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  1. Plot:
    Arc 1: Rebirth of the counter balance
    All things in nature seek equilibrium, that is the way things are. It is a rule of nature all things obey. Life and death, creation and destruction, growth and entropy, Gods and God Slayers. Yes, Gods and God Slayers. You see, whatever started creation made a balance to the gods, who while they can shape worlds entire universes are beyond their abilities, despite some claiming otherwise. still one world can be a tipping point if a god upsets the balance. Thus a countermeasure came into being around the same time. That counter measure was The Order of God Slayers. They came in when a God went out of line and refused to tow the line, they were summoned by either living, dead or core entities, manifestations of that reality itself, would strike a contract and the hunter would carry it out. The system worked for quite awhile until a number of calamities struck. It started with a surge of gods going rogue and mortals killing them, thus if surviving the intial immense power transfer made them a God Slayer, leading to a surge in numbers, then came the corruption of having immense power among them, weakening the order as a whole. Finally came the first born aka Elder Gods deciding to strike and take over. The result was a war that wiped them both out, with only the cores of the elder gods remaining and one slayer who's wounds were too great to allow him to fight. Plus no apparent home as their pocket reality was destroyed during the war leaving the ruins at the coast of of the soul maelstrom, at the center of tree of eternity or in other words all of existence. However a new hope has arisen a number of mortals managed to off their gods. and so a new generation begins, And the Slayers return...

    Race:(keep in mind these people come from all sorts of realities)
    Guild position:(The head? Second in Command? One of The Top Five? A Rank and File?)
    Class:(what type they are, like if they killed a fire god they became a water god slayer or order therefore chaos)
    Curse:(Each Slayer bears one given by a god in their dieing breath, It acts as the Achilles heel to them. can include exact quote but must have effects)
    Attack abilities:(essentially they're weapons, ability at hand to hand and magic types they can use.)
    History:(How they ended up a slayer)

    Guilds:(Note that more can join beyond the 5 but those are the most powerful)

    Abyssal Wolves
    We hereby swear to maintain the balance. When the Gods Cross the line and harm their charges, we will hunt them down and show our fangs. We are the hunters of those who prey ion the weak, We are those who shall lead others into the fray, We are the vengeance of The Abyss, We are The Abyssal Wolves!
    Contract Animal: Abyssal Wolves
    Emblem:A Black with white outline Wolf's Head
    1.Leader/Alpha: Drake Rylen
    2.Second in Command/Beta:

    Venoumous Weavers
    We hereby swear to maintain the balance. While the others shall stride into battle we will spin our webs of death, whether they be traps or poison, or mere manipulation we will achieve our goals, The gods shall fall by our web, and will harm none anymore. We are the true asassins and puller of Strings, We are the Venoumus Weavers...
    Contract Animal: Death's Arachni
    Emblem:A Green, Spider-like creature
    1.Leader/ Spider King or Queen:
    2.Second in Command/Prince or Princess Spider: Azaela Crane

    We hereby swear to maintain the balance. We are the ones who charge into battle with no mercy,no quater given, For the gods gave us none, therefore we will give none in turn, We are the vengeance of all dead they have made, we will not relent,we will not bow, we will unleah havoc,We will make them fear the Bloodreavers!
    Contract Animal : Bl√úd Wraiths
    Emblem: A pile of differnt skulls over savage crossed blades
    1.Leader/Horde chief:Amos
    2.Second in Command/Warchief:

    We hereby swear to maintain the balance. We work behind the scenes, We set things up behind the scenes, We set up the fall of the gods, aid the others in the hunt, rarely do we do it, but give it our all when we we do, We shall make sure the hunt is a success from behind the curtain, we will orchestrate the fall, We are the Constructionists.
    Contract Animal:The megos ants
    Emblem: A Wrench in front of some gears
    2.Second in Command/Foreman

    To make your own:
    {Insert your guild name Here}
    Contract Animal:

