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  1. Leon never expected that he would be flown to California to investigate a bio terrorist attack---at a theme park. Granted, for a bio terrorist, it was a brilliant way to cause lots of damage. Leon found it sick and disgusting, however, that whoever did this allowed countless of innocents--men, women, children, everyone!--to be harmed. But that was why he wasn't a bio terrorist. Currently he had no idea as to who set this attack in motion or why. All he knew was there were reports of mutated beings as well as the animals inside. The current viral epidemic inside the park was unknown, and the park was quickly quarantined before the virus--whatever it may be--could escape further. They were lucky they could contain it, however there were still hundreds of thousands of lives lost in the incident. And even one life lost was too many.
    Countless news trucks and media outlets were stationed outside the park. Roads were blocked off and the freeway traffic was therefore backed up very badly. A helicopter or two hovered overhead. As the copter flew above the theme park, Leon could see the damage done to the inside. He saw lots of blood, a few fires that were fizzling out, and destruction, over all. If he wasn't an expert, he was sure he wouldn't be sent in on a mission like this alone.
    Once inside of the now terrifying theme park, Leon began to feel uneasy. The sun was setting, and there was movement throughout the park, but he could not pinpoint exactly where. His job was to get in, investigate the cause of this attack, and get out.
    Gun in hand, he stepped through the bloody puddles left by fearful patrons of the popular theme park. Again, he heard movement, and this time it wasn't as labored as the past infected he had come across. He picked up his pace, ready for whatever shambling mess of goo would come out from behind the other side of the large tank of water. Leon didn't want to consider it as water, though, for it was tinted red with blood. Who's blood, he wasn't sure. There was a buzz and a crackle of static in his earpiece and he only paused for a second before answering the call as quiet and steady as he could.
    "What's it like down there?" Said the voice before static took over briefly.
    "It's calmed down, quieter, the infected here are like I've never seen. This isn't like Raccoon City."
    "How so, Agent?"
    "The infected are...seemingly wet. There's a reason the attack was here."
    "Did you find anything?"
    "I'm working on it." Said Agent Kennedy. There was another bleep of static before there was silence, and Leon then rounded the corner, gun poised and ready.
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  2. He'd expected it to turn out this way, almost. Everyone was dead, that was to be expected. Mutated? Yeah, that too. But the extent of the infection was astounding and it had turned out to be more volatile than they had originally assumed. He almost felt bad, maybe just a bit, but he was too focused and narrow in his train of thought to really consider the scale of the damage caused. Fortunately for him, these monstrosities didn't seem to take much notice of his existence unless he moved too fast, or turned on that damned flashlight-- as long as he kept that in mind, he was... relatively safe.

    But who on earth could be safe in a creepy abandoned theme park in the first place?

    He traversed the artificially frozen lake clumsily, eyeing the product of the attack with some mild, jaded expression of disgust. Yes, it was gross. The blood and goo was everywhere even his eyes couldn't see. But he couldn't really bring himself to think about it, really. Too much to be done, too much to think about. He had a busy mind in need of organization.

    Unfortunately for Steve, there was no omniscient being guiding his steps through the park; just the cruddy handgun, a useless flashlight, and his own wits to keep him updated and alive on his mission.

    "What did they do?" He muttered, his breath coming in short gasps so he wouldn't have to breathe in the horrible toxic smell of rotting corpses and zombie goo. He took a knee by a deceased... thing, and pried a suspicious looking green tube from its cold hands. Had they suicide-bombed the place? No wonder it had gone undetected for so long-- nobody had had any time to react. There were probably more of these tubes lying around, containing the only pure samples that the whitecoats back home to study. Steve stuffed the tube into the bag, and was once again on his way.

  3. Leon was wrong. He hoped for a survivor or anyone alive and not infected. But hope could only get you so far in a situation like this. Upon destroying the goopy mess that was once a person, Leon noticed something. As it's disfigured body slumped to the floor in it's own fluids, Leon noticed something green, hidden underneath slimy folds of skin. Carefully, Leon pried the thing out of the corpse-puddle, holding it carefully with his fingertips, not wanting to touch whatever the slime was. As he became more intrigued, he cared less about the strange substance on his hands, and took a closer look at it. It was a tube of some sort of green substance. It must have had something to do with this. But what was it? He made note of his discovery to the men on the other end of the line, and took to placing the thing into a pouch at his waist. This was a lead, whatever it was, but he still needed more.
    The man found his way from the larger tanks to what was once the penguin habitat--from what the signs read. He found more corpses of various sorts here, but the area seemed to be mostly clear of danger. Leon noticed something as he walked past the exhibit. Were those...footprints? There was remnants of ice that had begun melting in a shape that resembled a shoe. This pattern trailed along for a few feet before disappearing. The footprints didn't look zombie-ish to him. But it could be a long shot.
    Something else Leon wondered was: where are the penguins?
    More walking. More gurgles and groans from bloated goop monsters around the park. Leon wished he could forget these sounds.
    The sound of grunting and squawking came from not far from the penguin habitat. He found the penguins. They had escaped their environment during the attack and had, unfortunately, mutated into disgusting little slimy blubber creatures. Thankfully they were small and the largest only reached knee length to Leon. He was able to fend off the little creatures easily, but grimly laughed as he kicked away one.
    "I'm fighting penguin zombies."
    After his brief penguin encounter, Leon heard more footsteps and immediately assumed the worse--as it was usually always worse. However, when he rounded a churro stand, he saw the shape of a man. A not-slimy, not-zombified man. At least, he hoped. He looked alive enough.
    "Hey!" Leon raised his gun as a precaution.
  4. As he made his way around the few intact attracts scattered throughout the park, crouching down to relieve another poor 'victim' of the tube in his coat pocket. That was two down, probably a dozen more to go. He'd be here all night if that was the case, and who knows how these beasts reacted to time changes. Maybe he'd be lucky and they were solar powered, not lunar powered.

    "Just get this done, Steve. Claire's on the other side--"

    Steve's head shot up and his eyes went wide in surprise, incredulous at the prospect of another living, uninfected person actually hanging around this place. Were they insane? Or perhaps he was more surprised that the guy would even think of shouting to catch his attention, when at least half of these goo zombies were drawn to obnoxiously loud human voices. And movement. But he'd learned that the hard way. He eyed the man warily, with his right hand drawing on his handgun in case a fight broke out. He hoped not, but people tended to go pretty crazy around these zombies.

    "You lost?" He asked, standing up slowly as to avoid spooking the other man. Come up with an excuse, come up with an excuse-- but not a dumb one...

    Probably not lost, but worth a try. "... With anyone?" Second question, spoken clearly and without any quivering as he'd expected. His voice had been off kilter since he'd awoken all those months ago. Awful.
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