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  1. Hello there, Iwaku!

    As my first post here, I'm looking for open minded players/GM's who want to play and GM games crafted only for us as the main character. Basic premise would be: we GM games for each other, through mIRC. Yes, at the same time, on different windows. Seems like something complicated but it's fairly easy and it really works. I've done it a thousand of times. The advantaged of this kind of game is that we craft the plot and world around the character the other created. As such, I believe both of us would be satisfied. I'm looking for something long-term. We can play Fandom or original setting and characters depending of what we want. We can brainstorm and create basically anything we want. No limitation of pairings, sex and all that. I can do that! Just all the freedom you want in a roleplay, to have a whole world revolving around you. That would be what we would give to one another.

    I'm being generic here, on setting and stuff, because we could slowly get to know each other, fandoms we like, the kind of setting we want, and build our games like that, so we could delve into a world which would satisfy our craving's. The only thing I require is a little bit of knowledge and some open-mindness and disposition. Seriously, you want all canon character of a show, both male and female, to lust for your character? I can do that! Want to play that Mary sue/Gary sue everyone of us always thought of doing but knew everyone else would hate in a game? Go wild, I won't mind as long as you don't! Each game will be crafted to satisfy that exactly craving, so both of us will be having fun. =)

    I don't mind RL gender, and may have or not have mature content.

    Send me a PM if you want to talk about it more. If you wish, lay on me what are your expectation, and what you're craving right know, and we can start from there.

    I hope it interests anyone. =)
  2. Still looking. I'm without PM's at the moment, so just reply to the thread if you wish to. =)