god-hunters of Serenus

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  1. [Post-apocalyptic fantasy. Ruined and overgrown metropolises. Humanity is trying to survive. Old technology can be found and when it does work, it can be powerful and looked upon as if it were magic. Magic is also real in this world.
    There are many gods in the world of Serenus. Self-proclaimed immortal dignitaries who were once men or beasts whose greatly righteous or greatly evil acts had bound them with something ancient and given them some kind of power.
    We are they who hunt these evil gods and make weary pacts with those "good" among them. We are they who patrol these lands, bring goods and medicine where needed. We are they who would try to help humanity survive.]

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    Kintida was as dead a city as the group had seen all month. The once-great skyscrapers in the distance were as overgrown and broken as most were. No, this city would not offer any rest for the god-hunters. It was certainly as weak an establishment as they had come to expect.

    Only the smell of corpses was stronger than usual. It was overwhelming, even from the outskirts.

    They still did not know what sort of creature or creatures they pursued nor whether god or beast. Whatever they were after, it had slaughtered many here. The signs were everywhere and they were recent: fire still burning, turned aside carts of fresh fruits and vegetables that had not yet spoiled, and there was silence.

    Gladimir tried, and succeeded for now, to not be too distracted by the fires as they reflected in his already glowing yellow eyes. The smoke which absorbed into his tattered, double-breasted suit, tempting him with its smell. He wanted to touch the flame and take it in. Absorb it for later.

    And soon, the bodies of the slowest runners started showing up on their path into the city. Gladimir walked over to one of the bodies as the others watched with expectation. He reached out his hand and a dead, young man began to glow.
    It slowly stood up, confused and trying to work with broken parts, and looked at Gladimir. Gladimir formed a slight smile.

    "What happened here? What has attacked you? What did it or they want? Take your time and explain." Gladimir cooed, gently.
  2. Snow opened his piercing blue eyes. All he saw was fire, buildings on fire, dead creatures on fire. He sat up and noticed that he skin has turned a deathly pale colour. Did radiation did this to him? He tried not to think too hard about it.

    He stood up minutes later, and decided to search for anything that is living.
  3. After coming too a little more, as if out of a dream, the dead, young man began to panic. He had apparently noticed the hole in his gut. Gladimir did his best to distract and comfort him, saying, "You will rest again soon, son. Please, for the benefit of those who live, I need you to answer. What did this to you?"

    Finally, he spoke, "They were something like men, but with the heads and wings of owls. Just three of them was all there were, but we could not stand against them. There did not seem to be any purpose in what they did... Though we begged them, they would not tell us what they wanted, that we might live."

    The young man tentatively removed his hand from his stomach wound. "I am in no pain. Have you saved me?"

    The necromancer with glowing yellow eyes couldn't keep his smile from fading slight, "No son. But you may sleep now." And Gladimir lowered his hand and the dead, young man slumped down.

    "Something is not right," Gladimir said to his companions. "I sense undeath in the air not related to the acts I have just committed. There is something more here... Shall we move on or explore further what I sense."

    Gladimir knew that they needed to pursue these creatures quickly to keep them from spreading the kind of destruction they had to this city of Kintida. He knew that they were already a half-day's journey behind. He knew that, but he hoped that one of his companions might want to stay behind a little while and seek out what he sensed. Something was happening here. Some gift left behind by these... olw men? That and maybe he would have some time for the fire. To take it in and let it grow inside of him for future use. The pain and the fear behind these fires would make them even more potent, like the flames that swallowed the city of Shening, just days ago. Gladimir hungered for the fire, regardless of the chaos it opened his mind to, but he would follow his companions' wishes if they decided to move on.