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  1. From this site:

  2. I actually do a lot of these on a regular and nearly daily basis. o___o

    1. 2. (minus the blowing kissing), 4, 5, 6 (the doodle happy six!), 10, and 12!
  3. I sniffed my way to a happier mood all the way through high school...I wouldn't recommend it. >.>
  4. Just in case none of these work...

    Sometimes, I go to youtube and watch baby videos. For some reason, babies laughing and being babies makes me feel better...or even better if I am already in a good mood. =D
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  5. I love these suggestions! I think a lot of them make sense (and I totally agree, happy baby/animal movies are awesome). Also, if you're into it... exercise can do wonders for the body. Sprinting to release anger/energy, walking the neighborhood, doing push-ups or something light... gets the endorphins going and rids you of stress!
  6. Recently I've been going to the gym and I'm kinda surprised at how good I feel after! Just today I didn't a thinking exercise about "sweating it out " and I think that worked :) my go to thing though, would have to be painting and drawing. It just opens up new trains of thought that are usually pretty thrilling