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    October 31st. Halloween.

    Tonight, you and your friends are off to a party.

    Randy Carter's party, to be precise; internet entrepreneur, multi-millionaire by the age of 23 and most eligible bachelor in the city of Arkham, Massachusetts. With more money than sense and a love for spectacle his parties are the stuff of legend, packed to the brim with all the sex, booze and drugs a person could ever ask for.

    Tonight, though, Mister Carter has something special in mind.

    The need to outdo himself is something that drives Randy to ever-greater heights. And tonight he's got something huge in mind. Something unique and priceless. Something incredible. He believes that it will ensure that this will be a party no-one ever forgets.

    Tonight, you and your friends will learn that Randy is right but for all the wrong reasons.

    Tonight, you will learn that there are some things that man should leave untouched. That there's a price to be paid for other peoples' mistakes. That we are not alone in this universe, and that in comparison to the other residents we are pitifully insignificant.

    Tonight, you're going to go insane.

    And maybe even eat your friends.


    As the title suggests, Go Insane And Eat Your Friends is a short, brutal little Cthulhu Mythos RP in which lots of nasty things happen to perfectly ordinary, undeserving people. It's partly a test to see how well a set of rules work in a forum context, and partly an exercise to see how awesomely a group of players can kill off their characters.

    Set in the extravagant household of the filthy rich Randy Carter, events quickly take a turn for the cosmically horrific. Soon enough the party will have degenerated into a slaughterhouse filled with gribbly entities from beyond reality and crazy people, and the main characters will be caught right in the headlights of it all.

    A few things to bear in mind with this game:

    • Your character is going to die.
    • These rules are still untested in a forum context, so shit may be broken.
    • This will be fast-paced and fairly vicious RP. Cosmic Horror meets Splatter Cinema.
    • Player vs Player violence is not only allowed, it's encouraged.
    • Shit's going to get horrific.
    • Cannibalism is hilarious.
    • No, seriously: your character is going to die.

    With this in mind, ON TO THE RULES.

    DA RULES (open)
    NOTE: These rules aren't mine. They are from a small RPG known as 'Cthulhu Dark' made by the most awesome Graham Walmsley. I felt they would be very useful for a forum-based Cthulhu Mythos RP, with enough structure to give the game a certain amount of tension but light enough to prevent interference.

    Graham's site is thievesoftime.com. Please do go check his stuff out.

    Choose a name and role.

    Your character's role is a short phrase that summarises who they are and what they can do.

    Provide an image of your character.

    Give an overview of your character in one or two sentences.

    Describe something unusual about your character in one or two sentences.

    Your Insanity starts at 1.

    If the GM declares that your character has witnessed something disturbing enough to necessitate it, roll a D6. If you get higher than your Insanity, add 1 to your Insanity and ensure your next post describes your character succumbing to fear.

    If When your character's Insanity reaches 6, they go incurably insane.

    Some conflicts, actions and situations may require a roll of the dice to decide the outcome. Depending on the situation, roll one D6 for each applicable point:

    • The action is within human capabilities.
    • The action is within the expertise of your role.
    • If you are willing to risk your sanity to succeed.

    You take the highest of these rolls to be the result.

    If your Insanity die rolls higher than any other die you must make an Insanity check, as above. This applies for ALL ROLLS.

    On a 1, you fail spectacularly at the action and may well die in the process. On a 2, you narrowly achieve what you set out to do. On a 6, you succeed perfectly at whatever it was you were attempting to do. The numbers in between represent an upwards scale of success. With the GM's input, play out how the scene then resolves.

    For example, you’re escaping from creepy fish people through the window of an Innsmouth hotel. On a 1, you mistime your jump and plummet several floors down to the ground. On a 2, you crash on an adjoining roof, attracting the attention of everyone around. On a 4, you land quietly on the roof, but leave traces for pursuers to follow. On a 6, you escape quietly, while your pursers continue searching the hotel.

