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  1. So I don't know if there are any fans or if I'm the only fan right now but I found out Cory Monteith (who played Finn Hudson on the show and actually dated and was going to marry costar Lea Michele) was found dead in his hotel room on Saturday. Normally I'm like oh that's so sad and move on but for the first time, a celebrity's death actually touched me. He had admitted to having drug issues when he was younger, admitted he relapsed and went into rehab a few months ago and now he's gone two weeks before his wedding. I probably will have a hard time listening to him sing without getting teary eyes (yeah, I totally cried about it today) and I feel incredibly sorry for Lea who has been quiet in her grief (which in a world known as Hollywood says a lot about how sincere she is cause we all know folks are tirsty to get the spotlight immediately). He's touched a lot of people as Cory and Finn and...It's just such a loss. :<
  2. Normally I don't care about these things, but this is one of those cases I really liked the actor and character. ;___; Super saaaaaaad.
  3. I agree :( Usually when celebrities die of drug overdose and the like I don't really pay too much attention to it, I personally don't think that highly of drugs due to past experiences, and yes I realize that there are more reasons to drug addiction than just needing a fix or whatever. This death really makes me sad, probably because of a combination of all that has happened and was going to happen. I just wish he hadn't relapsed and that this hadn't happened. I feel horrible for Lea, losing her husband-to-be so close to the wedding, and I feel sad for all the cast members and his family and friends. I just really wish he could have gotten the help he needed a few hours before his death, then maybe nothing like this would have happened. :(