GMK's Murder List

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  1. An Excerpt from GMK's Online-Diary Blog, funded by TK.

    1. The nation of DerpDerpastan.
    2. Chaos
    3. Chaos.
    4. Chaos.
    5. That one nerd.
    6. Castro.
    7. Chaos.
    8. The next poster.
  2. *Struts STYLAN' through the thread*

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  3. You forgot to put SSSSINDRIIIIIIIIIII! in that list.
  4. *Executes Orion for Derp-Heresy*

    sorry dude you were the next poster.
  5. No heretics?
  6. And the biggest offender.
  7. Hmm, what do other Hit Lists look like?
  8. You're the other Puppet Master here, so you figure it out. >:[
  9. I want to see Asmo's hit list.
  10. it only has one entry
    1. Everyone
  11. Lemme see that list...Hmmm...Yeah, this'll do.

    *Proceeds to go to use the bathroom and wipes his ass with GMK's list before flushing it*

    Fucking noobs, thinking I go on the murderlist of anyone who joined after me. My murder list is ten miles long and way more productive that GMK's will ever be!
  12. Hey, I hate Castro too!
  13. *Ends Chaos's life with a Daemonhammer*

    Fucking communists
  14. *Sends the hammer into orbit with a manly punch*

    NO U!
  15. .....
    *Writes chaos' name onto his list*
  16. I doubt EVERYONE is on there.

    Probably just ALMOST everyone.
  17. Oh boy! More toilet paper!
  18. /prepares the guillotine/