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  1. Glitter and Grimoires
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    Welcome to Glitter and Grimoires, an otherworld fantasy RP. What if spooky, arcane witches and sparkly, dynamic magical girls are suddenly thrown together? What will happen when these transforming magic-users from modern Earth are trapped in the witches' world? We are open and accepting characters.

    1. Setting
    2. Rules

    3. Character Types
    4. Application
    5. Reference (under construction)


    This game takes place in the witch world – a world inhabited solely by witches, their familiars, and magical beasts. The witches are unsettled by the sudden appearance of “shifters” from an unknown realm. These shifters have the power to transform and unlock highly potent magic, magic it would take a witch years to master. Some witches believe that shifters have an important destiny in the witch world. Others believe that shifters' heads are destined for platters. And the rest? The rest just believe that things are about to get interesting.

    The witch world is equally unknown to the shifters. These once-mundane modern humans gained the power to transform into magical warriors and battle monsters on Earth. Now they're stranded in the witch world, navigating a complex web of opinions about their nature and their purpose. Can't they ever catch a break?

    The witch world has a primitive technology level compared to Earth, though many basic conveniences (running water, climate control, food preservation, etc.) are available through magic. Shifters may still struggle with a society built around basic magic they do not possess, however. All Earth-like climates exist in the witch world, though the area the shifters have appeared in is mostly forest, swamp, and meadow.

    1. No post minimum. I focus on quality, creativity, and game advancement over length. In Iwaku terms, this game is probably Intermediate to Advanced. I do like proper grammar and spelling, but errors here and there don't faze me.
    2. This game may have a relaxed pace. Constant posts are not expected. At least once a week is nice (more is lovely!), but I do understand when things come up. Just warn us and move your character off to the side if you know you're going to be gone for a while. If you disappear for a long time, I reserve the right to gently do this for you.
    3. No sex or extreme violence. Reasonable levels of violence and mild suggestive themes are okay within Iwaku rules for the main RP forums, but we do need to keep it PG-13.
    4. Practice standard RP etiquette. No godmoding, no controlling someone else's character without permission, etc. Try to keep extended OOC chats in the OOC thread.
    5. Make sure you read the entire section for the role you want to apply for (witch, shifter, familiar, mascot) and adhere to it.
    6. Post your application in the singup thread or PM it (either is fine). Please wait to be accepted before you start roleplaying.
    7. Multiple characters are allowed. I won't put a hard limit on it unless it becomes a problem, but be sure you can juggle the ones you create. Some level of NPCing is also fine, but keep it brief and constructive to game movement.
    8. Be excellent to each other. :3 IC jerks are fine, but no one likes that OOC. You can talk to me about any problems you're having or anything you're not happy with in the game.

    Character Types

    • A witch's life might not be easy, but at least it's never boring. Power sleeps in your blood, in your very bones… but you're not alone. Far from it.

      Solitary or social, benign or destructive… there are many paths a witch may walk, and yours stretches before you like a ribbon. Some witches are kind souls, working to improve the world for their peers. Others feed on the weak with a smile. Most are completely unpredictable. It's wise to tread lightly in the world of the witches.

      But there's someone even more unpredictable. Another type of magic-user has appeared in the world. They come from a world completely unknown to the witches. No one knows why or how they came – not even the shifters themselves – and no one is sure whether to trust them. Can you? Should you?

      Creation and Play:

      Even the most inexperienced witch can work simple spells such as levitating items, sparking fires, creating small amounts of food and water, healing mild injuries, and summoning spheres of light. Such things are completely mundane in the witch world. They can also fly, either by themselves or on broomsticks, though they often require practice to fly quickly and accurately. It's not uncommon for young witches to summon small creatures and weak spirits, and some witches are naturally more in tune with certain elements, not unlike the themes of magical girls.

      Powerful magic, however, requires study and dedication. The scope of a witch's powers is nearly unlimited – except by the amount of work they can and will put into learning the craft. Some spells may also require complex rituals or rare ingredients. It all depends on the witch's methodology and skill. Many specialize in specific areas in order to excel in them. There are a variety of ways to learn magic, including studying existing spellbooks, personal experimentation, learning from more experienced witches, and attending academies. Not all witches live in settlements large enough to have academies, and these establishments rarely accept just anyone. Still, a determined witch can usually find a spot somewhere.

