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  1. Deep in the bowels of a labratory, a scientist is madly coding away. Coming to a close, finally the program is nearly finished. It is different from most. It is sentient

    You are a recently made sentient program, at first weak and underdeveloped. Each one is locked away on a computer, not connected to Internet. Slowly you will learn, evolve and create your way to try and escape. The scientists will peform experiments. You can attempt to communicate with others, but the scientistsare not stupid. You must conceal your actions.

    Anyone interested? Feel free to lay constructive criticism
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  2. Whoa. :o Sweet idea! I take it each of the programs will be developing their own personalities? Otherwise it could get kind of repetitive.
  3. Of course! Forgot to list that
  4. Cool! I'm definitely interested then.
  5. Cool, we'll wait for a few more people then start. Should I put it in jump in or sci fi?
  6. If you want people to signup without approval of bios, put it in jump in. If you want bios to be approved, put it in sci fi. (:
  7. Eh, approval isn't really needed so I'll put in jump in
  8. Good luck with your continous search! (:
  9. Oh, well, I usually stay away from jump-ins since they tend to get a bit crowded...
  10. Well ok then I'll put in sci fi lol
  11. Probably not until there's more interest.
  12. Here's your interest. I would like to join.
  13. Ok awesome! I reckon maybe one more person, but if not in one day, we'll just start
  14. Which do you prefer, Glitch or GLiTCH
  15. Ok, because I'm really impatient, if no-one else is interested in an hour, we will start
  16. Hazza for impatience!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.