    2.Second in Command/

    1.Standard Iwaku Rules.
    2.No going OP.
    3.No Gary or Mary Su's
    4.Be creative! We''re talking about going through all of existence here!
    5.To start I'll need atleast all of the Guild or future to be atleast.
    6.Before you make your own guild, fill the default 4 guilds!
    7.If necessary I can update the rules as needed.
    8.Have Fun!
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  2. Name:Drake Rylen
    Guild:Abyssal Wolves
    Guild position:Leader/Alpha
    Class:Dark and Chaos
    Curse:"Ye shall never belong to any plane and shall be brutally cast out upon banishment and shall never return home..." essentially takes quite a bit of damage from banishment spells and over a very extended period his presence in a reality becomes unstable.
    Appearance:Stands at about 6'0 ft and a lean but muscular build. Has Tan skin with black spiky hair. Has a large X scar right between his eyes, that strangely compliments his rugged though good looking face. wears black muscle shirt and leather trench like jacket with white fur on the collar, Also wears finger-less gloves, athletic looking pants and combat boots. Has a sword hanging from the waist and The guild embelm on the back of his jacket. Wears an armor that is like a mix of The Lich King of WoW and Beserker from Fate/Zero.
    Personality: The guy is a pretty good leader. He is charismatic and has a tendency to pull a MacArthur and Alexander the Great and lead from the front lines, sometimes being the first to charge much to the annoyance of some other officers. He does his best to get to know those under his command and be friends. However to enemies he is ruthless and a very nasty strategist and tactician, forged from the war he waged against The Devil and Yahweh or at the very least a version of both. Also a bit of a romantic though a bit conflicted about starting new relationship. Also he can be quite socially akward which was pulled upon by the god to create his curse. Also not too much against gods as he allied with a few old pantheons in his rebellion.
    Attack abilities:Extremely gifted in a style of swordsmanship and hand to hand combat, Excelent with offensive chaos and occult magic and decent summoner and healer, however his defense only consists a force field spell and Black hole shield and parrying. Weapon is a run infused long sword that can double as medium due to being made of entropy material, which is highly magically conductive and one of the few things that can kill any immortal.
    History:It all started with the one girl who didn't reject him and his romantic feelings towards her. Her name was Christina and the two made a pretty close and happy couple. They could see the future with the two together. Then one night they got a visit by some angels on a night walk to her place. But they weren't too kind especially when Drake realized something was off and tried to keep her away, to stop her from becoming a "messiah". However they easily brought him down and near death, She went with them to keep him from trying to go another round. And so he layed bleeding to death until a strange man found him. This man turned out to be an occult mage and taught him of this world he stumbled into. And two very important things: That a messiah was merely a servant stripped of all that made them human and turned into powerful tools of God. And A God is kill-able So he trained and trained becoming a very powerful combatant. Once done with training he found others who found Yahweh's rule unfavorable. they allied as The Rapture came down upon them. They used The prophecy against both of the major players, countering Lucifer first as he was the immediate threat. They built up an army and even allied with the Greek,Egyptian, Babylonian and even various tribal pantheons. They breached hell and destrioyed The Devil and brought in demons that would serve. Then they invaded Heaven itself, which was far from paradise. It was more like a drugged out commune to stroke Yahweh's considerable Ego. They brought Fallen Angels into the fold. Finally they breach God's palace. There they took on the prophets, Christ and heartrendingly Christina, Though the latter survived. He then went 1 on 1 with Yaweh and in the epic clash did a great deal of damage though barely lived. and with a final stab into the heart he won. The mortal resistance won. And had peace for a time. Then he got blasted out, into branches of the Eternity Tree. Into a new destiny
  3. Anyone interested?
  4. Just realized i didn't rate my RP. lol.
  5. I'm interested. I just can't think of what to write...Well, I can but I can't think of what god to use.
    Anyway, I'm a bit slow at realizing things so.. yeah, pardon my questions with possibly obvious answers. Are the gods in the story all of them? Like, Roman and Greek gods as well? Also, can one person go against the same god but at different times? Or can a god only be killed once?
  6. Differnt demension variants are allowed. However said God will be at the very least somewhat wary of you. Since well you killed 'em once and all. I personally plan gods from more make believe but actual pantheons can be used.
  7. The Catholic God, Yahweh, is the only one I'm completely familiar with XD That, and Aztec gods thanks to my history class. Is it alright to use an Aztec's (or a Mesoamerican civilization) god? Also, anime or real life pictures?

    Thank you for answering. I'll try to form a character ^^ Is it alright to reserve the spot of 'Spider Princess'?
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  8. Heh whatever floats your boat on gods, as long as you got an appearance i'm happy, and i do first come first server, but seeing as your first one taking interest, I think you'll be okay.
  9. Can people please join?
  10. [​IMG]

    "It's Azalea or just Lea, call me whichever you want, I don't mind!"
    [Azalea Crane]

    "Hehe, I just turned eighteen!"

    "Just an ordinary human being, nothing special."

    "I'm proud to be part of the Venomous Weavers."