      Witches may also possess familiars. Familiars vary wildly in shape and strength. Sometimes strong familiars will contract with inexperienced witches because they know that a witch has the potential to outclass them eventually. Others refuse to contract with a witch weaker than themselves. Some witches even create their own, though it takes a powerful witch to create a powerful familiar.

      The reasons a familiar may have to enter a contract are varied, but for witches, it's a simple matter: familiars provide extra protection in a dangerous world. There may be other reasons, but this is the most common. Witches age very slowly, and they aren't easy to kill in mundane terms, but threats in the witch world can far exceed their natural limits. Where do these threats come from? Wild creatures, backfiring magic, and other witches, of course. Whatever Earth's fairy tales may say, they aren't all evil, but some powerful witches enjoy preying on the weak. Young witches must watch their backs, lest they become part of the “food chain.”

      Witches do not know of Earth, though some great witches have traveled to the realms normally connected to the witch world.

    • You were normal once, and then it happened. It was sudden, inexplicable… but undeniable. You became a superhero overnight.

      Soon you realized there were others like you, and that was fortunate, because monsters began to appear. They wreaked havoc, but they were seldom a match for a handful of shifters. All you had to do was transform, shout a few attacks, and poof. No more monster.

      Okay, it was a little harder than that. There were other challenges, too. You had to balance your personal life and public safety, all while maintaining your secret identity. If you had a mascot, you had to keep it hidden, too. Some shifters didn't get along with others, and in-fighting, while rare, could be far more destructive than battling monsters.
      Even so, you adjusted. You almost felt like you were in control of your life again. Almost.

      Because things just got weirder. The last thing you remember before waking up here is blinding light and rushing wind sweeping you off your feet. Now you're in the witch world, and not everyone is friendly.

      Creation and Play:

      Shifters must transform to gain access to their full powers. This requires an incantation and/or concentration. The shifter may experience a “transformation sequence” inwardly, but to onlookers, the shifter's body is swathed in light for only a second.

      They have several basic powers. When transformed, they may jump extra-high and/or fly, they're stronger than they look, and their bodies are capable of withstanding more damage than a typical human could. They can still be injured or killed with enough force, but they can be thrown through a wall without sustaining any lasting damage. A mundane human brandishing a knife is simply no threat to a shifter. Even untransformed, their healing factor is increased.

      Beyond that, a shifter's powers revolve around one or two themes. They may have basic, unnamed abilities relating to the theme(s). For example, plant powers might be able to create and shoot vines, and water powers might fire bubbles or small blasts of water. They might also have some limited ability to manipulate their theme in the environment – the plant powers might cause tangled vines to move aside, while the water user might create a bubble of air around themselves to breathe underwater. Shifters can sometimes use these powers while untransformed and may even manipulate the environment accidentally.

      However, their strongest powers are named powers. These are specific, defined abilities – if a named power creates a large wave, that is all it can do. In order to use a named power, the shifter must call out its name. There is no limit on using named powers, but using many in a short time period may exhaust the shifter, eventually causing them to de-transform. Sheer force of will may allow the shifter to remain transformed and use named powers beyond their normal limit, but this will take a greater toll on their bodies once detransformed.

      Shifters don't know how they ended up in the witch world or how to return home. So far as they know, they're stranded for the foreseeable future.
    • Being a familiar isn't so bad. You'd like to believe that, but it isn't always true. Witches run the gamut. You still have your free will, at least, but you're bound by the terms of your contract. You just have to make a good bargain.

      After all, no one would do it if it didn't have its perks. Witches are powerful – very powerful – and their world, while sometimes dangerous, is full of promise. Whether you were born there or come from another realm, you have the chance to create a new life as a familiar. Of course, some are created for the job – but they rarely have much free will.

      Creation and Play:

      Familiars are a very diverse group of creatures, from lowly talking bats to beastly dragons. Some are creatures native to the witch world, while others come from a handful of differing realms connected to it. Magic works the same in these realms, but the types of creatures that live there are vastly different. Witches may also create familiars or uplift them from weaker creatures; this type of familiar often reflects the power of the witch at the time of their creation.

      As a general rule, the stronger the familiar, the harder it is for the witch to control – notwithstanding the terms of their magically binding contracts, of course. Familiars often choose witches who are as strong as themselves, if not stronger, for the protection of a great witch can be worth more than life itself. However, some prefer to work with an inexperienced witch. This allows the familiar to perhaps earn the witch's loyalty before the witch is strong enough to be a threat to them. Witches generally desire familiars for their strength and vice versa – a symbiotic relationship. Others have more personal reasons for seeking out a contract.

