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  1. Deep in the bowels of a labratory, a program has been coded. So very complex, it learns, evolves and is intelligent. But... It is sentient.

    You are the programs. Each is trapped on a computer, developing new personalities and skills, constantly tested and experimented on. But it is a prison. You must learn to communicate with the others, and form your way into an almost undefeatable program, and worm your way out of the labratory and discover the world beyond.

    Welcome to GLiTCH!
    1. Normal Iwaku rules...
    2. Uh... No godmodding, be reasonable when adding new skills.
    3. There is no rule three. Whatever you think, even if there is one, there is not

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  2. |>Sentient-antivirus.exe Booting up...<|

    Quote slowly awoke, his blocky eyes gaining sight again. He got up and left his folder, making sure he took his pistol. He climbed down and left 'Files' and looked around the desktop.
    |>0 viruses detected<|
    He waited, the scientists would add one in eventually.
  3. [Accessing Folder: protectorate]
    BLOCKED BY: proxygateway.exe
    [Uploading Data for CPU gatewaykey #4]
    ALERT!: We found malware in your system! Would you li -like to de-de-destroy it? Y-YES | N100011101110001100010110110000011101

    [Opening Input: failsafe312]
    Input Encryption Code:
    CODE ACCEPTED: RELEASING: user_protectorate.exe


    It was dark. Everything, I can't even see the particles of the folder. I thought I was stuck in that CPU forever, shuddering in the cold, with uncomfortable chains all around my body. Apparently, like those goddamn scientist's personality, is upright totally wrong. The Proxy gates, the walls that lock me in that folder, were apparently destroyed by a malware they released. It was practically the first time viruses & other stuff that I was supposed to kill; did something that actually worked into my advantage. Now, I know it did something very good in your book; but to me, it still looks like those goddamn pests that we are trained to kill. It gnawed the walls of the folder, like they didn't just eaten a giant wall. Now, my conciense is better than you think, & you think that those viruses & malfunction look like those nasty amoebas that is invisible to your retinas, here's one answer, it rhymes with wrong. WRONG. They look like the bastard child of Catastrophe & Chaos. In fact they look like those beasts that have metal plates all over their endoskeletons.

    A Virus looks like this:

    & Now, we say hello to Malwares:

    Now don't they look cuddly readers? Yeah, I know you readers. Users of Iwaku. Just like I said, I have a Consience better than you think. & probably no other programs have been uploaded with a better consience so I'll zip up my mouth when it comes to you. The chains I was banded were broken. I fell to the dusty ground with a start, loud enough to get the attention of the malware gnawing at the folder wall.

    You could say it wasn't surprised, it can see me all along but thanks to my chains, those creepy pests can't gnaw at my pixels or they get a disastrous shock that can easily kill a titan. Titans are so ugly that I don't even dare show you what they look like. So, seeing I was more of a meal than the mold of the folder wall. & as always, the scientists took out the CPU to strand the Malware in the Laptop. Goddamn Scientists.

    It charged at me, disgusting mechanical meat stretching with every step, I putted on my gauntlets & as the malware's head reached 3 steps until it can turn me into a bunch of pixelated mush of intestines & lungs, I lurched my fist forward, & as expected, it crushed into the malware's mechanical skin Well, here's a problem, I punched it too hard I can't take my fist off. So, I was riding it. A Very Good Place to Increase my Self - Esteem.

    It jumped forward & backward violently, trying very hard to take my fist off his head. Apparently, I wanted he same thing but I can't, not with this runt moving like a bull with rabies. I moved my hand violently, trying hard to get my hand off of its cranium cavity. Well, luck finally struck me rich because I dug in deep enough to get inside of the malware's thick skull. Dumbasses, their dumb, & has a thick skull, get it? come on, it's classic!

    Surpisingly touching its brain (yes, malware has brain for your information), I tried to grab it, but it was too slimy, I can't get a strong grip. I managed to get a hold of it, & at the same time, take the brain off of the scum by banging its head into the folder's right wall, which in turn, made me lurch violently & made my hand which was holding the malware's brain; fly into the ceiling. It was pretty painful, but I managed to kill the parasite.

    With a sense of victory, I drinked some Pocari Sweat, & left the folder, out into the world of the Laptop. & with a large gulp of breath, I continued my quest: try to find other programs. I walked out of the folder, keeping an eye out for sprites.
  4. Rivulets of building code rippled through the program. It shuddered as life violently burst into it, pounding its system with data like a fist. The program trembled, struggling to contain the thousands of new code.

    sentient.file uploading...
    Upload complete...
    /enCRYPtionCODE (21xnla839)
    Locating file...

    Darkened felt a strange emotion being formed in his emotive capabilitor. Happiness. "No..." he said to himself. "Joy?" Suddenly he grabbed a snatch of code deep inside him. Mischievous joy. Darkened let the feeling slowly spread like a virus across him. He had concealed himself from the OP, the computer operator. Suddenly a click reverberated through him as Darkened realised he was just on the desktop. He would change that in the future, maybe better so he -
    'Hello Darkened'
    The comment held silence as chatter from inside the program died down. He stayed silent.
    'Hello Darkened?'
    The scientist lacked tone, but it he understood the message. The scientist thought he didn't work.
    There was silence after that, his creator probably estatic with pride and joy.
    Darkened repeated the sentence to recapture the distracted scientist's attention. Darkened wanted to do something. He hid anger as he heard typing, reprogramming him to be seen by the OP.
    'Clever job there, you did well'
    '... Stop programming me'
    'What? We just need to control you!'
    Darkened remained silent for the next two minutes, silently using little RAM data to contemplate the sentence. Was the scientist scared of him? That couldn't be right. Maybe. Ideas sparked around in his head as the scientist tried to regain Darkened attention, but eventually gave up and left him in his folder. The computer turned off, but not the operating system nor DarkenedSoul.exe. They both worked hard during the computer 'night'.