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    Magwylde "Maggie" Cinder II by Michelle the Editor

    Giovanni Virtuoso/Phantom by Enezrel

    Pierrot by sleepinghat *

    Christina by Enezrel

    * Looking to match up their character (witches with familiars, shifters with mascots). Contact the player.​
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  2. Name: Pierrot

    Alias: none

    Age: ??

    Type: Familiar

    Physical Description:

    As a creature of lies, Pierrot can cast illusions of any kind without any rituals, incantations, or charms. He can make himself look like someone else to another person's eye, make something like something else-whether it is a person, a place, or a thing-to another person's perspective, or just cause hallucinations based on a person's deepest fears. But as a familiar, he can only cast a certain spell if he has his master's permission. He's also skilled with the sword.

    Pierrot is a Pseudologos, a creature of lies born from Eris, the goddess of chaos, strife, and discord. As a pseudologos, he spent most of his time using his spells to influence someone to lie about something then harvesting their lies and eating them. (Will be updated once someone takes him as their familiar)

    Other Info:
    He is the familiar of (Anyone wants to take him? PM me!)
  3. Name: Magwylde "Maggie" Cinder II

    Alias: None

    Age: 18

    Type: Witch

    Physical Description: Maggie is short, barely 5'0" tall, and has a slight build. She's pale and tends to freckle when exposed to sunlight for long, and she has thick, often frizzy red hair. She's nearsighted and wears squarish glasses, and tends to dress in loose, comfortable clothing, often like a traditional witch's robes. (I may later draw her and add that artwork for reference.)

    Abilities: Intermediate. She doesn't have a wide range of magical abilities but she's well-studied in the few she knows well. In particular she favors practical, noncombatant magic like repair or rejuvenation spells, but in a pinch she's also very good at transmogrification--usually of an enemy into an animal of some kind, or an inanimate object.

    Bio: Maggie was born to a rather solitary and temperamental witch, Circe Cinder, most famous for taking after her ancient Greek namesake and turning unwary travelers into animals and the like. Maggie doesn't know who her father was nor is it particularly relevant to her life, though she suspects it was some heroic type who got the best of Circe. Her mother got frustrated with single motherhood after a few years, and handed Maggie off to her own aunt (and Maggie's namesake Magwylde the First) when Maggie was nine. Maggie liked her new home a lot better than her mother's drafty, empty palace, though she was still lonely. She attended a small, local academy until her great-aunt took sick when Maggie was 16. She dropped out of school to take care of her, and sadly Magwylde I has just passed away. Maggie's debating whether or not to go back to school or even seek out her mother, who seems to have forgotten all about her.

    Other Info: Maggie has a strong affinity for rabbits, which she raises and treats the way most witches would cats or toads.
  4. Name: Giovanni Virtuoso aka Gio
    Alias: Phantom
    Type: Shifter
    Physical Description: Gio: 190cm, Italian features. Slicked back black hair and a five o-clock shadow. a bulky fellow, big bones. blue eyes.
    Phantom: A white mask covering the top half of hid face down to the top of his upper lip, looks clean shaven, and wears a Victorian themed outfit ,Cravat, cloak, white gloves, black, gold and white color scheme , that magically appears with the incantation: By the power of Old Gods and New men, I change myself According to the wrath of those whom's Authority and Honor was defiled, I will become the poltergeist that plagues their enemies to the very brink of damnation. To bring to pass the restoration of Honor! I AM PHANTOM'S NIGHT!
    Power themes: The Heavens and Opera
    Abilities: * means can be used out side of transformation to a lesser extent
    -Minor gravity control to a precise level of almost telekinesis (ex; The Phantom held out his hand to his sword and carefully making a tube of gravity moved the gravitational polarity of his sword toward himself, it quickly came his way, preparing for contact he held out his hand and caught it. Ending the altered gravity sequence) This takes concentration to do to that extent, except during dramatic moments of extreme will power. Can be used to fly if careful*
    -glow in the dark*
    -Rapid regeneration *
    -Immune to poison
    -Stronger than normal
    -Can move silently*
    -Great singer*
    -Knowledge how to use a sword
    NAMED: Aria of Falling Stars: Allows a number of light bursts to come randomly from the sky. Great for Big enemies and mass destruction.
    Orchestra of Colliding Planets: A loud orchestra plays and the ground begins to shake and great clumps of stone orbit Target before smashing into it.
    Intermission of Celestial Bodies: A loud screeching sound echo's for miles before its too silent and all the lights in an area turn off.
    Serenade of Sunlight: A beam attack that shoots a burst of light similar to Aria of falling stars out of the tip of his Sword
    Heaven's Falsetto: A fake out move where a burst of light shines down and blinds opponents temporarily to Semi-permanently
    Opera della prima donna: A finishing move where He creates a mini galaxy looking thing on the tip of his sword and launches it at the enemy damaging molecules. causes a mini coma afterward
    Bio: A well known singer, who one day found a sword with the incantation written on a note taped to it stuck in his wall. upon reading the words aloud he changed into Phantom. He defeated his own villain 'Trellis' another sound user who believed music was just noise
    upon his defeat Pahntom felt himself being swept into the witches world
    Other Info: Likes Garlic bread

    Name: Christina
    Alias: Christie
    Age: ?
    Type: Mascot
    Physical Description: A tiny girl, 6 inches tall with black hair and pink eyes looks like a 9 year old girl
    Abilities: Flight and non verbal long distance communication, danger sense
    Bio:Woke with no memories except what Gio needed to be Phantom Night, Knows many things about monsters sword fighting, rare magical abilities and Gio's powers,
    Other Info: Likes eating Gio's garlic bread
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