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Gladis' Partner Search

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Gladis, Mar 12, 2015.

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    So, recently I've been having a few 1x1 RP ideas and decided that, after my one month long hiatus, I'd make another partner search. Before we get down to the fun stuff, however, I'd like to warn you that I am currently very busy in school, and thus may not be very quick with my replies. If that hasn't put you off, feel welcome to proceed. I will keep updating this list when/if I get new ideas, so stay on the look out if I seem like the sort of person you'd like to RP with but all plots have been taken. If you have an idea of your own, don't be afraid to shoot me a PM!

    Before we start talking plots, however, there are a few things I'd like to make clear.
    E X P E C T A T I O N S

    What I expect
    - I expect you to have acceptable grammar and spelling. English isn't my native language and as such, I do tend to make mistakes from time to time. I won't be a grammar nazi, but at least make your post readable. Text talk is out of question.
    - One liners are a big no no. While I don't expect every post to be a novella, some in depth descriptions of the characters thoughts, feelings, appearance and surroundings helps bringing the world to life.
    - I try to reply as often as possible, but have patience with me. School takes a lot of my time, and I might not be able to reply every day. As a compensation, you can expect me to make long posts whenever the situation calls for it.
    - I do not wish to see any gary stues.
    - I expect you to take control of the story as well. We are two authors creating something together, not just me leading you and leash. Contribute to the story, and I will do the same. (Have seen this not happening way too often as well).

    What I Like
    ✔ I like most genres, and am open to most ideas.
    ✔ In yaoi and yuri, I enjoy playing both seme and uke. On several sites I have however seen this trend develop, where a lot of people only want to play uke and I find it just slightly annoying. No, to be frank, it pisses me off. Being a person who enjoys both sides of the coin, I don't mind playing seme in some role plays, but I would appreciate ocasionally playing uke as well. Seke and suke characters I'm also completely fine with.
    ✔ I like age gaps. Not illegal ones, but significant age gaps which may cause conflict. 8)
    ✔ I love RP drama.
    ✔ I also like uke or seme characters which don't quite follow the archetypes (though I have nothing against the archetypes and will follow them gladly if it is what you prefer).
    ✔ I like having a good story.
    ✔ I love playing multiple characters.
    I have a long hair and megane fetish.

    What I DON'T Like
    ✘ I don't like one liners and bad grammar/spelling.
    ✘ I don't like damsels in distress (for the most part, there can be exceptions to this).
    ✘ I don't like gary stues.
    ✘ I don't like people unwilling to help develop the plot.
    ✘ I don't like being left alone without a word.
    ✘ Draged out sex scenes. If you're in my age group, I'm more than okay with RPing them. What I don't like is when it drags on forever and never seems to end. It gets boring and irritating and I'm more likely to drop the RP. >.<

    ❣ I know all plots I have right now are yaoi, but hopefully I'll get other ideas soon too. ❣
    P L O T S



    My Character


    || Status ||

    || Pairing ||
    Wizard x Cursed King/Demon

    || Genres ||
    Dark Fantasy, Fairy Tale, Romance, MxM

    || Credit ||
    I was thinking of Diana Wayne Jones' 'Howl's Moving Castle' before I came up with this idea, so it may have been mildly inspired by it.

    || Looking For ||
    Seme and Uke Demon and King

    || Plot ||
    Once upon a time there was a king and queen. They lived in a big castle and ruled over the peaceful but prosperous little kingdom of Avalon. They did not have any children, but they wanted a child very much. Many years went by, yet no matter how hard they tried, their wish would not be granted. The queen knew that time was running out and if she could not conceive a child soon, the kingdom would be without heir. So she secretly sought out the help of a witch.

    The witch gave the queen a strange iron box in which a demon had been sealed. She said that it was a demon that could grant any wish, but she also warned that releasing the being from its confinement could result in dire consequences for the kingdom. Desperate enough as not to heed the witches’ warning, one night when the king was away the queen summoned the evil from within the box. They made a deal.

    The king and queen would be granted an heir, but in return the demon would be granted a body he could use to roam the world.

    Nine months later a healthy little baby boy was brought to the world. The king and queen were overjoyed; as was the rest of the kingdom. Time went by and at last, the prince was eighteen years old. He was a beautiful young man — happy, strong, good and loved by all. Yet on the very night he turned eighteen, a horrendous disaster struck the royal family. The king and queen both murdered in their sleep; a black dagger penetrating each of their hearts. The culprit was unknown; who could possibly ever have committed such an atrocious act? Yet the prince was not given any time to grieve the death of his parents. With the king and queen gone, he was the only one left to rule the kingdom. And as such, the day after his eighteenth birthday, the prince was crowned new king of Avalon.

    Yet the horrors didn’t end here. Every night from then on there would be new victims. Sometimes just one, sometimes several. Whomever committed these atrocious crimes made sure not to let themselves be seen, yet still managed to spread terror and fear across the kingdom. Some corpses would be completely and horrifically dismembered, the different body hidden in different places as though it were some sort of twisted game. Once the heads of an entire family were found displayed on poles in the town square.

    The young king was miserable. How in the world was he going to deal with this problem? Who was terrorizing his people? To make everything worse, it wasn’t exactly unusual that he woke up with blood staining his hands and clothes. Sometimes he would even wake up in places other than his bed. Yet not until he woke up next to one of the victims, did he finally connect the dots. The question was not who terrorized his kingdom, but what.