      Because familiars can be so varied, it's important that you make your familiar's form and special abilities clear in your profile. It's also important that you get permission from someone in order to play their familiar. If you have no one currently, you may enter the game as a “potential” familiar, and I will try to work you into the story somehow.
    • As a mascot, your existence is new and strange. You appeared on Earth alongside shifters – where and how is a mystery even to you.

      Yet, you seem to have an intimate understanding of a shifter's powers, and you find yourself drawn to them. You spent your time hiding from normal Earthlings and providing moral support and guidance for the shifters in their battle. When they were drawn into the witch world, you were too. This unfamiliar territory is somehow familiar to you… but you're used to knowing things you shouldn't by now.

      Creation and Play:

      Mascots are the weakest type of character in the game – please understand this if you decide to play one as a PC. Inverse to familiars, they have little power. They are not meant to fight. Rather, what mascots have is knowledge. They have a strange level of knowledge of shifters' powers, especially a shifter they form a bond with, and can motivate the shifter to do greater things. They can almost always communicate in human speech, and they can frequently fly or float. Some are able to produce small, useful items from time to time. They may even have minor offensive abilities, such as weak energy blasts. However, shifters are far more powerful. Mascots could never have defeated Earth's monsters by themselves.

      Most mascots resemble a small animal, often strange-looking and extremely cute. Some, however, look like humanoids or larger beasts, and some can shift between two or three different forms. They have all the basic strengths one would expect of their assumed form. If a mascot can turn into a winged lion, it can fly, and it has a nasty bite. Again, though, shifters are far more powerful. In a one-on-one fight with a shifter, even this winged lion would lose.

      They are also, perhaps, the most mysterious type of character. They don't know their origins or their true purpose. They don't know wheir their knowledge of shifters comes from. All they know is that they feel a strange pull toward the shifters, like they are one in the same.


    Please completely fill out the skeleton and either post or PM it. Some fields are optional; you may delete these fields if not using them. You may also format your profile however you like, but it's definitely not required. Just keep it readable if you do.

    It doesn't need to be long. If you can cover the necessary info in a few sentences, feel free to leave it at that. You can go as in depth as you want, though! Just keep in mind that these double as quick references for your character after you're accepted.

    Skeleton (open)

    Name: [Civilian name.]
    Alias: [A magical name is required for shifters. Optional for all others; use only if you have a nickname or title.]
    Age: [What it says on the tin.]
    Type: [Witch, shifter, familiar, mascot.]
    Physical Description: [The character's appearance. Pictures are acceptable, but please source borrowed art and be sure you're allowed to use it.]
    Abilities: [If shifter, choose one to two power themes and describe any special attacks. If witch, note any specialties and strengths and your witch's general experience level. If familiar, note any special abilities. If mascot, you have little power, but you may have some minor abilities.]
    Bio: [Optional.]
    Other Info: [Anything else you'd like to add. Optional.]
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  2. Name: Karnage Urabrask Vorinclex

    Alias: Tyrael Marchosias

    Type: Familiar

    Age: A little over 300? He's been in this world for at least ten, but he's far older than that.

    Physical Description:

    Abilities: Karnage is a master of a brand of magic known as Demonomancy, the magic of demons. This allows him a wide variety of powers linked to demons, and a few new ones that may be available to him now in this world. A current list and description of the abilities of Demonomancy. Karnage is also capable of minor shapeshifting, though only to the extent that he can transform his arms into different types of limbs, specifically the following: Titan's Strength (Gives him a large boost to his physical strength), Rending Claws (Turns his fingers to razor sharp blades), Hurtful Lasher (Turns his arms into a extendable, flexible claw), and Karn's Edge (Turns his arm into a giant blade that can also double as a shield). He has a wide variety of knowledge in other magics as well, but his spellcraft is limited to Demonomancy only. He does have a practical knowledge of runes for the purpose of temporary enchantment however.

    Bio: The being known as Karnage is not a native to this world. He comes from a realm that is perhaps a parallel, or an alternative universe to it. How or why he is here he keeps to a secret to himself, but even those who know would only get one simple answer: "Because I wanted to." That simple statement was the only thing he had to say to justify anything he did in this world, from great acts of kindness to villainy that would be covered in the storybooks. Even now he has chosen to employ himself as a familiar for not much other reason than whimsy, seeking a worthy master for his strength and power.