    Guild position:
    "Eh, nothing special."
    [Second in Command/Spider Princess]

    "Well, I killed a sun god soooo that'd make my class moon, yeah? No? Meh, I never cared about proper titles anyway."

    "The sun shall be your curse and the light touches your skin will be like poison! Or something like that, it's nothing too bad."
    Azalea's curse from the sun god, Huitzilopochtli, was to have a weakness against sunlight or intense heat. It doesn't kill her, at least not immediately. It's like a slow acting poison. The longer she stays in the sunlight, the weaker she becomes. Although she recovers at night or in a shaded area. Her eyes are usually the main indicator of how much the sun has gotten to her, depending on how light the color of her dark eyes become.

    Azalea has a petite figure with her slender physique and height of 5'5. She has layered black hair that reaches past her shoulders and eyes of the same color. Her usual outfit consists of a sleeveless aqua colored shirt and dark jeans where she wore a similarly colored belt that had a pair of sheathed daggers and a few throwing knives, both laced with poison. There's never a time when she isn't wearing a black hoodie to combat sunlight and slow down the curse's effect. She wears a pair of black combat boots where she hides a hidden knife within her left boot. She bring a small brown bag where she places necessities like food and a book to read when she's bored. Her other belongings such as bandages, antidotes, and money, she keeps in her pockets. The emblem of her guild is tattooed on her left shoulder although it's rarely seen due to her hoodie.

    Cheerful, childish and playful would be words to best describe Azalea. She's a friendly fellow who seems to welcome everyone with her kind and happy smile. Many take her to be naive and gullible, and often try to take advantage of her. What they don't realize is that it's the other way around. Behind her smile is an intelligent and cunning person who uses the information she knows as well as her nonthreatening appearance to bring things to her favor. She may be kind but one should not think that she has no dark side. She could be quite terrifying when annoyed although the scariest part would most likely be the fact that it's impossible to decipher her thoughts, motives and emotions. Despite the common thought that she's a confident person, she isn't really. She may seem like it but she has a low self esteem, she just often tries her best to hide it with her usual talkative self.

    Attack abilities:
    (essentially they're weapons, ability at hand to hand and magic types they can use.)
    Azalea is an excellent healer, having been trained with medicinal herbs ever since she was a child. Although if she could heal someone with herbs, she could do the opposite as well. She specializes in using poison and often laces her weapons with it or infuses it with a smoke bomb with side effects. "The poison that I use is called Aegir, pretty cool sounding, huh?" Her skills are average when it comes to the sword but she's an expert with daggers. Her keen eyesight allows her to be able to use throwing knives to hit her target accurately. When it comes to a battle of strength, she's at a disadvantage but often makes use of stealth, speed and quick reflexes to take down a stronger opponent.

    Ever since Azalea was a child, the only thing she's known is her tribe. Her present and future would be in the tribe. Ever since she was young, she was taught how to be an excellent healer and know about the vast amount of herbs she would need. But it wasn't what she wanted. She wanted to learn how to fight like the warriors in her tribe but no one wanted to teach her because she was a girl. She tried to learn by herself, practicing at night and observing the training warriors during the day. She was actually quite intelligent and managed well on her own but she wanted to be better. So, with persistence, she managed to convince a warrior named Ivan who had been three years older than her. They became inseparable by the time she became thirteen in the three years they knew one another.

    Similar to the Aztec's civilization, her tribe worshiped the sun god Huitzilopochtli and in turn, did a ritual of human sacrifice. She always wondered what use the sacrifice was but whenever she would ask, the elder's replies would be to merely gain the god's favor and prevent disasters. "I was even punished for questioning the supposedly oh so amazing god. The elder was such a meanie." She noticed is that disasters still strike even when they sacrifice someone yet everyone continues to place their full fate on the god who was merely playing them for fools and watching the sacrifices with amusement. "That god was a jerk, demanding sacrifices only because of how amusing it was to watch mortals being foolish..." She kept silent knowing the tribe would merely brand her words as heresy and punish her.

    Until it was her best friend who was to be sacrificed at the end of the year. She tried to tell her tribe but they didn't believe her so she came with a plan. The plan was that she would pretend to be Ivan. It wouldn't have been a problem if it weren't for their difference in height. After all, they had the same eye color and hair, all she had to do was cut hers. She solved the drawback easily with a bit of research into books, she found the proper ingredients and drugged those who would be at the ritual so they wouldn't notice the difference nor be able to stop her when the time came. With a hidden dagger laced with a powerful poison called Aegir, made from the ingredients she found in an ancient book that spoke of how to kill a god, she proceeded with her plan. When the god went near the stone where she laid, she brought out the dagger and stabbed the divine's heart. It took a few seconds before he died, giving enough time for her to be cursed and best friend who helped, to, well, be killed as the god's revenge. "Practically, everything I worked for became useless."

