Glasses or No Glasses?

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Do you wear glasses?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. I wear contacts instead

  4. No, but I really should!

  5. I wear glasses and contacts

  6. I got laser eyes surgery.

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  1. So, do you wear glasses or not? Or do you have to but chose to wear contacts instead? Or are simply like my dad and refuse both glasses and contacts? XD

    In my family and my Mister's family, I'm the only one who doesn't wear (or need to wear) glasses.
  2. I've had to wear glasses since I was 8 years old. I've worn contacts before, but I can't stand them. My eyes get too dry and by the end of the day I look like I spent the entire time smoking weed. =/

    Out of four of my kids, only one of them doesn't need glasses. I'm guessing she's going to take after my hubby in the eye department, and the others are going to take after me. It's weird though, because they have very little of my genetics in them. They all look and act like my husband. =/
  3. That's pretty much the reason why my husband doesn't wear contacts either. He said they had a gritty grainy sort of feeling to them as well. Could just be the brand he was using, but he much prefers glasses instead anyway. Just got a pair yesterday, in fact, from where this topic came to my mind. ^_^
  4. I need a new pair. I have transitions lenses and they're pretty damn expensive, which is why I haven't been wanting to get new ones. But they're getting scratched up and have little dents in them, which I'm going to assume is something that happens with this particular type of lens since I've never had that problem before.

    Glasses are a lot better than contacts for eye comfort, but that's about it. After a while they make the bridge of my nose all oily and I'm constantly having them fall off whenever I'm bending down. That's mostly because I'm notorious for not tightening them until I can't stand them slipping off all the time.

    The other bad thing about contacts, which isn't really common.....

    I thought I lost a contact once. I kept rubbing my eyes and thought that it fell out. I looked in my eye and didn't see it, so I figured I lost it somewhere. They were the disposable kind, so I just popped in a new one and didn't think much of it. Skip nearly a year later and I'm going to the eye doctor for my exam, when they found the contact lens I thought had fallen out. It was stuck to the inside of my eyelid.....
  5. I had my eyes tested during my teen years to see if sight was playing into a headache issue I had back then.

    My end diagnosis ended up being "Healthy but Unhappy". Which basically means they function completely fine but I need to put a bit of strain on my eyes to make out the really tiny details or eliminate some blur along the end of lights (blur I had never even noticed existed until they pointed it out to me and showed me a comparison with a pair of glasses). So I technically could be wearing glasses, but the benefit for doing so is completely minimal.
  6. Man, that is pretty freaky :O Good thing that is finally was removed!
    That's pretty much like my dad I guess. He needs a pair for when he's driving. My older brother, he never realized he needed glasses until he took his driver's test!
  7. No glasses. They look pretty sweet on some people though. And apparently I look cute in other people's glasses.

    And contacts are just gross to me x-x
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  8. I always wanted glasses as a kid. Typical case of 'I don't need so I want'.

    I do like glasses on others as well. I pick out my mister's frames for the most part :D
  9. It's not even that bad. Like to put it in perspective.

    This is what a light looks like to most people (open)


    This is what that light looks like to me... approximately. (also you need to zoom in) (open)

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  10. I started wearing glasses in the late part of Grade Six. Apparently I had already been straining my eyes a lot in my elementary years by 'reading too much' (yes, I know), but there was already something up with my eyes even before that. I think it was something like a progressive decline in my vision as I get older... Can't really remember what it was.

    The grade of my left eye is much higher (about four times or more) than that of my right, which is mostly fine and just a little fuzzy without my glasses.

    Over the years I've tried thin framed rectangular glasses with different colors or styles, but recently I'm wearing something rectangular and black-framed, though thin. I suppose Coach is a fashionable brand for eyeglass frames, it was a gift from my mother.
  11. I shot lasers into my eyes, now I have super powers and no glasses.
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  12. without my glasses, I can only see blobs of color

    and yet I still kick all sorts off ass during sparring night without vision
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  13. I'm very nearsighted. I can barely see more than a foot in front of my face. Glasses are pretty much a must-have. I don't think I'd be able to function very well if I refused to wear glasses -- I can't even see the words I'm typing right now when I take them off. XD

    I do technically have contacts, but I selected the glasses-only option on the poll because I only ever use my contacts for cosplay -- since I don't want to have glasses if the character doesn't have glasses. ...And if my character does have glasses, then odds are they'd look nothing like mine and I'd want to buy non-prescription glasses to match, which means I'd need to wear contacts underneath if I don't want to be blind. Aaaand if the character has anything else on their face that wouldn't work with glasses in the way, like an eyepatch or something... yeah, having contacts just makes cosplay way easier. o_o