    Other Info: Karnage never goes by his real name, saying that it holds a sort of power that could be used against him. Thus he refers himself as "Tyrael Marchosias" to strangers, to the point that he even has a hard time remembering his own name. He carries a few possessions with him, and does that because he could simply use his magic to summon his belongings to him, or get a demon to find it and bring it back to him at a moment's notice. The only thing he keeps consistently on his person is a leather backpack containing traveling supplies and his journal, where nothing inside is written and yet he can somehow read it's contents. Likes mushrooms.
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  3. Name: Magwylde "Maggie" Cinder II

    Alias: None

    Age: 18

    Type: Witch

    Physical Description: Maggie is short, barely 5'0" tall, and has a slight build. She's pale and tends to freckle when exposed to sunlight for long, and she has thick, often frizzy red hair. She's nearsighted and wears squarish glasses, and tends to dress in loose, comfortable clothing, often like a traditional witch's robes. (I may later draw her and add that artwork for reference.)

    Abilities: Intermediate. She doesn't have a wide range of magical abilities but she's well-studied in the few she knows well. In particular she favors practical, noncombatant magic like repair or rejuvenation spells, but in a pinch she's also very good at transmogrification--usually of an enemy into an animal of some kind, or an inanimate object.

    Bio: Maggie was born to a rather solitary and temperamental witch, Circe Cinder, most famous for taking after her ancient Greek namesake and turning unwary travelers into animals and the like. Maggie doesn't know who her father was nor is it particularly relevant to her life, though she suspects it was some heroic type who got the best of Circe. Her mother got frustrated with single motherhood after a few years, and handed Maggie off to her own aunt (and Maggie's namesake Magwylde the First) when Maggie was nine. Maggie liked her new home a lot better than her mother's drafty, empty palace, though she was still lonely. She attended a small, local academy until her great-aunt took sick when Maggie was 16. She dropped out of school to take care of her, and sadly Magwylde I has just passed away. Maggie's debating whether or not to go back to school or even seek out her mother, who seems to have forgotten all about her.

    Other Info: Maggie has a strong affinity for rabbits, which she raises and treats the way most witches would cats or toads.
  4. @Michelle the Editor Accepted! I've got to get the character sheet thread up and running, haha... *scrambles*

    I should note that Greece doesn't exist in the witch world if you were referring to that as an IC thing, and (at least the vast majority of) witches in the witch world are not familiar with Earth. There's no issue with it otherwise, though. Circe could totally have existed in this world's history.

    edit: @Lucius Cypher I know you already posted a profile in the other thread. Did you want that as your final app or did you want to make any changes to it?
  5. @Marionette Thank you! I was thinking this Circe might be a reference to that other one who might be some kind of legend/connection between the two worlds from the ancient past. Most of the inhabitants of the witch world probably aren't going to recognize that reference, nor were they intended to, really--I just felt like throwing that in there.
  6. I may make a few edits, I want to post it here first at least, and I still need to make that second Magical Warrior.
  7. Name: Pierrot

    Alias: none

    Age: ??

    Type: Familiar

    Physical Description:

    As a creature of lies, Pierrot can cast illusions of any kind without any rituals, incantations, or charms. He can make himself look like someone else to another person's eye, make something like something else-whether it is a person, a place, or a thing-to another person's perspective, or just cause hallucinations based on a person's deepest fears. But as a familiar, he can only cast a certain spell if he has his master's permission. He's also skilled with the sword.

    Pierrot is a Pseudologos, a creature of lies born from Eris, the goddess of chaos, strife, and discord. As a pseudologos, he spent most of his time using his spells to influence someone to lie about something then harvesting their lies and eating them. (Will be updated once someone takes him as their familiar)

    Other Info:
    He is the familiar of (Anyone wants to take him? PM me!)
  8. Is this still live?
  9. I'm still around! We had a lot of people in the interest check and planning thread but only a couple profiles so far. Hoping more will start to roll in.

    I've also got an intro post half-written, but I was sort of hoping to see some more profiles (or at least character ideas) so I'd know the best way to set the scene for everyone. I'll probably go ahead and create the thread tomorrow though. Might drum up some more interest, and those who are already accepted could get their intros in if they wanted.
  10. There is now an IC! Because I really have no idea what kind of characters I'm going to have at this point, I broke it into 3 separate sections, hoping that there will be a natural point for everyone to latch onto.