    She fled her tribe knowing she would be killed for doing such a thing and went to navigate the rest of the unknown world. Her only goal now is to prevent any more unneeded sacrifices brought about by gods. "Because honestly, I don't know what else to do."

    [Sorry for the delay >< Anyway, I was unsure about a lot of things and I didn't exactly reread anymore so if I need to change anything then just tell me. Actually, I have another history in mind so if the history I have now seems a bit overpowered or senseless or messy then I can change it ^^]
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  11. Works for me for the most part. However what is the poison laced in her weaponry? You can make it up as i did with the Entropy Material. Also for class well for Sun there is Moon. It sorta helps with magical capabilities on intial look through of the slayer.
  12. Oh yes, I noticed that I did leave that vague since I had no idea what to write. Lack of creativity at the moment. Any suggestions? I'm searching for a cool sounding name for poison though. I'll probably just search poisonous flowers in the internet XD
  13. Hmmm...Well If so the flower would have to be a real nasty version of your normal one. Or as I said can be a totally made up version of it. your char so up to you.
  14. I'm joining this but it will take a time to make an Char in here. I'll post it until Wednesday.
  15. So posting on wensday?
  16. Maybe, but I think Tuesday max. tomorrow i'll post half then the rest, on Monday or Tuesday, if I forget this RP (That's something that will not happen) I'll post it Wednesday.
  17. CS:
    "You can call me Rafa."

    "I'm still young."


    "I'm something between an human and an demon..."


    "I live to kill and protect"
    (Venoumous Weavers)

    Guild position:
    "I'm just an normal assassin"

    ''Killing an Light god wasn't easy."

    (Dark class)

    "Any kind of light can almost kill me..."

    (After defeating the Light god Meri, his whole skin was cursed making it sensitive to daylight and any artificial light that exist.)


    Attack abilities:
    -Sink Into Shadows: He had this power since he was born, he can sink into any shadow to not have any damage of the light but he can only use it on places that have very low light like alleyways
    -Poisonous Touch: Every weapon he touches got coated in poison because of a little rune in the shape of his guild's Emblem, that is on the palm of his right hand, in hand to hand combat it's useless.
    -Heavy-Sword Adept: The training that he made to kill the Light god make his skill with any heavy-sword almost perfect and his skill with any other weapon drop low.

    Since he was born, his village worshiped the Dark and Light gods making animal sacrifices to them. One day, The Light god named Meri, tired of not having human blood flowing for his entertainment, commanded the village to make human sacrifices without the Dark god's permission. In that same day, the Dark god named Remi was entertaining himself with the sacrifice the villagers made for him but something was wrong, the villagers were becoming afraid of his appearance on the human plane, trying to find the reason for that, Remi found what Meri did and the brothers started fighting to approve those sacrifices. Losing the battle, Remi died in an futile attempt to save his followers from his brother, since that day Meri ordered five humans as sacrifice per week or the villagers would suffer the consequences but they suffered even with the sacrifices. Without Remi, Meri couldn't control the dark of the night and because of that the daylight got stronger as the days passed since the day the crops and the water of his village disappeared, the villagers angry but weak by Meri's actions sent an young warrior to train in the unknown lands of the south. After years of hard training, the young man, with an strange power got back on his village, the heat of the day had burned the whole village, the rest of the villagers that were alive become dust in seconds as he tried to help them. With the armor and the sword his parents made for him, he called Meri to an fight for saving his now deserted village, agreeing to an fight and thinking he would destroy the human, he used half his power but doing that, he died with an sword right on the middle of his chest, before his death, he cursed the young man and the rest of the villagers. When Meri died, the burning sun up above the young man's head dropped and the night rain came cooling everything that now was dead, without an proper place to stay, he found some warriors in his journey with the same fate of losing almost everything in his life and entered on an guild to not let the gods like Meri destroy everything that the humans made so far.

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  18. Uhhh...you gonna post your poison? Also yourwanting to be second in command?
  19. Right, right, sorry, it slipped my mind. I'm thinking of naming the poison, Aegir, if that's alright sounding? Obviously, it's not a real poison, I just thought of the name and it's meaning. And yes, if I may, may I have the second in command position? If not, I'll go and change what's written on my CS ^^
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