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Where should the roleplay take place?

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  1. ! ! FOREWARNING ! !
    Triggering content, such as suicide or selfharm. If you are NOT okay with any of this, please do not continue any further!


    This is solely for character sign-ups, rules, and OOC conversations. The story-line (which is quite obviously zombie-apocalypse related) is on the IC thread. Please refer to that for the story-line and other info. Thank you.

    RULES. (open)


    1. Take R-rated content to PMs, please.

    2. Although romance is strongly encouraged, do not turn it into the main focus of the roleplay.

    3. If you'd like to start up anything major in the plot for future events, PLEASE bring it up with me and other group members first in this thread. Do not just suddenly initiate this, as I view as very irritating and annoying and it may end up with me scolding you. If you have questions about this, please ask.

    4. It should be obvious that you shouldn't just kill off someone's character without talking it over first.

    5. You are allowed to make more than one character. 4 maximum.

    6. If most/all of your characters die, feel welcome to ask if you may make another one. The only time I will say no is if you have atleast 3 characters (as 4 is maximum) because you've still got plenty, but I'd like you to verify with me first so I'm not caught off guard by it all of a sudden.

    7. I STRONGLY recommend you read the stuff in the IC thread before making a character.

    8. Remember that the post level may be at BEGINNER, but I will not stand for you using text-talk (OMG, GTG,) while IC. While OOC is a-okay! (Incase you question; the level is so low because I want to roleplay but I've had some writer's block lately, and I can't be very well expected to type very much Q//n\\Q.)

    9. One-liners are okay, but I really would like if you atleast posted 3 lines at minimum.

    10. Only pictures of real people. No anime for this one, please.

    This may be updated if I realize something else, and you will be let know if I do so.
    Thank you for reading <3

    I'd prefer you make your own character form, please. It does not have to be extremely detailed, but enough for everyone to know the basics about your character.
    If you have any questions, please let me know.

    And, yes, the time and weather and all that stuff on the IC thread does change regularly, please refer to it often.
    (when you think it is time for a time skip, please come to this OOC thread and say so, and if most people give a "yes", we will switch.)
    Characters ;
    {First name,(Middle name inital, if one) last initial // Sex // Age // Group Members // User}

    Kodi K. // Female // 23 // Groupless // Aobabe
    Milo S. // Male // 21 // Meadow Cullens // Aobabe
    Clarabelle S. // Female // 15 // Groupless // LoopyMorgan
    Ennis S. // Male // 21 // Groupless // Dros
    Vincent M. T. // Male // 21 // Groupless // Orion Black
    Jason S. H. // Male // 29 // Groupless // TheManyScalesOfJustice
    Aria D. // Female // 23 // Groupless // GHOS-T
    Mia W. // Female // 20 // Groupless // Jakers
    Madeline L. // Female // 19 // Tanner Voigt // Cwolf0615
    Tanner V. // Female // 14 // Madeline Laurent // Cwolf0615
    Meadow C. // Female // 19 // Milo Smith // Karuko_TheShifter


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  2. [​IMG]

    Full name ; Kodi Kingston
    Sex ; Female
    Age ; 23 years
    Date of Birth ; October 22, 2000
    Romantic relations ; None Currently
    Sexual Orientation ; Bisexual
    Siblings ; Little sister who went missing during the beginning of the outbreak. {If you'd like to make a character to play as her sister, by all means, let me know and I'll be cool with that.}
    Friends ; N/A {Will add as these are made}
    Allies ; N/A {Will add as these are made}
    Group ; Loner {For now ; she may encounter a group, but please do not ask to already have her in one :>}
    Enemies ; Milo Smith - She's known him since they were in grade school, and has grown a strong distrust towards him. Has not seen him since the beginning of all this.
    History ; Kodi grew up in a generally happy household somewhere in Maine with her parents and little sister and moved around a lot as kid. She fell in love a few times, but relationships have never really worked out well with her. Anyway, when she was 18 she moved out pretty quickly and started to move around even more, going from state to state, city to city, just trying to find a place where she would be good. Then the apocalypse came. The easy part was that she had to move around as often as she had before, which was not at all a problem to her, but the hard part was everything else that was new. Her sister also disappeared during the early parts of the breakout, causing her to often ask around for her.
    Personality ; Kodi is pretty relaxed about things, and is the least likely person to jump to conclusions. However, this makes her less weary around strangers, so she'd be the type of person to tell you to relax when meeting new people, which could put herself and others at risk. She's very protective, though, if she feels an imminents threat, and will not stand for anybody messing with close friends or family.
    Weapons ; Shotgun and a (small) katana.


