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  1. Emma coolly strolled into the cafe. She stepped up to the counter, where she ordered an Americano. Sitting down at an empty table, she sipped her coffee and read the New York Times. Someone brushed by her, causing her to spill her coffee on her shirt. A green glimmer appeared. Shoot, she thought, the illusion is going to wear off. She casually waved her hand over her shirt, and the stain disappeared.
  2. 'Looks like my keen eyesight wasn't wrong this time either. Not that it ever was though..' Loki thought to himself as he inwardly boasted on the fact that his sight has never cheated or played any tricks on him. The once dark brown spot that he made by spilling over the woman's coffee onto her shirt was gone in the blink of an eye and the woman didn't really seem to react to the heat that the liquid made against her skin. "I'm so sorry, are you alright?" Loki asked as he looked down at the woman, putting up a fake, illusionary facial expression that showed guilt towards the act though he felt none.
  3. "No, it's alright, I'm fine." Emma replied. She looked up at the man. He looked strangely familiar. Like someone she had seen on the news. She shrugged slightly, and went back to reading. She glanced at one of the articles. Something had happened in Greenwich. The hero Thor had been involved. Once again, the 17-year-old shrugged.
  4. "No, I should make up for it. Mind if I buy you a new cup of coffee?" Loki kindly offered the woman his apology though it was only a means to get closer to her and find out more about her. "It's the least I can do for ruining your morning coffee and your shi-.." Loki was about to point out the fact about the stain on her shirt though he acted as he didn't know that it was gone, wanting to see what her excuse would be.
  5. A look of panic crossed her face, but in a second it was gone. She looked down at her shirt. It was beige, with a brown sweater. "That's weird. There was a stain here..." she trailed off. Emma looked back up at him, giving him a tiny smile. "Sure, another cup of coffee would be fine."
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    Loki's lips had curved up into a sinister, proud grin for a split second as he noticed the troubled look her face held. "I'm pretty sure I saw it as well.. oh well.. I guess it was just an illusion then." Loki simply answered before he walked over and grabbed two cups of coffees and then made his way back to the table the woman was sitting at. "Here you go.. ?" Loki asked as though he wanted to find out what her name was, the hand that was holding the coffee cup reaching out and waiting for her to take it over.
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    She took the cup. Emma was unsure of what to say next. His last comment had left her worried; was he going to expose her? I should just talk to him, try to understand what he's doing, she thought. "So... what's your name? I'm Emma." she uttered. Her hand shook.
  8. "That's a pretty name, nice to meet you Emma, my name is James. Once again.. sorry about the coffee. I'm just glad you took it so lightly.. considering how hot the coffee was you didn't even flinch." Loki took up the cup and placed it against his mouth to hide away the smirk his lips would form. How do I approach this and make it fun.. ? It'll be fun either way to see her panic..' Loki thought to himself as he took a small gulp of the coffee, his eyes quickly glancing over at Emma to see if her expression had changed.
  9. Emma's face grew pale. He knew that she was hiding something. She took another sip, trying to think of where she had seen James. Finally, she broke the silence. "You look familiar. Were you on the news or something?" she asked. Glancing down at her newspaper to avoid his gaze, she noticed the article she had been reading. Didn't Thor have a brother?
  10. "Me? On the news?" Loki would mumble out as though he was confused, acting completely innocent to further deceive the woman. "No, I don't think so.. also, I don't think we've met before so.. you must have mistaken me for someone. It happens, our sight likes to play tricks on us sometimes. Oh, a great proof to that would be the fact that there isn't any coffee around the table even though it got spilled and your shirt is unstained."
  11. Emma was starting to panic. What was he doing? Her hand, under the table, shook wildly. "Um... I gotta go for a second." she walked off toward the restroom. Once she was out of his sight, she sighed. Oh my gosh, who is he? I've seen him somewhere, I know it! She glanced back at the table. She looked up at the TV inside the cafe. The reporter was talking about the attack at Greenwich. "The most fascinating part about this 'invasion', as many are calling it, is that it happened almost right after the attack here, in New York." the screen showed footage of the aliens who had attacked New York, along with a picture of the man who had led them. Emma's eyes widened. That's... but that's... her gaze flickered to 'James', who was busy looking out the window. The reporter continued. "This man, Loki, was the one who led the attack." Her face grew even paler. The whole time, she had been talking to the man -no, more like god- who had led the attack on New York.
  12. "Emma? Are you..-" Loki started though he was cut off as she managed to get up and walk away before he was finished. Well I managed to spook her out to say the least. Her facial expression is priceless currently. She should know about me in about couple of seconds. Loki thought to himself as he stared out the window, looking like he was lost in though but in fact he was aware of everything that Emma was doing. "Emma.. are you alright?" Loki suddenly was no more at his own seat but was behind her, his hand lightly tapping her shoulder from behind. "You look like you saw a god or something." Loki chuckled at the joke, knowing that she would get exactly what he meant with it.
  13. Emma froze when she heard him behind her. Turning around, she gave him a faint smile. "Thanks for the coffee, but I have to go." she replied, before turning and making a beeline for the exit. Just before she reached the door, Emma crashed into someone, causing her to cast an illusion. She glanced down at her hand, which now held a strange sword. The man she had ran into looked at her in fear. The sword disappeared, and she turned and ran out the door before anything else could happen.
  14. Loki watched in amusement and enjoyment as the woman frightfully took off towards the exit, knowing that he had managed to spook her out a bit. It wasn't his intention to scare her off completely or drive terror into her, but only to scare her just enough for his entertainment. "That was a nice trick you did back there Emma." Loki was positioned against a wall right next to the entrance so the words he said came instantly after she came out.
  15. Emma jumped back at the sight of Loki. Might as well call him that now. She glared at him. When will he stop? she thought. Ever since she was a little girl she had loved her power. Now she ultimately hated it, especially when it went off like it just did in the cafe. She began to walk away, stepping into an alley to avoid anyone who had noticed what she had done. Of course, Loki followed her. "Leave me alone!" she cried, to tired to run.
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  18. "I'm not here to hurt you.. I'm here to help you." Loki whispered out into her ear as he suddenly appeared to be in front of her, causing her to bump into him which resulted in him hugging her tightly to try to comfort her as much as he could since she was crying. "I want to understand your powers a bit more, I never meant to hurt you. I needed to cause a reaction to see if you actually had powers." Loki explained it to the crying woman as he calmly gazed down at her.
  19. Emma reddened, surprised at this sudden act of kindness. She felt blissful in his arms, but scared nonetheless. She considered his face, a feeling of calm on his face. Emma shook her head. He had done some terrible things, she was aware of that. She pulled away from him, turning her back to him. "H-How do I know that you won't use me?" she whispered.
  20. Loki smirked as he noticed the woman's cheeks turning a shade brighter as a reaction to the hug he was giving her. "I guess with time you'll find that out by yourself." Loki answered plainly as he walked up to her and gave her shoulder a gentle tap. "Why do you think I would use you though?"
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