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  1. So this is an idea I've been trying to implement for a while and it's kept dying, I'm hoping you guys might find it interesting.

    The idea is that there are some people who are essentially the incarnations of all the various gods and spirits from all the different religions. Each one of these incarnations has a 'master' who controls them and their powers (in theory). The incarnations and 'masters' only have these powers from sun down to sun up and during that time battle each other for dominance. The winners of course earn a special prize. The God/master dynamics are particularly fun because there are only powers at night and the dynamics don't necessarily work the way they are supposed to.

    I am also open for suggestions to tweak this a bit, anyone interested?
  2. Ohi C: This sounds pretty interesting and I'd like to participate.
  3. Care to elaborate on this idea?

    Would you have a specific list of gods/deities that we could choose from?
    Would we play the incarnations and the masters? Just the incarnations?
    What sort of restrictions would they have?
    Are they human with abilites? Immortal-like beings?
    Can humans see them at all times? Are they only visible at night?

    Am curious about this and would just like to know more. Thank you.
  4. As far as gods/dieties go you can pretty much play whoever/whatever sounds good to you. In the last incarnation of this story we had Loki, Inari (a Japanese god), and something else from another pantheon.

    We would be playing both the master and the incarnation, but you won’t be playing the master for your own incarnation, if that makes sense?

    As far as restrictions, well that is up to the master. They fight in a separate sort of ‘shadow dimension’ at night so damage to the surrounds and people aren’t a concern.

    The masters are pretty much human, the incarnations are immortal in theory. This part actually wasn’t worked out in my previous try of this roleplay so I am up for suggestions there. I am thinking perhaps the incarnations will simply reappear in the normal dimension if they die in the shadow one and are out for a while?

    During the day the incarnations and masters are just normal humans running around doing their normal thing. At night they are in the other dimension so it is not a problem

    I actually stole this idea from the person who dropped the roleplay so I am making up some of this as I go ^^;;
  5. Master/Incarnation : We choose the incarnation that we want to play, but will not be playing the one that controls it. Instead we will be 'controlling' a different incarnation that is played by another roleplayer. Am I getting it right?

    Are the incarnations capable of using their powers even during the day? Are they aware of what they do at night? And are the able to sense another incarnation or master? You could do it to where the incarnations are somewhat like puppets of the masters. It is not the incarnations that are fighting, but the masters themselves; they are merely using the bodies and powers of the incarnations to do what they themselves are not capable of doing due to their mortal limitations. And when it is daylight, or no battles are being done, the incarnations can become nothing more than doll-like beings. They remain at the master's residence, or where ever the master chooses to keep them, till night comes and they come to life. But then we would have to be able to control both master and incarnation. Its just an idea.

    Granted when daylight comes and the incarnations become human, they can be capable of movement and interacting with others, but they stay close to their masters at all times. Since they belong to their master and are not really human so its best to keep a distance from other humans. Once again, just an idea. hehe.
  6. Master/Incarnation: That is the idea yeah

    As for the rest I don’t really like your first idea because one of my favorite parts is that dynamic between Master and incarnations between the night and day. I like the incarnations being autonomous enough to disagree and sometimes fight with their masters during the day. That being said, the incarnations don’t have any special powers during the day, though they are aware of what’s going on and they can sense other pairs when they are nearby. Your second idea does have possibilities; I don’t think I’d mind them having to stick close to their masters and such.
  7. As I said these are ideas and you are more than welcome to deny them. :]

    We could expand on the second idea if you want. The incarnations could interact with their masters as though they were actually human, and they could even have numerous human functions to help them blend in more, but all in all they are just incarnations and meant to be controlled by the masters when the time to fight comes. If they are able to sense other pairs, could they still defend their masters if one decided to attack another? No usage of powers, but they are capable of doing hand-to-hand combat; since they are meant to fight at night and such.

    And I realized that if we went with the second idea, that could work well with masters being someone and the incarnations being someone else. That could bring about conflict between the characters or anything else. Hmm...

    And I apologize for the comments and such, the length and what not. This just seems like a really neat concept and I am quite interested in taking part in this.
  8. I don’t mind, it’s good to have suggestions and such to make me think and work things out before we actually do anything. I would expect that incarnations would be able to defend their masters during the day if they did end up going at it during the day for some reason. I am pondering the rest while we wait to see if more people would like to join.
  9. I find this interesting, but am pretty confused
  10. What are you confused about, Tanzinite?
  11. exactly how the master/incarnation thing would work. Would i make a character that someone else controls? Do i wind up making two characters?
  12. I know that Taliesin is still working out the details of this whole thing...

    But what I have gathered is that you will make two characters; a master and an incarnation. You will play both characters, but you will not be the master of your incarnation. Instead another player will play the master of your incarnation. For example!

    My master = Mark
    My incarnation = Susan
    Your master = Emily
    Your incarnation = Joseph

    Mark would be the master of Joseph, while Emily would be the master of Susan. So our characters would be able to interact with each other outside of the battles our characters would be placed in. This could also lead to some great character development, interaction, conflict, etc. Do you get it now?
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  13. Yup. That cleared it up very nicely. I'm in for this RP, then.
  14. Glad I was able to help. :]

    This one is still in the works, but I know I am happy to hear you are interested in it. The plot seems very interesting and I am hoping this gains even more interest and we are able to put something together.
  15. Agreed. It has potential. And as you said, could lead to some very interesting character development.
  16. Thank you for explaining things Danika. I am looking for maybe a couple more people and then setting things up.
  17. No worries, Taliesin. Just happy that I was able to get it right and explain it pretty easily. hehe.
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