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  1. This is a private roleplay between me (Seihou) and @Devious Bunny

    Obviously, this is a one on one and peopke are smart enough not to reply, but just in case...


    Thanks :3
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  2. Artemis was leaping her way down to the gravel path to a small river of black water, her body emitting a faint white and heavenly glow that resembled the moon. She was barefooted, and was armed with her bow and arrows, and she was wearing a white Native American style hunting dress.

    She didn't know what else to do that night, besides play a game of hunt with the animals of her patron forest. An idea had struck her, and soon she had found a nearby entrance to the place-down-below. The Underworld.

    Artemis rarely ever went to the Underworld. Whenever she did, she either had found out that someone left one of her things in the Underworld, or she was sent by one of the older gods to retrieve something or do them an errand there.

    Her reasoning to going there was very simple: she was curious. As she made it to the end of the path, she had found herself right in front of the black river. In the edge of the shore was a cloaked man standing on a boat.

    Artemis felt a bit hesitant, but walked up to the man either way. "Good evening, I am the Goddess of the Moon and Hunt, Artemis.." She introduced herself, trying to sound important. "I order you to take me to the Underworld!"

    The man slowly took out his thin, gray looking and long hand, causing Artemis to huff. "Alright, fine!" She gritted through her teeth, fishing out a coin from her pockets and gave it to him. He took the coin and gestured her to the boat. Artemis stubbornly got on and sat herself down with her bow on her lap.

    "You better not tell anyone I'm here!" She warned, before resting her head on her hands, arms propped on her knees. Slowly, the cloaked man pushed the boat into the deeper waters with a long stick and began to steer it into a passage way that seemed darker and darker than where they came from.
  3. Hades mindlessly ambled along the paths of his pomegranate garden, lost in thought. Here lately, it seemed as though there were intruders stepping into his territory, as he noticed that there were pomegranates missing from their shrubs. Now who would be stealing my pomegranates? the god wondered. In fact, the smallest hints of a smile broke the corners of his lips. It was so lonely down there for the god that the idea of someone - anyone - sneaking around his home made him feel not-so-lonely.

    The dark god picked up one of the fruits that had fallen free from its place and rolled right in front of his feet. The red contrasted nicely against his pale skin and against his pitch black tunic. Suddenly, the god's anger surged, and he crushed the pomegranate in his hand. "I would literally trade anything to be up there with everyone else, but instead I'm left down here with these stupid fruits!" Hades hadn't even meant for his thoughts to be out loud, but they escaped from his lips anyway.

    He heard a gentle, feminine voice call from behind him. "I don't think the fruits are stupid," the voice said. The pale god turned around slowly to see a thin girl with long, auburn hair standing with a pomegranate in her hand. His eyes widened as they met hers.

    "Who...who are you?" he questioned.

    "My name is Persephone. I...I'm sorry that I stole your fruits, Lord Hades, they just looked really good and I-,"

    The god started to tune out her words after that. Of course - she wasn't there for him. All she wanted was the stupid fruit, just like everyone else! "Please, begone," he snapped, "if you eat the fruit, you'll be stuck here. I already have enough souls to deal with for all of eternity." Of course, he was lying through his teeth.

    "But...I already ate...several."

    Hades grimaced and stormed off, returning to his jewel-adorned throne room. No sooner than he sat down, he received a message via black smoke from the River Styx - it was an image of...Artemis crossing over?
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  4. Artemis watched the water below, somewhat tempted to touch the water to see what would happen. Sneakily, she made her hand hover over the water, but as soon as she did, a face quickly appeared. It was all moaning and pale. Artemis flinched and snatched her hand away, before blowing a raspberry at the water.

    After a while, the man stopped the boat on a small port. He pointed to it, gesturing that it was the young goddess' stop. Artemis slowly stood up, trying not to make the boat rock, though it never did. She stepped out and shivered once she got to step on solid ground. "Wow, alright then.." She muttered, before looking at the man. "Thank you for your service, I greatly appreciate it!" With that, she began to walk.

    Looking around, Artemis saw many of the deceased souls waiting in long lines that were heading towards the giant set of entrances. "Huh... so that's where they go.." She said to herself, tilting her head as she saw a few souls groaning.

    "I wonder how long it takes them to get to the entrances..." Artemis stopped and slowly took out her bow and arrow, aiming it at one of the dying trees nearby.

    But then she lowered her bow and put her arrow back into her quiver. Artemis shook her head and began walking again. She walked towards the entrance, going in between two lines. She felt that she could find something more entertaining if she looked hard enough.

