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  1. sign up sheet here

    She wore a tattered dress, the white fabric almost brown and ripped above her knee. Small leaves were knotted in her red hair, flowing past her shoulders. The girl wore no shoes on her dirty feet and there were cuts up and down her arms and legs. She couldn't have been more than six years old.

    The girl ran through the empty park in the setting sun, mumbling seemingly to herself, her eyes faintly glowing. That was when she turned, and her eyes turned dim, and she fled. Fled into the trees, into the forest.
    June 26th 1997

    That was the first sighting of many. A lawyer, on his daily jog through Greenstone Park, saw the young girl on her own by the lake.
    The first thing he did was call the police. He did what many people would do in that particular situation. But there was one detail he failed to mention.

    "Hey, kid, what's your name?"
    She turned, a smile across her face, and she spoke.


    February 1998
    Middle aged man with glowing eyes sighted in East Vermont.

    September 1998
    Young woman with glowing eyes sighted on Dawson Farm.

    January 2000
    Elderly couple with glowing eyes sighted in Greenstone Park.

    These were just a few police reports of many over a few years. It seemed as though most people in Vermont knew had seen or knew someone who had seen one of these mysterious persons with 'The Glowing Eyes'.
    Then it happened.

    August 2000
    28 year old Samuel Thompson murdered by glowing eyed man.

    Of course, it was all a great coincidence. The man was seen in Fredrickson Park shortly before Samuel Thompson's drowned body was discovered. Young Sam just happened to fall into the lake at the wrong time. Of course, having heard the stories, the witness exaggerated the truth, and from there, it spiralled out of control.
    The Vermont Police started the search, and many people were imprisoned, some with 'Glowing Eyes' and some falsely accused.
    The more that were caught, the harder the police cracked down. Many people in Vermont continued life peacefully, almost oblivious to the relentless search for 'The Glowing Eyes'.
    And nine years after the initial sighting, the search continues, and 'The Glowing Eyes' are never safe.


    This is the intro to my new roleplay! This thread was originally to get interest while I made he sign up thread, but that is now finished! This thread is closing soon and is no longer of any use. I'm just leaving it up so the last few people following this thread can get the link.
    All questions can be posted on the sign up, so you can go to that via the link above.
    Thanks y'all for your patience!
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  2. I'd only wonder about the roles to be played, will it only be on the side of the 'Name to be Verified' or also from the humans that are trying to get rid of them, or just happen to live there?
  3. Roles are the 'Name to be Verified', the policemen and authorities, and the normal humans that can support either side. They may get lost in the forest and find the 'Name to be Verified', and decide to help them. Or they could be completely against them and try to take the law into their own hands by taking more radical measures than the police force. Either way.
    So, yeah, you can play basically anybody in Vermont.
  4. That sounds nice ^^ well, I'm pretty interested then :3
  5. Do the "Name to be Verified" have specific powers? You mention they have some kind of awesome powers and are identifiable because of their glowing eyes but you dont mention what kinds of powers and weaknesses they have specifically ^^" I am very interested and very curious.

    Also, question, do they live underground? Because that could explain why they are so hard to find, its hard enough to search a forest, much less search a forest AND underneath it :) The glowing eyes could laso help navigation in underground tunnels and looking super cool!

    Are people allowed to double up? I'd like to be a "glowie" and perhaps a young cop or some regular human.
  6. I still working in powers and weaknesses, but it's things like minor levitation or teleportation, the ability to run or jump higher than the humans, things like that. No power strong enough to chop off a limb in a single motion. The more power they use, the brighter their eyes glow.

    The 'Name to be Verified's live mainly in family groups, and there is a large variety of homes they live in, from mud houses to tree houses. An underground complex sounds awesome!
  7. Okey dope, the sign up thread is almost finished! I'm so exited that soon we can get it up and running and that my idea has gotten some positive feedback already. This interest check is closing when I put up the sign up, but I will be posting the link here for a week or so.
    The sign up won't be out for a week or two. I'm just ironing over the details at the moment, and I'll be out of action for four days. Going on holidays, suckers!


    Love and Viselephants :3
  8. Interested! Is it still open??
  9. Very interested. I eagerly await the sign up
  10. Looks amazing! Do you have a signup sheet yet?
  11. Almost! Start thinking about your characters, because the sign up is hopefully coming up in the next few days!
  12. It is done! It is finally done!

    I have now completed the sign up thread and have posted it!

    You can see that here.

    Start on your CS! To keep the story from dying, the IC is going up in one week.
    But don't fret about missing out. You can join at any time!

    This thread will close in about a week as well.

    But even after all the time I've spent in the thread, I can't help but feel there are things missing. So if there is missing information that you would like to know please tell me and put me to rest!

    Thankyou all for your patience, I know it has taken absolutely ages, but it is ready and we can get on with it!
  13. Okay, I don't know how to close a thread. Minor inconvenience.
    Can anybody tell me how to do close this thread?
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