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  1. Brief Plot

    Magic is hereditary and a status symbol. Those born with the power study it. To not do so is unheard of and a waste of natural talent. Even those with the least of talent can manipulate the arcane energies to start a campfire with wet wood. Those more talented and with not only the gift of magic, but the gift of quick study can learn to do much greater deeds ranging from flinging boulders, changing their shape, casting illusions, summoning creatures, or even teleportation and flying. The best join the Society of the Arcane, many of whom research further and deeper magics while others teach the younger generation. The best of the best and the wisest of wise form the Council of Archmages.

    This is the way life has been. But something strange has been happening. There are people who are born without the power who have suddenly began demonstrating clear signs of magical prowess. At the same time, some of the more advanced magics have become harder and harder to perform. Flights that used to be near second-nature have become fatiguing. Whipping a marble into a statue takes days where once it took only an active imagination and a moment of concentration. The world is changing. Will you fight it? Or will you embrace it?


    Generally speaking, I'm looking to GM a different sort of RP. Instead of having my character(s) and your character(s) interacting, you would have a character, and I would provide the rest of the world -- the people and settings. Characters might interact, but mostly, players would have personal stories within the larger world. This could range from more GM-driven (sort of choose-your-own adventure) to more player-driven (exploration).

    Would people be interested in that sort of RPing? Someone (and I can't remember who right now) did something like this a while ago, and it was pretty awesome.
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  2. Hm. I'm interested to see how this turns out.
  3. I think i know which rp you mean. It was made by the member Silver, and was titled ASU (Arcana Somnium University). You're right. That was a good one.
    If you want a co-gm for this one, count me in.
  4. I'd be interested in playing this. How exactly will you be paying the world around us? Will you PM us information? Will you divide the game into update posts where you will describe the world and give us prompts? Also, do you have an overarching plot in mind by which you will drive the game, or will each player have a small plot in the larger world?
  5. Count me in, this sounds really interesting
  6. I would love to play around such a world :)!
    I love this type of rp.
  7. I would be interested in this as well, provided there is still room.

    I know this type of rp can get a little rough if there are too many members.
  8. Hey all! Thanks for your interest. This makes me super excited! :)

    Unfortunately, I definitely don't have the time to start this right now, but I should have time starting February! I'll let you guys all know when I do start it, and with any hope, at least some of you will have time to join. :)