    Hopefully, she won't get in trouble with Hades. From stories and gossip, he sounds like he's a hot-tempered guy. Though she didn't want to say anything before actually meeting the guy...
  5. Hades nearly fell out of his throne, but he jumped to his feet before his balance had the chance to fail him.

    What in all of Asphodel is the Goddess of the Hunt doing in the Underworld?!

    Hades didn't quite know whether to be confused or excited, and he ran his fingers through his dark, brooding locks of hair nervously. "I...should I welcome her? I haven't even seen Artemis since...then..." The pale god trailed off as his mind recalled the time he was booted off of Mount Olympus. Sure, he had a temper, but he was sure that no crime was worthy of punishment such as the one he received.

    Suddenly, the God of the Dead felt a pang of regret. He probably shouldn't have been so harsh to Persephone back there. She couldn't have known about the pomegranates, it wasn't her fault. Maybe, he thought, he could make up for his mistake by being extra hospitable to his new guest.

    Yes, that's perfect.

    Hades ran his slightly-clammy hands over his dark tunic, the opposite of what the other deities wore, in an attempt to straighten himself out. He stepped in from of the mirror on the wall off to his right. The mirror itself was black, as dark as the very waters of the Styx, and his pale reflection swirled into existence. He didn't look friendly at all. His face only held coldness and bitterness, which, to be fair, was how he felt most of the time. Hades tried with all his might to make some kind of softer expression, but he ended up just looking silly.

    "Ugh! What's the use!" he shouted, swiping at the air and making his reflection dissipate. He scowled as he turned away and just settled on leaving the throne room. He would just find Artemis, meet her halfway. That way, he could give her the grand tour. Not that there was much to see.

    Yes, Hades would guide his rare guest back to his place of residence. She was on her way to his throne room to see him in the first place...wasn't she?
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  6. Artemis continued to walk towards the entrances, trying to ignore the moaning souls. The whole atmosphere kinda made her a bit nervous, but at the same time, she felt a bit nostalgic. At least, that was the type of vibe she was getting.

    Just being there in the Underworld felt really weird. She was a goddess, and she's immortal. Being in the place where mortals go to after they die is a really strange feeling. She knew that she'll never end up where they're going, but she didn't know what to think of it.

    The young goddess stopped and thought about something. Since she's there already, she should find out what she wanted to know about the Underworld. Maybe even talk to the man who was in charge of the whole place. She sighed and turned to looks at the souls again. Still felt weird.

    Hoisting her bow up a little, Artemis made her way to the entrance, before she skidded to a stop. "Wh-Whoa.. N-Nice... dog..?" She said to a giant three headed black dog guarding the area. It whimpered and wagged it's tail, one of the heads beginning to pant.

    She slowly backed away, trying to not get any attention to herself. Once she finally got away, rather sheepishly, she went around the lines and pouted. "Where to go..."
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  7. Hades marched his way out of his place of residence and into the many fields of the souls of the damned, his dark cape flowing behind him. The chill and the gloom seemed to be even higher than usual today. Maybe it was just because he hadn't left his palace much lately. There was darkness everywhere, and the dead wept with moans of regret and desolation in the fields of Asphodel. All of the dead turned their heads when he walked by, and they sank to their knees.

    "Lord Hades!" many of them shouted. He wasn't even sure if they were worshiping him out of fear or respect. Most of his worshipers decided to ignore the "Death God" side of him in favor of the "God of Riches" that he was beneath it all.

    "Free us!" some of them shouted, making Hades pause and scowl.

    It didn't take the god long to reach the entrance gates, and as he did, Cerberus looked to him and wagged his tail fervently before sitting on his hind legs. Hades smiled at the three-headed dog, who at most times seemed to be the only one who loved him. He gave the beast a quick, "Good boy," and watched the entire line of dead souls kneel before him in what seemed to be an endless wave.

    Hades gave a quick look around before he spotted the goddess he was looking for, just a few lines over, and he smoothed out the fabric of his tunic nervously before calling out to her, trying as hard as he could to come across as friendly. "Ah, Artemis! What is it that brings you to this place, Goddess?"
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  8. Artemis jumped a bit as she heard Hades call her out. How did he knew she was there in the first place?! Not like she didn't mind that he knew, she just thought she'd be in big trouble for trespassing. As far as she could tell though, Hades wasn't angry.

    With a deep breath, she turned to face him and gave him one of her famous smiles. "Hello Lord Hades!" She greeted, giving him a slight bow, before noticing that she was still barefoot. She straightened up and blushed.