    I actually don't mind wearing contacts very much. I'm not too weirded out by the concept of them and I don't find them super-uncomfortable, either. o.o The reason why I don't wear them on a regular basis is because A) they're kind of a hassle and B) I actually prefer to not look through my glasses if I'm looking at anything that's close enough to my face that I can see it clearly without them -- which often applies to things like my cell phone, or handheld gaming consoles, or any book or notebook that I'm hunched over (the latter of which is especially common in a school setting XD). If something is close enough that I can see it clearly without my glasses, then trying to look at it with my glasses on just means that I have to strain my eyes more in order to see it clearly. o_o So it's much more comfortable to just let my eyes relax when I don't need to be looking through my glasses. XD For this reason, I always get glasses with thin, "widescreen"-esque lenses, so that they don't take up my entire field of vision and it's easy to see clearly into the distance when I look up but also easy to clearly see my phone or book or whatever when I look down, since I can essentially see underneath the bottom edge of my lenses. :P Also, if I know that I'll be spending a good chunk of time just looking down at something in front of me and I don't need to look up for whatever reason (as is often the case when I'm doing homework that doesn't require my computer), I'll often just take my glasses off entirely -- which is even more comfortable for seeing things close-up. XD And uh... yeah... it's pretty obvious why contacts don't really work very well for this kind of thing. XD And when I do wear contacts for special occasions, it kind of throws me off when I look down at something that would normally be under the edge of my lenses and it's kinda weirdly blurry because I would need to strain my eyes more to look at it -- which I would probably be used to if I wore contacts (or just glasses with much rounder frames) all the time, but, since I don't... yeah. XD

    Soooo point is! I don't use contacts often enough for it to count, really. I use glasses 99% of the time. XD
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  14. I tried to read this without my glasses

    I couldn't

    I tried to read it WITH my glasses.

    I couldn't


    I can't read!
  15. @Kaga-kun That was useful! That sounds a lot like my mom. Whenever something is close, she takes her glasses off and reads, or for sewing and stuff. I should maybe tell her to look into some new specs for herself.
  16. This reminds me to ask. I once tried to use Cosplay contacts at a convention, completely failed at getting it in.

    I'm assuming I was just clumsy there, but it made me wonder. If it was that hard getting it in, how hard is it taking them out?
    Like, how do you avoid the contact or the fingernail from just completely cutting up your eyeballs and making them a giant bleeding mess?
    Are you Daredevil? o_o
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  17. "If it was that hard getting it in, how hard is it taking them out?"




    BTW, I am not Daredevil. I'm Batman.
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  18. Nope, but both my parents wear glasses. Both developed the need for them between ages 30-40. So it's likely that in a decade (give or take 5 years) I'll need them.
  19. Just a note for anyone considering laser eye surgery but aren't sure if you can afford it, you can usually finance it up to 5 years so it can be relatively affordable monthly payments, more so if you can save up a decent deposit. I put 1300 down and paid the rest of it off over a year, and it was about 140 a month for 12 months.

    As for the procedure itself, stop wearing contacts one month for each year you've been wearing them and it seriously only takes 10-20 minutes and is absolutely painless. Best decision I've made, easy.
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  20. O_O Well first of all, you shouldn't be using your fingernails at all!! I was taught how to use contacts by an actual eye doctor, but I didn't even consider that some people buy contacts for cosplay without that kind of instruction... I wouldn't recommend putting anything in your eyes until you know what you're doing with those things. O_O

    At any rate, I wouldn't say you were just clumsy -- figuring out how to get contacts in is hard! It took me quite a while to get the hang of it. o_o

    That said, taking them out was always an easier process, I think. It's a bit hard to verbally describe the whole process, but basically what you have to do is use the pads of your fingertips (not the nails!!) and just slide your thumb and index finger from the corners of your eye to the center of it, to sort of pluck the contact off the center of your eye. It's a bit tricky to get used to at first because, well, most people aren't used to touching their eyeballs like that -- I know I was always too gentle while I was still getting used to it which made it hard to do, and I didn't get better until I became more comfortable with doing it and wasn't as hesitant about it.

    I think that getting them in is a lot harder because not only is it hard to get used to touching your eyes and not being too hesitant/gentle, but there's also the fact that eyes tend to not enjoy foreign objects being rammed inside them. o_o Like, sure, contacts are designed to be comfortable sitting on your eye once they're in, but, it's the process of getting them in that's hard. Everything that surrounds your eye is there to protect your eye and prevent things from touching it -- which means that you have to basically hold your eye open so that you don't blink or squint or even half-blink. And for me that was always one of the hardest parts -- keeping my eye held open well enough that my eyelids wouldn't try to bat the thing away before I got it on right. This is made even more difficult by the fact that your eyes will probably water at least a little, which means that it'll be harder to keep holding your eye open, because having wet fingers and eyelids makes keeping your grip nigh impossible. >_> I would definitely keep a towel on hand to wipe off your fingers/eyes if you run into that kind of problem.

    Oh, and then there's also the problem of making sure the lens itself has enough contact solution on it to be comfortable on your eye, but also not too much solution so that it sticks to your finger... it can be tricky to get that balance down. Which is why, yeah, find someone who can teach you how to contact lens. o_o

    The whole blinking/eye-watering thing is sort of present when taking them out, but it isn't nearly as much of an issue, because if you blink mid-way through taking it out, then it's a lot more likely that your eye will push the thing out rather than back in. Getting them in is a lot harder in that regard, because it's a lot easier to blink or half-blink and bat the thing away before it even gets near your eye. :/ There's also the problem of holding your eye open wide enough, which can also be hard to get used to, and also isn't much of a problem for getting them out just because getting a grip on it and slipping it off isn't as difficult as making sure you're giving your eye enough surface area so that the entire lens can make contact with it without letting the edges of it be blocked by your eyelids.

    ...But yeah. Hope that answers your question. XD
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