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    "And now was acknowledged the presence of the Red Death. He had come like a thief in the night. And one by one dropped the revellers in the blood-bedewed halls of their revel, and died each in the despairing posture of his fall. And the life of the ebony clock went out with that of the last of the gay. And the flames of the tripods expired.

    And Darkness and Decay and the Red Death held illimitable dominion over all."

    - The Masque of the Red Death, Edgar Allan Poe

    Tonight is the night that you die.


    Tonight also happens to be your friend's stag party, as a crowd of his best and closest shepherd him into the heart of London for a night of drinking, dancing, toasting, more drinking, exceptionally poor life choices and an almost-guaranteed-to-be-large number of regrets in the morning.

    But as you tour the big spots, drink the overpriced drinks, pretend you're having a great time and make small-talk with people you're probably never going to see again? Remember one thing.


    Tonight is the night that you die.

    Tonight, something is about to be released upon old London town. Something ancient. Something powerful. Something beyond your tiny little meat brain's comprehension. Something that will usher in the unforgettable night that you were promised, in all the worst ways.

    Tonight, you're going to go insane.

    And maybe even eat your mates...


    Sometimes, horrible things happen to perfectly undeserving people.

    Such as, in this case, you.

    GO INSANE (AND EAT YOUR MATES) is a cheeky little RP that mixes Cosmic Horror and Splatterpunk, in which a small group of ordinary folks out on London town for a stag night find themselves suddenly caught in the middle of an outbreak of savage and eldritch pandemonium. Things rapidly degenerate from there. It's aimed at being a short, violent, brutal and sometimes darkly comedic game, and it's inevitably going to end horribly for all the characters involved.

    • Your character is going to die.
    • No, seriously. Your character is going to fucking die. Horribly.
    • Before their aforementioned and inevitable death, your character is going to go irrevocably insane.
    • Player vs Player violence isn't just permitted, after a certain point in the plot it's going to be encouraged.
    • Player initiative is expected. Decisive posts that stir things up are encouraged. Completely hijacking the plot and trying to run away with it is a dick-move (and will result in you being removed from the game).
    • Cannibalism is not mandatory.
    • It is, however, highly encouraged.

    In-keeping with the rules-light, no-nonsense outlook this RP is aiming for, we're going to be keeping the Character Sheet nice and focused.

    A few things to note, before you get started.
    • Your character is going to die. Yup, sorry, we've already covered that
    • Your character is somewhere between their mid to late 20's
    • Your character probably lives somewhere in the UK. If they don't please do specify this, and have an explanation ready.
    • Your character is a perfectly ordinary, ugly little human being, complete with perfectly ordinary, ugly little human being abilities and issues. No monsters, mages or magical creatures.

    Here's the template. PLEASE PROVIDE AN IMAGE OF YOUR CHARACTER WITH YOUR SHEET. No anime/manga images, however. Consistency is a good thing.

    NAME: ((What do people call you? Full name? Nickname? Offensive slur that you've decided to embrace?))

    OVERVIEW: ((Give a short, snappy summary of who you are and what you do. Just the crucial details, the aspects of what makes you you, and how you happen to know Rou, the lucky groom-to-be. Everything else, you can reveal in-game. Think "an old university compatriot of Rou's, trailing two failed businesses, a collapsed marriage and a metric ton of debt in his wake. His good looks are only skin-deep, as are his charms, and he's mostly only here to get drunk and forget about the train-wreck that is his continued his existence". Two or three sentences at the most. And yes, whilst you're asking, I have been reading a lot of Chuck Palahniuk lately. How can you tell?))

    SOMETHING YOU'RE GOOD AT: ((Everybody's got a bit of a talent. What's yours?))

    SOMETHING YOU'RE BAD AT: ((Nobody's perfect. What does your character happen to be terrible at, or have issues about? I'm totally not planning to use this against you That was a lie, I am absolutely going to use this against you))
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  3. *Prays to Grumpy, god of horror*
  4. ok this will officially never end...i think we have opened a black hole. Sooooo much horror.


