Glowing affect around words.

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  1. Hello everyone I don't know if my question is exactly clear but I was wanting to know how I make the glowing affect around a word or word phrase when making a post in a roleplay. Take for example a name being in one color like Orange or yellow. How would I make a white glow around that word? I tried doing it through background color but it didn't do what I wanted it to.
  2. If you type [ glow ] your text [ /glow ] (without the spaces) you'll get a glowing effect, like this: glow!

    Also, for future reference, questions like this should be posted in the "help desk" forum: rather than in the counseling forum, since this is more for personal advice rather than technical ^^
  3. Ok thanks! And I usually post questions like this over there and end up getting sent over here so I just figured I'd cut to the chase XD
  4. Really? That's strange... I don't know who told you that, but if you look around you'll see that the threads in the counseling forums are all personal, while the ones in the help desk are mostly tech and bug centered.

    Either way, have fun with the glowing text!

  5. Now how'd you do the rainbow thing?! I don't get how to do all this fancy text stuff XD Hell it took me three tries just to get the fieldset thingy for character sheets down pat XD
  6. To give you a bit of background, this forum (and most other forums) use BBcode. It is a heavily simplified version of HTML that is easier to use and understand for a regular person who doesn't have experience in HTML coding.

    You can view Iwaku's BB codes by mousing over the HELP option on the toolbar at the top of the page, then clicking BB Codes!
  7. well that's just splendid.. I was taught HTML in school and now I have to learn BBCoding XD
Thread Status:
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