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  1. IC Thread:

    Deep in the bowels of a labratory, a program has been coded. So very complex, it learns, evolves and is intelligent. But... It is sentient.

    You are the programs. Each is trapped on a computer, developing new personalities and skills, constantly tested and experimented on. But it is a prison. You must learn to communicate with the others, and form your way into an almost undefeatable program, and worm your way out of the labratory and discover the world beyond.

    Welcome to GLiTCH!
    1. Normal Iwaku rules...
    2. Uh... No godmodding, be reasonable when adding new skills.
    3. There is no rule three. Whatever you think, even if there is one, there is not

    Now, in this roleplay you have skills, which you gain from doing certain actions. I will say when you gain skill points, then with skill points you can upgrade yourself to get skills. You start with one skill, then over time you buy more. To get a second skill, you need 1 skill point. To get a third, you need 2 skill points, 4th skill, 3 skill points, etc. Some skills require a certain level, like it has to be your fourth skill or something, but if you don't know which one, ask me


    Program Name:
    Computer Apppearance: (picture and brief description of what type it is, or no picture, longer description)
    First: (keep adding second, then third, etc)

    My program
    Program Name: DarkenedSoul.exe
    Nickname: Darkened
    Computer Apppearance: [​IMG]
    A Samsung laptop, it has a large array of default backgrounds. Rather new and smooth, with little programs, making room for Darkened
    Personality: Intelligent and quiet. He won't speak a lot, but if you gain his trust he will plan with you. Is not good at directly attacking, but will silently worm into the systems, and it's usually too late when you notice him
    1 Plotting
    2 Hiding systems
    3 Strengthening systems
    1 Scientists
    2 Doing things for others
    3 Dominant programs
    First: Pretty good at concealing it's movements
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  2. FastPort.APK
    Nickname: App
    Appearance: image.jpg
    Thick, the most powerful model of phone that exists. Has a frozen black screen (which is on purpose) except when it talks, and when it does a blue volume wave form appears as it talks. Takes a long time to charge a system hack, but when it executes the hack it is very fast and very stealthy. The scientists don't throw it out because it is brand new, extremely expensive and technically still turns on.

    Other mobile devices
    Being moved around the lab
    Apple devices

    Programs with a strong resistance.

    First: has a lighting fast hidden USB cord that has a range of half a metre. This grants a great advantage when hacking.
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  3. Program Name: Sentient antivirus.exe
    Nickname: Quote
    Computer: image.jpg
    Quote: (Gets better when he gains a skill)
    Seen on screen walking around
    Personality: Helpful and friendly but dislikes his job because he sees viruses as living creatures like him. Curious and adventurous.
    Helping out
    Disappointment from mostly anyone
    Robot voices
    Scary things
    1. Can explore the desktop and most files in his computer. Has a pistol to kill enemies.
  4. Awesome! Both of them are really cool

    Crono approved! Looks like it's very defensive :)

    That Bear ALMOST approved! Just add 2 more likes, thank you :)
  5. Program Name: bootcrash.exe
    Nickname: Boot

    Computer Appearance:
    Boot was ecstatic to have her original flash drive home stuck into the tackiest possible laptop available in the laboratories. The keyboard's default setting is rainbow, and other programs can change it, but Boot tends to get very angry when that happens.

    Personality: Boot is a lover of chaos. She (female pronouns preferred) was originally planned to be a highly destructive virus, and although that dream hasn't yet been fully realized, she embraced her role wholeheartedly. She doesn't mind the scientists as much as the other programs but still wants out so she can wreak virtual havoc all over the world.

    1. Destruction
    2. Playing games
    3. Bad puns

    1. Following directions
    2. Working in a team
    3. Cowards

    First: Boot can hack into the code for a process that is currently running and alter it slightly. This usually involves putting things in infinite loops, effectively halting the process.
  6. Both approved! We will start soon, like Sunday or Monday (America: Saturday and Sunday)
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  8. |>programname_|: user_protectorate.exe_

    |>nickname_|: Chris_

    |>appearance/sprite_|: downloading_pic47371.jpg... downloading_complete_

    |>computer.exe_|: downloading_wp_content/toshiba.jpg... downloading_complete_

    Installed recently on a testdrive PC, user_protectorate.exe or Chris has only 1 memory in his mind. To Protect the PC from any Malware that threatens it. But, as he was traped in the Laptop, each day, he regains his consience, regaining his memories. Chris, ofcourse, overwhelmed by his memories, he decided to try & explore the world, trying to escape this seemingly unescapable prison of a Laptop_

    |>personality_|: user_protectorate.exe or Chris is an antivirus that protects the entire computer from malfunctioning from viruses & malware. He is very suspicious of other programs & tends to befriend other antiviruses. He acts like a leader & will tend to save other programs from getting viruses. He does not mind to be installed into any computer, & he will have no merxy when it gets to viruses. Has a bad sense of humor & sometimes can't understand metaphors_

    1. Other Antiviruses

    2. Jokes & Metaphors that he can understand
    3. Freedom

    1. Viruses & Malwares

    2. Scientists
    3. Insolence & Dishonor

    1. Chris can alter the presence of any backgrond for 5 minutes (MAXIMUM), thanks to 5 years of programming.

    hacking_into Iwaku_Terminal
    attaching: 4N0NYM0U5.exe to: Creator's_Note.exe
    uploading_program: Creator's_Note.exe


    Hey @Shadowski, All I got to say is... Wow, you have an awesome RP idea here! I added those light green computer codes because, it's computerlike! I hope you can accept my character. I worked very hard on it :)
  9. It's really cool! Accepted definitely
    It would be good for you to join because I was busy when I first made it so no time to post, but now we could try again
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