    NAME: Semper Fidelis "always faithful"

    OVERVIEW: Alcohol, Semper is what we like to call a functional alcoholic, no one would be able to tell the difference if she were drunk or sober. Her recent publicity has sunk her into a world of flashing cameras and propaganda. to escape her new found popularity semper throws on some make up, which she never wears. Patient, strategic, and mysterious. semper is angry about one little thing, No one knows why she is famous, all that is known is her name and its meaning. Semper Fi is about to become faithful in the worst of endeavours.

    SOMETHING YOU'RE GOOD AT: Semper sneaks and hides she likes the shadows.

    SOMETHING YOU'RE BAD AT: The spotlight. The flashing cameras and propaganda have dug under her skin. The open space and light upon her for all to see has become her relentless fear. being laid out on the table is the furthest of her desires. center stage is the end game for Semper. Withdraw from alcohol....might actually prove worse a thing for her to handle...
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  5. *considers joining this*
    *wonders just how active this is going to be*
    *also wonders if his inability to do jack shit as of late will just get in the way*
    *Factors these things in*
    *decides to wait a day or two, see how quickly it's fire spreads*
    *finds this an excellent idea he is definitely interested in particularly the cannibalism bit*

    Watch this space: I really ought to post a character as well.

    *watches intently*
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  8. [​IMG]

    Duncan Scott Bowman

    OVERVIEW: High school friend of Rou's. He's a bit nerdy, and very unimposing, physically. He has a college degree in computer science, but has never found decent work. Usually patient and calm, Duncan can handle stress fairly well.

    SOMETHING YOU'RE GOOD AT: Duncan is good at programming and many other areas of computer science. He has some grasping of theoretical physics.

    SOMETHING YOU'RE BAD AT: Swimming (one of his biggest fears is being eaten by a shark, so he never wanted to learn, even in a pool). Running, and fighting. This is more because he will get winded quickly than anything else. He is bad at thinking on the fly, and usually needs to think ahead before doing something.
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  9. Wow, it's like The World's End, only cannibalism! I love it. (Also, @Fijoli , is that Lilian Gish?)



    NAME: Nicholas Backowski, aka 'Father Christmas', aka 'Nick Frost/Brian Blessed, is that you?'

    OVERVIEW: Nicholas here is a not-so-old, (not-really-fat), and surprisingly nimble Polak from Nottingham, visiting London not because of some stag party (in fact, he joined in the Stag due due simply to his being there), but because of some work thing (that didn't work out). His face is Nick Frost's, but his voice, oh his voice, it's what got him his moniker: everything he says sounds like a speech by Brian Blessed. He's supposed to be a salesperson of some product, but after the aforementioned job thing failure, he's now just a drunk ready to get even more drunk.

    SOMETHING YOU'RE GOOD AT: He's pretty good with theatrics (he dabbled in theater when he went to university), and also at wrestling (he was a member of his university's wrestling, er, thing, too), and, rather unusually, acrobatics (again, 'surprisingly nimble').

    SOMETHING YOU'RE BAD AT: Talking to people and not saying something offensive, shooting things, driving things, cardio, and, er, cardio.
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  10. SORRY IT'S LATE, DELICIOUS FRIENDS. My sleeping pattern is shagged at the moment, and I managed to finally clonk out at a reasonable hour last night so I figured I wouldn't argue with my body clock whilst it was playing ball.


    NAME: Andrew 'Jonesy' Jones

    OVERVIEW: When you happen to be the brother of the bride, it doesn't matter if you're not into nightclubs, don't really know the groom or his mates and don't really do stag nights; you're along for the ride, till the bitterest of ends. Jonesy works as a paramedic up north in Edinburgh, and recently has finally managed to kick the habit that's been following him around since his early 20's.

