God discovered... partically

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  1. I'm upset, because I wanted the Standard Model to be scrapped. But at least we're one step closer to creating something out of nothing.

  2. Anyone else find it ironic that it took science to prove the existence of God? *hides this article from the fundies*
  3. Now we sit back and watch the peer-review gauntlet attempt to tear the research to pieces.

    This, children, is how science works; like a pack of rabid hyenas tearing an idea to shit, and if it's still standing by the end of it the research is probably solid.
  4. Is there a link to the article? Or is that the full article?
  5. Aw...I'm not one for sciencey stuff, but I'm so happy that scientist got to live long enough for his theory to be proven! :')

    As for the sciencey stuff:

    Cool? :3 I may have taken some science courses in Uni, but I utterly sucked at them and nothing was retained. =w= I do love when things are proven though, it is cool and helps with our History! :D
  6. From what I understand, science has been unable to explain where "mass" comes from - how particles turn from energy to units of mass.

    Professor Higgs had this idea that there was another particle or wave that acted on particles and turned them into mass.

    If we discover THIS thing, then we can start to manipulate it - i.e. create matter out of nothing. A first step to eradicating hunger and resource depletion.

    And there's no larger article yet. It's only just broken the news.
  7. Hmm...could this then explain "Dark Mass/ Black Mass" in space? I remember learning about it in my Astro classes as just something Astronomers made up to compensate with missing information, but it has provided with evidence that there could actually be something there.

    If it could explain that kind of mass I'd be pretty amazed!
  8. Dark mass is different. That's the mass that SHOULD be there in order for there to be the amount of gravity we've detected in galaxies.

    A lot of galaxies are spinning faster than they should be, according to equations of mass/gravity.

    There's also dark energy, which I think is the energy that should be there, in order for the galaxy to be moving at the speed it is.
  9. I hope these particles pave the way for superpowers.
  10. Whooot! YAY FOR SCIENCE!
  11. I am amazed that scientists have finally managed to locate the particle that they have been looking for for so long, but I am also bit skeptical. According to the quote, they still need to confirm their observations, which means that it might not be what they are looking for. Then again, if the particle really is the source of mass, then there are going to be a lot of interesting developments to look forward to.
  12. The rate at which they're discovering things and fleshing out the concept is actually quite impressive. We'll se how it hold up with every person in the field scrutinizing their every detail and what remains. Exciting, too, at how much progress we seem to be making and how quickly.

    Thank you for sharing this!
  13. I have various beliefs and most of them are stupid. I somewhat believe in God but I believe in Science. The Atom is clearly God to all of us since it makes up what we and everything else is made of. But I believe in people who have inspired me as not god, or gods, but Demi-gods. As I go with the Polytheism of Greek, Norse, and Egyptian cultures. I don't believe there is one God who rules. I believe there are Many, where Mother nature is one that is more powerful then the rest. Posing to me as the most powerful god.
  14. The atom isn't clearly god, but that's not the issue; this is about the source of mass, and (if proved correct) how something can actually come from nothing.

    I'll remain sceptical until results are verified by a third-party group, but if this proves to be correct it's a game-changer for science and society in general. We should consider ourselves lucky to bear witness to times such as these, when great scientific developments are discovered.
  15. God be not a particle. He be a flying spaghetti monster!
    We were all touched by his noodly appendage.
  16. I knew I shouldn't have put "God" in the title of a thread completely unrelated to religion...
  17. Blame who've coined the phrase "God Particle".