Glittering Tidal Wave

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  1. (this is from your character's point of view)

    You have beer, a smooth sea, and a sturdy boat. Accompanied by a trustworthy crew and ample funds, there is nothing else you could really ask for.
    Well, except for some physical action, but what successful sailor would be satisfied without any? You could have settled with a nice lass and taken her out to sea to have a child that would inherit your fortune and adventurous lifestyle. You would teach him all the tricks of the trade, watch him go through the hardships of being a captain. Teach him the magic that you inherited from your fathers that aided in the success of your crew. That would have been fine as long as a sturdy enough woman was found that could deal with the rowdy men on board, but things aren't so clean cut when you are gay. There are no women you could find satisfying, which equals no child for you to teach.

    That aside, you are in for quiet a surprise when stumbling across a small shipwreck. There are several bodies floating above the water, all dressed too elegantly to be normal passengers. There doesn't seem to be any survivors and you turn your ship right around so you won't be blamed for the wreckage.

    That's when you spot a body twitch. You haul the boy up and take care of him. You may be undetectable, fearless, confident... but that didn't mean you were an ass.

    Come to find out, you are in for the ride of your life.
    Going to do something along the lines of royalty and pirate pairing with magic involved on the pirate end. I'm looking for someone to play the pirate and that is willing to work with me on developing the plot. That just means telling me ideas you think would be cool to roleplay such as adding characters or plot twists. I am looking for someone willing to play the dominant male and who will write more than three sentences every reply. Would be willing to add more tags if you wanted to.
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Thread Status:
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