Glass House

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  1. ... Restroom?

    The whole idea creeps me out. I can imagine chilling out or studying in a place like that, but living? Flat out no. Nope.
  2. No... I'm a fairly private type of person. Even if the bathroom had regular walls, I still wouldn't do it. It would be too weird and I would not like the feeling that anyone could be creeping on me and I'm totally facilitating that.

    Plus, what would I do if I couldn't cast stones? :p
  3. I would absolutely not live in one of those houses. What if I wanted to take a bath? Or a shower? The thought of not having any privacy whatsoever is enough to alienate me from this tyoe of house, regardless of its innovative nature. I have to wonder though: What kind of people would buy a house like that, where everything they do is visible?
  4. i wouldnt have a problem doing everything but i watched thirteen ghosts so like hell i would be in a glass house XD
  5. Let the world see my naked frame. I care not! though I'd spend a shit ton of money on windex.
  6. Oooo a huge green house! I can be all jungle gardener. I'd have banya trees and ferns and likely add some colorful birds to nest and maybe a koi pond and orchids everywhere!
  7. And boil in the sun?

  8. HHAHAHHA those crazy japanese people xD that's why I love them x) I wouldn't want to live in it because I would be paranoid when people starred in to my house xD and I would have to have curtains big ass hell to cover the glass if I want it to be darker when I'm watching horror movies during the days xD hahaha
    Nope, no glasshouse for me x) When I'm going to Japan then I have to go to a glass house and stare at people xD haha
  9. oh can i come with you i want to stare at the people in the glass house

    it will be like a people zoo ^_^
  10. Sure, but it must be night and they must watch a horror movie, and just as something happens in the movie then we stands there and stare until they notice us and thinks it is the grudge x) heheh And then they will run out of the house and we can take all their horror movies xD
  11. i have family in japan so i get movies whenever i want XD but also that sounds amazing *hugs* you think the same way i think its fun to do that i did that with my brother and his gf when they where watching a horror i stood in their window and just scratched every so offten XD i know for a fact she pissed herself XD