    Characters can work together to ensure that a task is completed faster or more efficiently. Everyone who is cooperating makes a roll (as above): the highest die, rolled by anyone, determines the outcome.

    Sometimes the characters may face competition in it's various forms during the course of the story, be it trying to fast-talk a squad of American GIs or fight off a group of masked cultists. Everyone who is competing makes a roll. Whoever gets highest wins. If it’s a tie, the person with highest Insanity roll wins. If Insanity is tied, re-roll.
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    “What's a Cthulhu Mythos?”
    Answer (open)
    We are not alone in the universe. We share it with other, ancient things. Or rather, they share it with us; these beings are as ancient as they are unknowable, and compared to our insignificant little species they are as gods. To understand them is to go insane. If they so chose, they could sweep us out of existence with all the effort it takes for us to crush an insect.

    And one day, when the Stars Are Right, they will do just that.

    That's the essence of the Cthulhu Mythos, created by American horror author H.P. Lovecraft back in the 1920s. Gribbly, impossible things from beyond the stars inflicting all manner of horrible shit upon the human race, because fuck you they were here first.

    Sweet dreams.

    “Is this one of those dice-rollan games? Like the D&D?”
    Answer (open)
    It is, yes, though not nearly as complicated as D&D.

    Because a Cthulhu Mythos tale is unfair, unforgiving and more often than not results in the protagonists dying horribly or totally losing their shit, this game needs something to ensure that there's always a risk to important actions that a character carries out. That's why we have the dice-rolling. It's very simple, D6 mechanics we're using to avoid a clusterfuck from developing whilst ensuring that the stakes remain high.

    “How are we rolling dice? The Dicebox? A third-party program?”
    Answer (open)
    Why bother with either, when Xenforo has a sweet dice-rolling feature built into the very forum?

    Yes, I just answered a question with a question. Fuck you, that's why.

    “And how do I use this most awesome built-in dice-rolling feature?”
    Answer (open)
    Glad you asked. Have a quick tutorial.

    Let's say you're wanting to roll to see whether you succeed in overpowering some unfortunate fuck and eating his face off in honour of Hastur (Hastur approves of such shit, trust me). First you make a post in this OOC, stating your intentions. Once your post is up, look down to the bottom right for a MORE OPTIONS option.



    This will indeed give you more options. The option you want, however, is the one that lets you roll a dice. Continently, it should be staring right at you.




    Now you're into the dice-rolling feature. Type in the action you're attempting to carry out (as per our example, “chew off Jim's delicious facial features for the glory of Hastur The Unspeakable One”). Faces means the number of sides the dice you want to roll has; D6s, D10s, D20s and so on. For this game you'll only ever need to roll D6s, though, so just leave it as it is and hit Throw A Dice.

    Congrats, you just rolled a dice. If you have multiple dice to roll you can easily just hit the Roll Again button. Hope Jim's face is tasty.
  3. Rou Morrisey. Snarky college jock.


    A student at the local Miskatonic University, largely there on a sports scholarship (he plays a mean game of football) rather than his academic record but still holding his own on the academic front. Does his best to evade the "dumb jock" cliches through copious amounts of sarcasm and put-downs.

    Missed the last big event at Randy Carter's place due to a serious injury, and has been determined to make it to the next one ever since.


  4. Richard Morton

    Hired Chef with a sick sense of humor.

    Randy Carter's hired Culinary specialist. Richard (Dick as people often call him behind his back) owns a well to do restaurant that gained notice through it's questionable take on the industry standard of serving healthy meals to clients.
    Recently, the Las Vegas City guide set up a brief look into Richard's establishment for advertising purposes: http://www.theguardian.com/travel/video/2011/nov/17/las-vegas-dining-heart-attack-grill
    More recently, Carter has contracted Morton to serve themed food for his parties that will bring just as much flare to the dinner plate as Carter has brought to his guests.


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