    Full name ; Milo Smith
    Sex ; Male
    Age ; 21 years
    Date of Birth ; November 15th, 2002
    Romantic relations ; None Currently
    Sexual Orientation ; Unsure
    Siblings ; No one
    Friends ; Meadow Cullens; they've been close friends since they were kids.
    Allies ; Meadow Cullens
    Enemies ; Kodi Kingston {Will add ; these will be made throughout the roleplay for him}
    Group ; Currently, the only member of his group is Meadow.
    History ; Milo lived with his mom in Maine, and had a fairly normal childhood, although he was fatherless. When he grew up he stayed with is mother for a bit and didn't move very far, getting a job nearby and visting her often to care for her. She died a few years later of some kind of cancer that he can't really recall, but Milo still stayed in the home nearby and sometimes would walk past their old home when he could, thinking back on the memories. During the outbreak he took what he could from his old house and his current house, hoping to keep as many memories as posible before leaving.
    Personality ; He likes to crack jokes a lot, but can get nervous and becomes serious when anybody talks about even the slightest bit of a threat. He's not very keen on meeting new groups of people, and will be the type to help and make sure everything is secure and that those people aren't trying to pose a threat. He can sometimes be a bit harsh and cold and gives his honest opinion on everything, but is most of the time fairly friendly.
    Weapons ; Wooden bat, one pistol​
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  3. I love zombie RPs! I'll try and get some bios up soon, but it might take a bit, since I'm starting school back up Monday and haven't even finished my homework yet. (Assigning kids homework over winter break should be considered cruel and unusual punishment, in my opinion.)
  4. [​IMG]

    Full name: Clarabelle Sorrows
    Sex: Female
    Age: 15 years (Due to being born on a leap year, she's technically only 3.)
    Birthday: February 29th, 2008.
    Romantic relations: None
    Sexual Orientation: Unsure
    Siblings: Older Brother; Ennis Sorrows
    Team: Alone at current, but trying to find someone to work with, along with her brother.
    History: Clarabelle became and orphan at a very young age, her mother dying shortly after she was born and her father died when she was 2. She then went to Autumn Star Orphanage until she was adopted at the age of 5. She was adopted into a fairly rich family, and spent lots of time with her new brother, eventually trying to be as much like him as she could. When the apocalypse broke out, she was at her friend's house. By the time she managed to get home, her parents were already dead and her brother was nowhere to be seen.
    Personality: She's very sweet and has a bubbly personality. Always trying to make people look on the brighter side. She doesn't like leading and making difficult choices but can also be very helpful. Occasionally, she is very clumsy and sometimes, makes mistakes that have very bad repercussions. Clarabelle can also be somewhat sneaky, tending to stay out of trouble. She is also very good at climbing trees, which is how she has survived so long in the apocalypse, while still trying to find her brother.
    Current Inventory: flashlight, spare batteries, canned food , bottles of water (5x500ml), first aid kit and a pair of hatchets​
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  5. @Cwolf0615 Zombie roleplays are pretty amazing, one of my favorite things to roleplay, actually! And I understand, I'm excited for your bios, though. And it is a very cruel punishment. It should be considered as such.
    @LoopyMorgan , accepted!​
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  6. Full name ; Ennis Sorrows
    Sex ; Male
    Age ; 21 years
    Height: 6’2
    Weight: 187 lbs
    Date of Birth ; August 18, 2002
    Romantic relations ; None Known
    Sexual Orientation ; Straight
    Siblings ; Clarabelle Sorrows
    Friends ; None
    Allies ; None besides sister
    Group ; Alone
    Enemies ; Potentially anyone who rubbed him the wrong way.

