INTEREST CHECK Godaial: The Elemental War

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Greetings all!~

This is my first time doing something like this, but I think this would be something interesting to role play if I got enough people interested.

Basically, the story line is this:

Godaial is a world where elements had power and form. And there were races on this world that worshiped the different elements depending upon their belief. Elves were more attuned to The Earth Elemental because of their ties and beliefs to nature. Trolls tended to go towards Fire because of their passion and the heat of the desert. Dragonians (Ancient creatures that have a Dragon form that they can change into) usually chose the Air Elemental because of their understanding of the sky. Syrirans (beings that could adapt to water by changing their legs into a tail) were ones with ties to the Water Elemental. And of course humans went just about everywhere, depending upon their nature.

There are other Elements but these four were the main. The others were those of legends, but there are secret villages or a the random few who believed most in the others (soon to be determined).

Everyone freely worshiped their Element and there was balance between them all, because they knew if one did not exist, neither did the other. (Fire cannot exist with out Air. Earth needed Water. Etc etc.) But one day, they were all silenced. There was a person (or people) that believed they were more powerful than all, and cause war. Unfortunately, they won and whenever anyone mentions the old ways, they were executed.

But the elementals still existed and wanted to fight back. So they all worked together to figure out a plan.

Many years later, they had decided. They were each to chose a mage that will have the power to control said element. And that is where the role play starts. One by one the mages are discovered by a 'lead mage' and tries to convince them to take arms and work together to bring down the chaos around them. In a world of fear, they will try to make things right once more.

Okay, the explanation may not be the best but it is the gist of it. I could explain it better or go into more detail, but I cannot help but wonder...

Would anyone be interested?
ha. Glad to hear so! Man, there are details I need to work out, but I will so Create a sign-up thread for it. Thanks guys. ^.^ I'll try to post it tomorrow.
This sounds extremely awesome :D
Please count me in and let me know if I can be of any help working out some of those details!
Awesome! Thanks! Working on explanations right now. Due to time being shorted, I have to wait to start it tomorrow. But I may hold you to that offer. ;P
Count me in. Depending how big it was, it'd be fascinating. Is anyone playing the 'bad guys'?
As of this moment, no. XD May definitely look into it. (I am personally not the greatest at the "bad people") We may have to work and figure out how to have them interact once in a while, but still let the other characters of periods of 'breaks' when not fighting. *laughs* Gah. If you are interested in working with me about that, I would appreciate it. ^.^
Oh I'd love to be a villan. Villans are always the best part of a story. Hero can't be a hero without something to be heroic over! Haha.
Oh it hates me. I JUST finished typing a lot of it, and when to post it, it said expired. T.T Wow.... even more delays. Sorry guys.
OH my good gosh, so interested *drools*... oh um.. excuse me *cleans myself up* Okay, yeah. May I join?
I wouldn't mind playing a Mage on the foe side. In particular, the element of Darkness/Void. Not quite the most cherry and he would be considered a dangerous weapon that the foes keep turned towards their enemies.
This sounds most intriguing :) I'd like to join once it starts up.
Of course! As soon as I get that OoC up, then we can start with sign-ups. XD I have to rewrite everything... but hopefully I can get that up tonight.
I wouldn't mind playing a Mage on the foe side. In particular, the element of Darkness/Void. Not quite the most cherry and he would be considered a dangerous weapon that the foes keep turned towards their enemies.

Honestly... that SO sounds similar to what I am thinking... I will have to get back to you in a moment. ;P