to make herself an incorporeal, but visible form. Since Shiro cannot move quickly while she does this and tires easily, she tends to only do it when Shiro is asleep, and she will float around exploring things in this form. This spirit form can be seen, but cannot be interacted with in any physical way. Powers also do not affect it. If Amaterasu wants to speak to someone that isn't Shiro, she borrows Shiro's vocal cords and mouth to do so. Amaterasu uses the same sense functions as Shiro, and if Shiro gives her permission, she can control the entire body.
  12. can I join in on this
  13. Name:Alexion

    Allias: The Divine child

    Age: 17

    Height: 5/8

    Weight: N/A

    Patron god(s): Vishnu

    Granted powers: Divine Possession Allows the user to channel power from different gods into effects such as minor weather alteration

    Appearance: Has the appearance of a 17-year-old boy with Deathly white hair and a small tattoo on his forehead.


    Extras/noteworthy things:
    this power focuses on Vishnu's connection to other gods by borrowing their domains Authority
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  14. Hindu beliefs are way more complicated than they need to be... someone must have had a really strong imagination.
  15. that they are but they also link greek/asian myth thanks to alexander the great
  16. Ruko you are accepted for sure, but chrono i fear that yours may be a tad OP to start off with all 10 avatars and weilding them so perfectly. Maybe come up with some character flaws to balance it out? Phobias or hatreds, or limiting your powers for now but later in the RP working to unlock them?
    and i agree the hindu mythology was waaayyy complicated but fun to learn about, i personal prefer greek/roman myths and plan to goto school to eventually teach greek/roman mythology and how they affected modern culture
  17. Thats an incredibly specific subject choice... I don't like greek and roman mythology myself. It's over used, which is possibly the main reason. That, and all the gods are complete assholes. "Oh you're prettier than me. Fuck you I'm turning you into a Gorgon." Way to win the respect of your followers.
  18. Yeah it is but it's my dream job so i may as well give it a shot. If not i can just be a history teacher. I kinda liked that they were like that and honestly the christian god is not all TOO much better. I mean he didn't go around turning people into horrid beasts but he's done some pretty fucked up things
  19. Yeah, like massacring the entire population of earth except for maybe 400 animals and 5 people because he was pissed off that he hadn't expected people to use the free will he gave them. Or destroying mankind's tower that they spent so long working on and gave them all different languages so they couldn't speak to each other for like 5 years while they all learnt everyone elses languages because he was scared that the humans might get into heaven before they died. Or destroying 2 entire cities because he was pissed off that once again, they were using the free will that he had given them. Actually come to think of it, the Christian/Jew/Muslim God gets pissed off really easily... He must really regret the whole free will thing.
  20. Yeaaah exactly!
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