    History: Prior to the outbreak he lived life with strong feelings of wanderlust. Somewhat sheltered as a child, he did not have many noteworthy friends. Only since the outbreak has he realized the importance of not only meeting people but trusting them. With that said however he still stuck in many of his ways.

    Appearance: His attire was pretty simple. A somewhat tattered Jean jacket over a grey pullover hoodie. He made sure to have long sleeves at times due to the recklessness of his actions and how he'd approach the undead at times. On his hands were fingerless gloves with an inside grip on the palms. The rest of his attire was composed of dark military green cargo pants that were more on the fitted side and a pair of rustnut brown timberland boots. As for his face he had a decent amount of facial hair but for the most part he walked around with a light even coated stubble.

    Personality : Highly cynical and a known skeptic, Ennis was someone who had desirable traits for surviving the apocalypse. He trusted absolutely no one besides his younger sister and his standoffish nature usually deterred people from messing with him. Often mistaken for older than he was his demeanor was that of a 30 year old. He was truly an old soul. His facial expression often seemed emotionless but he did have a lighter side to him. Carrying a nonchalant demeanor he was often seen as outspoken but he had yet to meet someone who went out his way more to help other people when they were in danger. He’d have no problem literally tackling the task of defeating a zombie with his bare hands often.

    Weapons ; Large Crowbar, (Searching for more Weapons currently)

    [BCOLOR=#0b0b0b]Current objective: Searching for his younger sibling and weapons.[/BCOLOR]
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  7. [​IMG]

    His name is Vincent Mal Thea.

    He's approximately 21 years of age.


    Vincent certainly isn't an expressive ball of sunshine, all things considered. Calm and focused at first glance, he doesn't say an overly much, but when he does, his voice is accented, brisk, and sharp, forcing those he is talking with to listen. He keeps mostly to himself, seeing others as a liability, but due to his morality, Vince cannot help but...well, help whenever he sees someone in trouble. He is wary around strangers, however, and will only limit himself to smirks until he is certain that you are not a danger to him or anyone that he may be associated with at that time. Apathetic, and cool, Vincent is also an immensely intelligent young man, and if you ever attempt to engage him in either a battle of wills or even a physical battle...well, prepare to lose.

    Vincent's history is relatively grim. He grew up in an abusive household, blah blah sob story. Yeah, well he doesn't really go into dramatics. His father was abusive, his mother was a drunk, and he, in general, had a shit life. Military was a way out, and at the age of seventeen, one day before his birthday, Vincent enlisted. He was sent to Basic Training only a week after the paperwork. The rest is a blur. Standard military life. He saw comrades die, but he prevailed, serving his country and people with honor; because he had nothing else. When this...shit happened, Vincent attempted to keep a stoic mind. He traveled out of his quickly rotting city, and things happened that made him question life. Since then, he has just been...travelling himself. Picked up smoking, but due to his iron lungs, cancer or stamina degeneration isn't a thing. He just...drifts, now. Not knowing what to do with his life. Sure, his combat and brain power can probably help if he settled down...but he just couldn't.