    "I um... Well.." Artemis took a second to respond to his question. "I just wanted to come here out of curiosity..." She said uncertainly, though she was only telling the truth. "I um.. Became bored, and I just wanted to explore a new place. It can be boring just being by yourself while everyone else is busy doing things.." Artemis took a lock of her hair and smiled sheepishly.

    "I hope I'm not bothering you.. or trespassing. I should've told you beforehand that I would come over or something... but I didn't think you'd come over to greet me.." Artemis smiled at him again, taking a few steps towards him. "Lord Hades, might I say you look rather nice in that cloak of yours!" She commented, attempting to be friendlier to the god. "It reminds me of the dark of night, it makes me a bit welcomed!"
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  9. "It can be boring just being by yourself when everyone else is busy doing things..." The dark god repeated her words in his head several times. Never in all of his existence had someone expressed something that hit so close to home. He didn't even realize that his face was frozen until he noticed her step closer to him.

    He shook his head, waving his hands dismissively. "Oh, no, no, you're not trespassing! Or bothering me, really! It's not often that I get surprises down here, after all..."

    Hades's pale cheeks were tainted by a faint red color as the goddess complimented his look. What?! What is she even saying? He was almost at a loss for words, and he looked down at his own cloak, running his hand along the fabric as he had done many times before. I guess that does make sense, huh? Of course Artemis would like the nighttime. "Uh, t-thank you, Artemis!" he blurted out, inwardly cursing himself for stuttering. He cleared his throat before returning her bow. "It's not too often that someone says they feel welcomed in the Underworld...

    "And you look wonderful, as always," he settled on saying. He looked over at Cerberus, who eyed the goddess curiously before crawling over to her and laying down by her. Not that that made him any lower to the ground, really. The three-headed beast sniffed Artemis, causing Hades to chuckle. "Hah, I think he likes you!"

    The dark god blushed again. "Hey, would you like me to show you around?"
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  10. Artemis smiled brightly. "Really?? Oh good! I really thought I was trespassing... You know how the others would get when you go to even their temples.." She exclaimed with a pout. "I'm happy that I am a nice surprise, so to speak."

    The young goddess then laughed at his reaction to her compliment. "You're welcome, Lord Hades!" She replied as she watched him bow to her. "Oh gosh, I'm just me! I dress how I feel most comfortable, and most durable. I like my clothes to not be a bother, though Aphrodite would think otherwise..." She shuddered, before noticing Cerberus approach her.

    Artemis smiled as the beast laid down next to her. She gently placed her hand on one of the heads and began to pet. "Most animals would take a liking to me.." Artemis replied. "It's nice, I get to have more animal friends!"

    After a few more pets, Artemis looked to Hades and blinked. "Well, if it's not too much trouble, then of course I want to show me around! I never get to see all of the Underworld!" Artemis replied, slinging her bow on her shoulder. "Lead the way, Lord Hades!"
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  11. Hades's entire face lit up. It was true! Artemis really did want to be there, with no ulterior motives! The dark god would have jumped for joy right there, but he decided to save some of his dignity and settled on smiling. "Great! Oh, there's so much to show you..." he trailed off as he looked around him. Of all the different places in the Underworld, this had to be the least appealing. Who wanted to watch eternities' worth of people wait in line to be dead? Not only that, the Underworld was vast and infinite. The two of them could spend hours trying to look through every little thing. He was determined to give Artemis a glimpse of only the best that the Underworld had to offer.

    The God of the Dead walked over to Artemis and idly patted Cerberus on the nose. Well, one of the noses. "But you probably wouldn't be interested in anything in this old dumpy place. Despite what people say, there are nice and interesting things in the Underworld, too. How about I show you Elysium, first? It's quite a lovely place, really. I'm sure you'll recognize some of the heroes that live there, too."

    Hades brushed his hair out of his face again. It really had a habit of falling down and covering his eyes, adding a shadow over his face. And for once, the god was trying not to be creepy.

    Hades extended a pale hand to the goddess, palm up, and blushed a deeper red. He looked down at his feet, which shifted the dirt underneath them, before he met her eyes again. "Um...it'd take us eons to travel around on foot. But I can take you anywhere in an instant. You'd just have to, um, hold on."
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  12. Artemis smiled brightly, before noticing that he was looking around the current spot they were at. Artemis didn't really think that the Underworld was a boring place. In her honest opinion, it was a really interesting place to be at, since technically, this would have been her first time to actually get to know the realm. She looked back at Hades and gave him an understanding smile.

