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  1. ''Hello, there. It's me, Lucifer. Yeah, yeah, I know you've all heard of me, but let me tell you that whatever you think you do know about us, angels, is probably wrong. Sure, you got the names right, but you have no idea who we are or what's the Gods plan with us. So let me enlighten you.

    There is five of us, archangels – Me (Lucifer), Michael, Castiel, Uriel, and Gabriel.

    Myself, Lucifer, I'm considered to be the bad guy here. I don't care much about God, nevermind the fact that he is my boss. I think his plans are stupid, and I don't buy his whole ''Everything happens for a reason.'' and ''God works in mysterious ways.'' crap. If he was so good, and so almighty, the innocent people wouldn't be murdered everyday, would they? But don't think I like people any better than Him. Since they are made in his image, I think they are at least half as annoying as He is.

    Then there is Michael, God's favourite. Michael worships God, and has no doubt in his faith in Him. He does everything that God commands us to do, and never questions His orders. It's no secret that the two of us don't get along very well. He annoys me with his preaching, and I frustrate him with my disobidience, and overall rudeness. But even so, he still believes there is a lot of good inside me, hidden somewhere deep. Boy, he is so naive!

    Next is Castiel. She is one of the most charming creatures I've ever seen. She is the prototype of what 'pure goodness' should look like. She has her own moral compass, and always strives for the good of everyone. She is the child that God often overlooks just because she's so quiet, and timid, and never causes any trouble.She is also madly in love with Michael, who, sadly, doesn't really see it, since he is overly preoccupied with serving to God.

    Then there is Uriel. I kind of like her. She's not so burdened with playing nice all the time. She can be rude, and straightforward, and doesn't have a problem stating her diasagreements. She is, however, inherently good at heart. I have a feeling she likes me too, but doesn't really trust my intentions. She is one hell of a fighter, so it's never good to get on her bad side.

    Last but not least, there is Gabriel. A tortured soul, or so it seems. He used to be like Michael, a worshipper of God, but lately there's been much doubt in him. He cares deeply for humans, and mostly prefers their company over ours. When something horrible happens to an innocent person, he dwells in sorrows for days. I pretty much just feel sorry for him.

    Now the fun part begins.

    Once upon a time, one dreadful prophecy has been written. It speaks about the gates of Hell being opened, resulting in its inhabitants, the demons, walking the Earth among humans. It also speaks about five chosen children, whose fighting spirit would be put to test from the moment of their birth, so they could grow into people tough enough to engage in battle against demonic creatures. Each of them had lost their parents in a strange car accident, and ended up in the Angel House Orphanage (it's just an ordinary orphanage, but with the convenient name). Then on their 21th birthday, the Archangel guardian, who was assigned to them, would appear before them, and reveal them their destiny. It would become their mentor, and a teacher, training them to become effective demon hunter.

    Five Archangels and five humans with a screwed-up childhoods. That should be fun. Right?''

    Now some other important information from me as your GM:

    1) This is meant to be a long term RP, so I'm looking for people who are ready to commit to it.
    2) I prefer players to be 18+, because there is expected to be some cursing, and violence.
    3) I would consider this to be casual-advanced kind of RP. Absolutely no one-liners allowed! Two paragraphs should be a minimum.
    4) I need 9 of you. 5 to play a human soon to be demon-hunter, and 4 to play Archangel (I play as Lucifer). Who pairs with who is up to your own decision, and inside organization. I will intervene only if need be.
    5) When making a CS please comply with the characteristics about archangels I've given you (name, attitude, possible relationships with other angels). The same applies to humans (they are all 21, their parents died in car crash, they all grew up in the same orphanage). The rest is up to your imagination.
    6) There will be some rules to fighting, and using special abilities, so don't expect any God-moding.
    7) I'd like to have a Co-GM to help me out, since there will be quite a few people involved. If anyone feels up to it, please, raise your hand.

    And now about the structure of this RP:

    - Initially, the RP would focus on 1x1 roleplaying. Each of the Archangels would pair up with their human protégé, in order to get to know each other, train, perhaps even fight some demons that are already on Earth (prior to the gates being open for more to come).
    - In the second part, when the war against demons officially begins, everyone would be participating in one RP thread, fighting together against one common enemy.
    - In order to do that, this RP will be held in Group section.

    Alright then. Anyone interested? Say yes. I know you want to…

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  2. How about Raphael? XD
    But I am interested nonetheless.
  3. I am interested.

    I like the pitiful Gabriel~
  4. Is your issue just with the names, or you'd want to introduce a new angel with Raphael-specific characteristics? :P

    If you want, I can reserve him for you :)
  5. Yes please~
  6. Oh, I don't have any issues, I'm just trying to introduce a Raphael. XD
    But then again, there are a ton of arch angels, so I guess I'm being a hypocrite.
  7. I am interested in this as well, If you don't mind my age I'd be willing to join.
  8. Haha ok then :) So, what's so special about this Raphael of yours that you fancy them so much? :D You can totally persuade me to include them just for you. ;)

    Kudos for reading through my rules. Which side would you be interested to join? Archangels or humans-to-become-demon-hunters?
  9. I shall take the persona of one of the humans. I'd think it'd be a more fun then an angel.
  10. Awesome!
  11. Nothing, I was just heavily taught of the four 'main' arch angels. Aka Gabriel, Lucifer, Micheal, and Raphael.
  12. I'm all about religious themes, nonsense demon fighting and inexplicable superpowers. Count my interest in.
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  13. If a spots open, I'll take a human
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  14. May I reserve Micheal please?
  15. Sure ;)

    Alright, seems we have enough interesants to open the Group, and start working on the CSs. I'll send you an invite when it's done.

    If anyone else wants to make a reservation on the archangel character, you're welcome to do so. Currently, there are only two more left Uriel, and Castiel, which I imagined to be females.
  16. I'll take Castiel off your hands there. I've never really played timid and shy before but I'm taking my chances.
  17. Awesome! It's only important that you start with her being all shy and timid, but when the RP develops her personality could change in accordance to her personal development. So, even if you somehow ''fail at portraying her properly'' that won't mean the end of the world ;)
  18. Alright, everyone. I created the group, but I'm not sure how to invite members in, so I'll just post the link to the group here, and hope you're soon to join me there :) God works in mysterious ways GROUP
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  19. If no one has taken it I'd be interested in Uriel since Castiel has been taken. *laughs* Or a human, if there is a lack of them.

    But.... @Clear if you change your mind... ;D
  20. We are currently a few humans behind, so if you really want to play someone as timid and lovely as Castiel (and if you don't suceed in persuading @Clear to give Castiel to you :P) you can always create a human possesing such qualities.

    Btw you're welcome to join the group ;)
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