    He also really, really doesn't want to be here right now.

    SOMETHING YOU'RE GOOD AT: Jonesy is a life-saver. As in, he literally saves lives. His time and training as a paramedic means that he has a working knowledge of how to keep someone from snuffing it and how to administer more advanced medical aid (though he's nowhere near the level of a doctor). Oh, and knowing where all the major arteries are located could potentially come in handy. You know in certain... situations...

    SOMETHING YOU'RE BAD AT: Impulse control. Jonesy may have finally managed to get his heroin addiction in check last year, but it's been a struggle to keep himself off it ever since. Stressful situations, traumatic events, stuff that puts him on edge? All of these bring the itch back. And he's terrified that, sooner or later, he's going to crack...

    And also, lest we forget the man of the hour...


    The noble, upstanding (and doubtless now highly inebriated) Groom-to-be. The reason you're all currently shuffling from pub to pub, bar to bar, across London town.

    On a related note, he's also someone you could potentially blame for the fact that you're going to die screaming and gibbering this evening...
  11. *Stares at Grumpy's character in mild disbelief*

    Man, sometimes I think our brains are way too alike. Now I need an entirely new character concept.
  12. Shit, Oz, mah bad. D:
  13. Haha, nah, it's not your fault. It's just sort of funny because I shit you not, I was working on a sheet for basically that exact concept. Down to the substance abuse.
  14. I so understand Grumpy, staying awake to watch that sailor moon crystal meth totally messed my everything up :[

  15. NAME: Taeya "Mama Meat Grinder" Brooks

    OVERVIEW: If her grammar isn't killing you her bumpin' and grindin' on the dance floor will. Literally. Rou probably invited her to save him from her wrath, had she found out she was not invited.

    SOMETHING YOU'RE GOOD AT: Eating contests (that's *part* of how she got her nickname).

    SOMETHING YOU'RE BAD AT: Basically.... the law. Keeping her temper, not breaking things.
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  16. I see where this is headed...

    ...and I approve heartily.
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  17. Jim.jpg

    Jim (usually preceded by or preceding an insult or verbal facepalm. i.e. "Fuck you, Jim.""Jim, you're a cunt.""Fuckin' Jim!" and most frequently, "Goddammit, Jim.")

    OVERVIEW: Jim, known to the public (children and their moms) as "Spiderman" is a party entertainer, and has been since his teenage years. He met Rou at some party and the two have been friends since. He came to celebrate with Rou and the others (albeit hoping desperately not to send the whole shebang up in smoke). A "hyperactive little shit," Jim is usually found bouncing off the walls of everywhere, rarely tiring and able to relentlessly chase down almost anything.

    SOMETHING YOU'RE GOOD AT: Generally fucking things up, knife-throwing, parkour, hanging upside down

    SOMETHING YOU'RE BAD AT: Anything to do with cooking, moving delicate objects, following specific directions

    And for the hell of it:
    In Costume (open)
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  18. NAME: Cerys Mackie, "that crazy cunt"

    OVERVIEW: One of Rou's old flames who came crashing into his life five years ago and never left, Cerys is that girl your ma warned you about. When she's not juggling several jobs (her resume includes "modeling", "exotic dancing", and "entrepreneurship"), she's hanging around Rou and his mates or disappearing completely off the fucking grid only to show up three weeks later with quantities of inexplicable new cash, friends, bruises, or tattoos. Her home is wherever she parks her motorbike or whomever's flat she winds up at for the night. Cerys is responsible for several uncomfortable incidents involving Rou's group of friends over the years.

    SOMETHING YOU'RE GOOD AT: Other than causing scenes and having a ridiculously high alcohol tolerance? Cerys is brilliant at manipulating people, lying, bluffing, and generally using her charms to get away with more shit than any one person reasonably should.

    SOMETHING YOU'RE BAD AT: Letting go of things. Or people. Especially people.
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  19. Um.... uhum... I... just...

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