    Vincent's equipment is efficient, if anything. The man wears a worn black leather jacket with a few worn down medals melded onto the front of it- from back when he was nineteen. Under the unzipped leather jacket, he wears a form-fitting gray tanktop, along with rugged jeans tucked into nondescript boots. On his side, Vincent has a memoire from his past life - a worn, dark black P226 SIG combat pistol, with a dozen or so magazines usually tucked into his pant's few pockets. On his other side is a long, worn black sheathe, with a cold metal handle poking out - this weapon on his right hip, showing that he uses it more. The weapon itself is a sleek, razor-sharp KA-BAR combat knife that, despite being his for years, is still completely dependable and lethal. Over his shoulder, strapped tightly, is a compact, dark-colored bag filled with some dried, preserved foods, bandages, and a canteen.
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  8. One quick question. I see we're allowed to have up to 4 characters. I generally like to have closer to the maximum allowed, but don't really have time to make so many at the moment.
    So my question is, could I make one or two now, and then in the future when I have more time could I add in more?
    Of course, I would run it by you first, and make sure the characters and such things were alright.
    I'm pretty sure you basically answered this question in the rules already, but I'm a bit obsessive about some things and always feel the need to triple check. D:
  9. Yes, that would be perfectly okay for you to do! It's perfectly okay that you feel the need to check with me to make sure, so don't worry about being obsessive! ^_^
  10. Just what I've been looking for.
    CS coming up. :)
  11. JR.gif
    Jason Samuel Hunt III
    Jason has been through a lot, but he has kept his sanity in check. Jason has his doubts but feels that someday civilization will come, even though he feels that the government is gone. He is a quick thinker and keeps to his decisions, even when he has his doubts about the decision. Jason may sound like an a**hole when you first meet him, but he acts like that because he feels that he is the only sane person that isn't deceased or a roamer. Jason is generally a good person and will help you if you become a close ally/friend, but takes a while for you to earn his individual trust. Jason likes to be in charge but will take the back seat if he has too, he hates people that are annoying and act like they are more important.
    Quincy: His Golden Retriever that was his pet, his only living survivor he has left and the only being he has left.
    Jason has a few items on him, he keeps his ASP 2000 in his holster and a Spyderco Native in his sock. Jason has his flashlight in his cargo pant's pocket and keeps his badge on for some reason. He keeps a picture of his deceased wife in his pocket, his dog tags and a water bottle in his bag.
    Also in his bag is a few cans of food, a few extra bullets, a trail mix bag and a bag of firecrackers.
  12. [​IMG]

    Aria Davenport - 23 - Female - Straight

    DOB : 12/12/2000

    Romantic relations - Open.

    Siblings - None.

    Friends ; Allies; Enemies - None.

    Group - Lone-wolf.

    Personality -
    Adaptability, organization and independence are Aria's core strengths. This sense of practicality aids her in decision-making, a skill that is vital for survival. Not one to make quick judgments or jump to conclusions, Aria is observant and aware of things, and uses this to her advantage while interacting with other survivors. On the downside, this also makes her excessively guarded and rigid, depriving her of chances to utilize her strengths to the max while working in groups. She is straight-forward and blunt most of the time, never afraid to let people know what she thinks of them. Inwardly she is a kind and compassionate person, but she'd die before she let it show.

    History -
    Aria was born and brought up in a high-class family, and lived a normal life until she was 14 years old, when tragedy struck. She lost both of her parents to a car accident. Being an only child and an introverted one at that, she could not cope with the loss. She was bitter for a long time, directing her grief, anger and confusion towards whoever tried to comfort her. Despite all of her outbursts, her grandma decided that Aria would become her responsibility, so they moved together to New York to start afresh. She cut herself off from all relatives, partly out of guilt and partly out of resentment. The storm calmed as she grew older, and by the time she got her dream job, all traces of it were gone. Then the virus hit.

    Inventory/Backpack -
    Thick-bladed butcher's knife, dual-berettas & sawed-off shotgun with ammo, first-aid kit, energy bars/drinks, canned food and a lighter.

  13. I'll add a char soon
  14. @TheManyScalesOfJustice and @GHOS-T , you're both accepted! But for Justice; I'm guessing bio is going to be his pre-apocalypse backstory, correct? Just checking!

    @Karuko_TheShifter , alright, can't wait to see it!

    I'm thinking we can start tomorrow; I'd like to give Karuko and Cwolf a chance to post their forms tonight before we begin so we don't leave them behind, so I'm thinking that if everybody is okay with it we can begin posting in the IC thread tomorrow? If so, if anybody would like to offer to make first post, please let us know, if not I'll start it off. ^_^
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  15. Yeah I was just hoping I didn't have to make the bio just because I have something big planned for it, thank you.

    I think we should wait for them.
  16. Alright, just wanted to make sure I was right!

    And I plan on trying to wait for them. :>
  17. oh you got his name wrong, its jason
  18. I'll have it up tonight just so long as I finish all my homework in time.
    (My Biology teacher was like "Welcome back to school! Enjoy this 50 question quiz!")
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