    "That sounds fantastic! I never got to really get to know this place, you know. I'd really love to see it all!" The goddess said enthusiastically in response to what he said, hopping on her heels a bit. She stopped once she realized that he had told her that they will see some heroes. "Wait a minute, you mean... We can go see- " She immediately cut herself off, covering her mouth with her hand. She paused for a moment and frowned slightly at herself. Does that mean we can see Orion..? As much as she wanted to ask out of curiosity, she knew better than to ask. She was the one who had killed him, after all. Artemis slowly exhaled, and uncovered her mouth. "Never mind, it's nothing." She finally said, before trying to get back her composure.

    "Having a bad hair day, I assume?" She giggled, slowly recovering. "Hair can be bothersome, but you got to love it!" Artemis took a lock of her own hair and played with it to prove her point. Before she knew it, Artemis saw Hades hold his hand out to her. She gave him a confused look, before he answered her unasked question. She watched him curiously as his body language suggested that he was a bit timid towards her.

    "Oh.. I understand!" Artemis excitedly replied, taking his hand quickly and a bit too cheerfully, almost oblivious to the god's shyness. "I'll hold on to you, definitely!" The goddess exclaimed as she continued holding his hand, smiling brightly as she waited.
  13. Hades swallowed hard as the goddess took his hand. Her overall excitement was something so foreign to him, and he wondered for himself if he could ever express that same happiness. He also wasn't quite used to the physical contact, and his dark eyes lingered on their touching hands. For a second, it felt like his hand was someone else's, not part of him. On top of that, he was sure it would be impossible for him to turn any redder. His cheeks had surpassed the heat of Apollo's sun long ago.

    The pale god cleared his throat and looked away as he regained his composure.

    Just stay focused, stay cool. Death, darkness, eternity. Death, darkness, eternity. Whew...

    "Well then, here we go," he said, closing his eyes for a moment before shooting a glance at Artemis. "Umm...it'll be cold and dark. Well, colder and darker than it already is...just, be prepared..."

    He made a swirling motion with his free hand, and a black mist circled around the two deities, bringing along a chill with it. Soon, the lines of dead souls were completely obscured by the blackness. It only took a few seconds for the black mist to dissipate, revealing the large, grandiose, golden gates of Elysium. But to Hades, just those few seconds being close to Artemis made him feel a peace that he hadn't felt for a long while. He didn't quite want it to end.

    The gates of Elysium seemed to stretch upwards infinitely, and each of its bars were intricately decorated. Past the bars, the lavish, bright garden that marked the entrance was visible, as well as figures clothed in crisp, white robes conversing and mingling.

    "Here we are, then," he said. He began to take a few steps forward, his pale hand still lingering on Artemis's.
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  14. Artemis waited excitedly as the dark god prepared to send them to a new destination. When he gave her the warning of the cold temperature, she blinked and looked at him.

    "I don't think that'll be too much of a problem. I AM the goddess of hunt, so I can withstand most cold temperatures and the darkness... I think." She explained, looking up uncertainly when she had said the last part. Artemis braced herself either way as she watched Hades make a motion with his hand, and before she knew it, she felt the cold a bit too quickly. Her teeth chattered slightly and Artemis instinctively hugged Hades' arm in hopes of some warmth. She almost felt disoriented with the sudden darkness as well, but just as quickly as that had happened, they had arrived.

    Artemis blushed slightly and quickly lets go of Hades' arm. "Sorry. I guess I wasn't really prepared for the cold.." She commented with a sheepish smile. She turned towards the gate to Elysium and gasped. "This is amazing!" She said breathlessly, walking beside Hades as he took a few steps forward while still holding her hand. Staring at the beautiful and peaceful sight of the souls in Elysium, Artemis felt a bit uncomfortable just being there. She tried not to show it, so instead she looked at Hades.

    "This is were all the heroes go to after they come here, correct?" She asked, turning again to the gates in front of them. "This is beautiful, and we're not even in Elysium yet!" She laughed, glancing at the people currently nearest to them. After a bit of hesitation, and a gentle, nervous and unnoticed squeeze that Artemis gave to Hades' hand, the young goddess looked up at him. "C-Can we really go in there and s-see the heroes..?" She asked in a small, nervous voice, which was very unexpected of her.

    She already knew that they can see the people in Elysium, but she just wanted to be reassured, to make sure that she's not really disrupting the peace by entering. Even though she was a goddess, and a very important one, she is still afraid like any mortal. Only, this isn't something that anyone could say. Artemis was afraid of someone whom she killed. She didn't want to cause any trouble, but in this situation, she was not sure if that was even a choice.
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