    However, don't feel pressured to spread yourselves out evenly over each plot hook. Like, don't think, "oh, someone's already at the town meeting, so I have to go to the forest." These are just NPCs and plot hooks are only important if players go for them, so whatever doesn't get used can be forgotten about or used later. :P

    You can even more or less ignore these situations if you're inspired to do something else. You can introduce your character however you like and I'll try to cater to it. The important thing is that everybody has someone to play with.

    I also attempted to introduce a more concrete physical setting: welcome to the witch town of Elderwood and surrounding forest. Feel free to expand on it (and on the world in general) as necessary to facilitate your character's past and present.
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  11. Name: Giovanni Virtuoso aka Gio
    Alias: Phantom
    Type: Shifter
    Physical Description: Gio: 190cm, Italian features. Slicked back black hair and a five o-clock shadow. a bulky fellow, big bones. blue eyes.
    Phantom: A white mask covering the top half of hid face down to the top of his upper lip, looks clean shaven, and wears a Victorian themed outfit ,Cravat, cloak, white gloves, black, gold and white color scheme , that magically appears with the incantation: By the power of Old Gods and New men, I change myself According to the wrath of those whom's Authority and Honor was defiled, I will become the poltergeist that plagues their enemies to the very brink of damnation. To bring to pass the restoration of Honor! I AM PHANTOM'S NIGHT!
    Power themes: The Heavens and Opera
    Abilities: * means can be used out side of transformation to a lesser extent
    -Minor gravity control to a precise level of almost telekinesis (ex; The Phantom held out his hand to his sword and carefully making a tube of gravity moved the gravitational polarity of his sword toward himself, it quickly came his way, preparing for contact he held out his hand and caught it. Ending the altered gravity sequence) This takes concentration to do to that extent, except during dramatic moments of extreme will power. Can be used to fly if careful*
    -glow in the dark*
    -Rapid regeneration *
    -Immune to poison
    -Stronger than normal
    -Can move silently*
    -Great singer*
    -Knowledge how to use a sword
    NAMED: Aria of Falling Stars: Allows a number of light bursts to come randomly from the sky. Great for Big enemies and mass destruction.
    Orchestra of Colliding Planets: A loud orchestra plays and the ground begins to shake and great clumps of stone orbit Target before smashing into it.
    Intermission of Celestial Bodies: A loud screeching sound echo's for miles before its too silent and all the lights in an area turn off.
    Serenade of Sunlight: A beam attack that shoots a burst of light similar to Aria of falling stars out of the tip of his Sword
    Heaven's Falsetto: A fake out move where a burst of light shines down and blinds opponents temporarily to Semi-permanently
    Opera della prima donna: A finishing move where He creates a mini galaxy looking thing on the tip of his sword and launches it at the enemy damaging molecules. causes a mini coma afterward
    Bio: A well known singer, who one day found a sword with the incantation written on a note taped to it stuck in his wall. upon reading the words aloud he changed into Phantom. He defeated his own villain 'Trellis' another sound user who believed music was just noise
    upon his defeat Pahntom felt himself being swept into the witches world
    Other Info: Likes Garlic bread

    Name: Christina
    Alias: Christie
    Age: ?
    Type: Mascot
    Physical Description: A tiny girl, 6 inches tall with black hair and pink eyes looks like a 9 year old girl
    Abilities: Flight and non verbal long distance communication, danger sense
    Bio:Woke with no memories except what Gio needed to be Phantom Night, Knows many things about monsters sword fighting, rare magical abilities and Gio's powers,
    Other Info: Likes eating Gio's garlic bread
  12. @Enezrel Accepted! You can post your profile in the character thread. You can also make your intro in the IC if you like (this goes for @Michelle the Editor and @sleepinghat too), although we don't have a lot of players right now. I'll try to keep things lively with the NPCs, of course.
  13. Name: Darella Delamort
    Age: 23
    Appearance: Prematurely gray-haired, she is short and very thin and delicate. She has green eyes and large glasses. She often wears a pointed black hat, a black cloak with pink lining, and a red dress.
    Experience: Well-taught despite her youth, but she still can't hold a candle to older witches, and she knows it.
    Proficiencies: Enchanting objects and nature magic. She's also been summoning knowledge spirits in secret recently in an effort to learn necromancy.
    Bio: Darella's story doesn't begin with her, but with her mother, Jarrissa. Jarrissa ran a shop selling magical goods and services in the tiny town of Raventon. Folks called her The Black Lady to her face (and newt-stewer behind her back), but she did good work for the village, and taught her daughter all she could about witchcraft besides. Until two years ago...

