GM or Player?

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I prefer to be

  1. The GM

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  2. A player

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  3. Both!

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  4. I do one x ones

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  1. Your preference?

    I put one x one as asleep rate option because I've yet to see or be in one where both players didn't share at least some GM-ish responsibilities
  2. I'm basically always a player. Didn't really enjoy my first forays into GMing, don't have the patience for it nowadays, not gonna bother with it any time soon. I can do co-GM stuff without much trouble, but full on GMing a game? Nah.
  3. I've been a GM in a one x one, my partner at the time classified herself as a super passive player, and looked for a partner who'd carry the plot after the initial idea was discussed >.>
  4. I'd like to just be the player more, but I often find that there isn't always a game that I want to play, so I have to make my own.
  5. I prefer to be a player, but I find it's harder to find a decent GM than to be one.
  6. I adore GMing. I love having absolute control to mass murder players create loving worlds full of loving things. Rainbows. Ferrets.

    Don't mind me, just disposing of another body... :ferret:
  7. As much as it stresses me, I enjoy Gm'ing more than being a player. The freedom for NPC creation in various settings is a liberating experience compared to the more restrictive situation of playing a single character as a player.
  8. I like Co-GM'ing personally. I like setting the fire under peoples feet, and getting the RP to go. I don't mind being a player, but it can be annoying when you have all these things you'd like to see done, but you don't have the power to get them going. Not that I power trip as a GM, I just like stuff being done.

    Head GM though I feel a bit odd doing, just alot of plotting that I become responsible for.
  9. I'm a better player/co-GM/1x1 person than I am as a GM. I usually direct my 1x1 RPs anyway. But being a GM of a group usually never ends up working out, but I keep on trying anyway because no one else (who's a capable GM) wants the same things as I do so I make them myself.
  10. Prior to GM'ing ilium, I was a player. It completely opened up how I view RP'ing and broke all my bad habits. I don't know if I'll do it again though.
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  11. I don't think I would ever GM something as large as Ilium again.

    That said, I wouldn't be averse to GMing smaller group RPs.

    (Then again... there is something addicting and exciting about GMing this many people...)
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  12. Well this pretty much sums up my thoughts on the matter.

    Seriously, I don't know why I enjoy GMing so much, especially since I will admit that I do get a bit stressed when GMing gets hectic, but like... It's almost like an addiction, man. O.o
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  13. I've tried GMing a few times.

    My only case of real success was back on the Star Wars site I admined and first started roleplaying in.
    And even then, that was more of a group-GM thing. Having a site specialized to just one campaign gave us extra flexibility, such as making multiple RP's of different events but in the same time line.

    Being the sole or main person people look up to though?
    Nah, I'm not good at being organized, or inspiring people.
    Plus although my life is rather relaxed and free (far more than most peoples lives) I will get stuff popping up often enough that I can't keep a consistent basis on such a thing either.

    I also just prefer following along someone else, as long as said person is being a fair and decent GM and isn't a power hungry one who feasts on the tears of those they rule over.
    I might *sometimes* step up to a co-GM or advisor role, cause I will occasionally have an idea or system that can work for a game really well.
    But that's it, having the ideas. Executing them and convincing people to follow it is another thing all together.
  14. I've always prefered to lead the story, though the differential isn't by much. I think it has to do with how picky I am about the tone of a work — I guess it just gives me more freedom to put in what I like and avoid what I don't. But I've just about as much been dragged along by peers who really have me engaged. There are times when I fall in love with somebody's mind and I'm just so fixated I can't get enough of their thoughts! xD
  15. GM, I adore the job. If anything I am the best technical GM I will setup roleplays for the sake of it, because I think the setup is one of the best parts! >D
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