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  1. -The Goblet of Dragons.-
    "Welcome to all thy whom stand here among us. Welcome brothers and sisters of our blood. Welcome children of the Gods and all of thy whom have wentured so far to come here upon this day. " The Goblet master say.

    Because on this day. The day of the new year of Dragon's noblemen and women from all across the land have gatheres at the Temple of the Dragon gods. All have come here this day to get the chance to recieve one of the grandest honours of the all. Namely to drink from the Goblet of Dragons and by doing so join blood with the Dragon gods.

    Now it just happens that none can tell for sure what will happen to those who drink the blood, but its certain that its not without its risks. Those who drink from the goblet of Dragon's are certain to never be able to regret their decision or go back to the ordinary life they lived before. Thus those that seek what the blood of the Dragon gods may give must be prepared to sacrifice everything including their own life or humanity.

    Do you dare to drink from the Goblet? Do you have the courage, dedication or pure insanity to do so?....

    Well, one of five things happens to those who drink from the Goblet. And now its time for you to find out which fate will befall you.

    1. Call of the God's: Those who are called by the gods are no longer needed to strive and struggle in the mortal realm, and will thus Die upon drinking from the Goblet so that their soul can join the gods.


    2. Wisdom of the Gods: Those who gain the wisdom of the gods will be able to communicate with the world around them. And because of this bend the factors of reality through arts of Magic. They also will learn to take care of and live with a Dragon.
    -Dragon Rider-

    3: Pure Dragon blood. Those who fuse completely with the blood of the dragon gods will abandon their humanity and transform into an avatar of the gods. They will gain majestic forms capable of flight and feats that only a dragon may perform.
    -Dragon Transformation-

    4: 'Strenght of the God's' Half blood: Those unable or deeply unwilling to fully abandon a humanoid shape become half bloods. They gain wings of the gods and the strenght of them, however they cannot perform magic as they are locked out of the world. And thus become champions of the gods or possible outcasts.
    -Dragoon Transformation-

    5. The twin Dragon: One of the rarest traits of all. Some who are able to be the vessel of a Dragon soul will become one with it. This means that they are a chosen nobility among the others, those who do not change form at all but instead are possessed by a dragon soul. These are the balance keepers of the Gods, and some of the few who can wield the powers of a dragon in a mortal body. -Dragon Prince/ss-
  2. Character Sheets (open)

    Goblet Gift:
    Dragonic Defect:

    My Character:

    Name: Raywinn Mielwarc
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Goblet Gift: Wisdom
    Dragonic Defect: His left hand is actually a dragon claw.
    Raywinn is the assigned leader for the new year students for at least for as long as there is no Prince or Princess among them who eventually may lead the others after his tutoring. He have been a Dragon Priest for about 300 years even thought its not visible on him due to the dragon blood that course his veins. Raywinn is also the descendant prince of a Kingdo who were lost in history after many wars and after having no heir due to Raywinn's disappearance after the Goblet Ritual. Now days he hang around the temple along with the Nightmare Dragon Heylle

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