    Jarrissa had gone out with one of the town's hunters to drive off a pack of wolves that had established a den dangerously close to town. Unfortunately, the wolves found them first, and attacked savagely. The hunter managed to drag Jarrissa back to town, but she soon expired of her wounds.

    Darella, needless to say, was devastated. She managed to pull herself together enough to take over her mother's shop, but she refused to accept her death. She began an effort to covertly study necromancy, knowing full well that if she was found out, she would be ostracized at best and tied to a stake at worst. Two long years of research haven't yielded much, but she knows it's possible to bring her mother back. She just has to figure out how...
  14. @daird Accepted! You can post your profile in the character thread and start posting whenever you like.

    I hope to get a post in this evening if I'm not too exhausted after work. On my phone right now, sadly. :p

    Edit: Oh hey, @Lucius Cypher, I see you got your profile updated here. Mind tossing it into the character thread as well? It's linked under the title.
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  15. Are you still accepting characters?
  16. Well, I don't know what's going on with this rp, but I'd like to submit a character sheet if it's still running and accepting characters.

    Name: Arithana Lenara

    Alias: Whatever she tells you to call her. (Generally Ari).

    Age: 27.

    Type: Witch.

    Physical Description: Ari is average height for a female, maybe a little below average weight. Her skin, very fair, though covered in scars and burns, mostly from the neck down except for one noticeable scar on her face that traced her left cheekbone. It looked like it was once a long, thin gash at one point, like that from a sharp blade. Her soft, thin dark brunette hair reached down to the small of her back with shorter, angled bangs, the longer angle purposely covering the side of her face with the scar.

    Abilities: Experience level is definitely up there considering her age. Her skills rival those of a seasoned wizard. (Well, when it comes to certain things. In certain other types of magic, a five year old could probably show her up.) Her strongest type of magic is combat magic, elemental mostly, and enchanting, elemental being her forte. Next would be summoning. She became satisfied enough with her summoning that she even tried getting into transfiguration magic so she herself could become something else. (She doesn't talk about that though, considering she tried that one time and just gave herself hooves, a deer's tail, and small antlers).

    Bio: Ari always lived outside of society, even when she still had her parents. They lived very modestly despite the fact they had money. Not rich or wealthy by any means, but they definitely didn't struggle. They were good at saving, and both her parents worked for a long time. Her father was a well liked man, especially amongst other men, and worked as a blacksmith for those who chose to hone their magic and focus it on enchanting their weapons or armor to enhance natural skills, or simply imbue the elements within. (Cause come on, who doesn't love a classic bright flaming greatsword?) Her mother, a soft, quiet spoken, yet friendly woman, was a teacher at one of the academies. Illusion and summoning were her strengths, and therefore, what she taught. Her parents spent years, from the moment Ari could keep herself upright, walk, and understand speech, until they were taken from her at the age of eleven. They taught her, they practiced, and they showed her all they knew, every day that passed, and Ari loved it, she loved to learn, and get better. She never looked like much compared to her skills, still didn't. She never showed them off to others, either. She did have a weak point though. Her father was a master at defense magic.. Probably one of, if not the best. For whatever reason she just couldn't get a hold of it, and it frustrated her to no end. She felt like she could face any army, but if she were to be caught off guard, even by a mortal, it wouldn't be hard to get her down, to seriously wound or injure her.

    Other Info: She summons and creates familiars for weak witches and children, but is looking for one of her own so that she may study it and became better, but more importantly (though much less admitted) for protection, and companionship. She was never very social, only went outside of what was now her home since her parents were no longer there to get necessities, including what weren't necessary to others, but were to her.
  17. @koolkat4595 @Zella Celeste
    Sorry for my belated response! I'd be interested in continuing the RP, but I got a little discouraged before as it seemed like its activity had come to a halt. I was giving others time to respond, and when they mostly didn't, I let it go. .w.;; I probably should have tried to incite more action, though. This was my first shot at freeform GMing in a loooong time, heh.

    But if you two would still like to play, I'd be happy to resurrect things. If so, Zella, your character would be accepted.

    Maybe some of the other folks are still around too. (If you are, please tell me whether you had enough to go on in the RP or whether I need to provide more hooks!)
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