    By the time rumors of a mysterious black castle having appeared up in the mountains started spreading across the kingdom. Many believed that the ancient wizard inhabiting the stone fortress was the cause of all the terror. The young ruler who knew better doubted this was the case, but become curious about the wizard nonetheless. Living secluded from the rest of the kingdom, he was feared and loathed by all. No one dared approach his castle or even venture too far into the mountains. Besides seeking out victims every night, it had been said that he ate the hearts of men and turned women into statues he’d then keep in his garden.

    Under the pretense that he will rid Avalon of the wizard and the terror he caused, the troubled king set out to seek the wizards help. Will the wizard agree to help the prince with his troubles? And will the terrors of Avalon finally cease? That remains to be seen…
    ✧ You will be playing the king.
    ✧ I'm looking for someone who’s willing to play both seme and uke. During the day when he is the king, the character will be mainly uke. During the night when he becomes the demon, however, your character will become mainly seme.
    ✧ If you're uncomfortable with the idea of the wizard having a relationship with both, the plot can be tweaked so that he only has a relationship with the demon (the demon because that pairing is more interesting), but not with the king.
    ✧ The demon is a sadistic freak with a very twisted view on morals and logic. He bears a grudge against the wizard as he recognizes him as the person who sealed him in the box to begin with. They’ve always had a sort of love/hate relationship, since they share several traits. My character is also sadistic (although not the kind that goes on killing sprees. He’s also not quite as bad as it’s said in the rumors), and also has a set of rather askew morals and twisted logic. As such, you can expect them to insulting each other a lot.
    ✧ Feel free to use different appearances for the king and demon, though they should still resemble each other as they share the same body.
    ✧ Despite the demon being seme, my character still holds some extent of control over him — meaning he can’t just go on killing sprees whenever he feels like it.
    ✧ Where we take the plot after all that depends on the person I’m playing with.
    ✧ I hope all of this made sense. If you have questions about anything, don’t be afraid to ask.



    My Character


    || Status ||
    Not available at the moment

    || Pairing ||
    Grim Reaper x Human

    || Genres ||
    Gothic Fantasy, Romance, MxM

    || Credit ||
    The picture. I got the idea just by looking at it. -w-

    || Plot ||
    Death is not usually welcomed by its clients — that is one of the first things a Grim Reaper has to learn at his first day on the job. While most adults can’t even see them, most who do regard the workers of Lord Death with either fear or contempt; sometimes both. Yet this young boy was different. As the grim reaper entered the room of the sickly child who’s soul had been scheduled to be collected this very night was sitting upright, staring in the same direction the grim reaper was coming from. The child looked death straight in the eyes with neither fear nor contempt. Instead he offered the grim reaper a charming but due to his condition — weak smile.

    ”I know you are here to claim my soul, mister reaper,” said the child as though he were speaking of a cheerful walk in the park, ”but before you take me with you, will you indulge me with answering my riddle?”

    Slightly puzzled by the child's fearless attitude and perhaps charmed by his natural innocence, the grim reaper gave his word that he would solve the riddle before he claimed the boys soul. That was perhaps his largest mistake by far. A grim reapers promise is absolute and as such, he would not be able to claim the boys soul until he’d solved it. The rules were simple: he was not allowed to cheat and ask anyone for help and once he’d solved the riddle, he could proceed with his job. Thinking the riddle would be easy, he agreed to the terms.

    My first is foremost legally,
    My second circles outwardly,
    My third leads all in victory,
    My fourth twice ends a nominee,
    My whole is this gate's only key.
    What am I?

    No matter how hard he tried, the grim reaper could not solve the riddle. As such, the boy was allowed to live and as the years passed, he grew into a fine and rather healthy young man. Being the heir of a wealthy family, he inherited his fathers company, making a name for himself both among aristocrats and in the business world.

    Every so often he would gets a visit from the grim reaper who’ll give solving the riddle another attempt — yet every time his answer is wrong. What makes the whole situation even more frustrating, is the fact that the grim reaper has started developing feelings for the tricky human. Feelings a worker for death definitely is not allowed to have for their client. And the human? He too seems to have some trouble inducing ideas of love…

    ☠ You will be playing the seke/uke grim reaper.
    ☠ The uke should not be a doormat. Remember, he’s a grim reaper. Give him some pride and backbone, at least.
    ☠ He’s allowed to be ’innocent’ in that sense. Most grim reapers usually don’t indulge in sexual activities.
    ☠ He does not need to look like a skeleton; just in case that wasn’t clear. XD But he should at least look like a grim reaper in one way or another.
    ☠ Don’t make him look overly feminine. He’s a guy so in this case, he should look like it.
    ☠ Where we take the plot depends on the person I’m playing with.
    ☠ I hope all of this made sense. If you have questions about anything, don’t be afraid to ask.



    My Character


    || Status ||

    || Pairing ||
    Human x Inugami

    || Genres ||
    Folklore, Horror, Fantasy, Psychological, MxM

    || Looking For ||
    Human Uke

    || Plot ||
    There is this saying: ”Life is a bitch and then you die.”

    You yourself couldn’t be more inclined to agree.

    You’re bullied in school, home could hardly be called your haven and recently the only person you referred to as a friend abandoned you. In short, life hasn’t been treating you very nicely. This leads you to sometimes find yourself thinking that perhaps it would be better if all of them just… dropped dead. Of course, it’s not like you would ever harm anyone; but when the entire world seems to be against you — one can hardly blame you for resenting it, no?

    One day you find yourself being chased into the forest by your usual tormentors, trying to escape their punches and kicks. Too afraid to turn around and head back, you head deeper and deeper into the woods, until you eventually come across what appears to be an abandoned shed. Little do you expect to find a large, black dog inside. Half starved and severely maltreated, you take pity on the dog and free it from its chains.

    Every day from then on you visit the shed, feeding the dog, treating his wounds and generally pouring all of your love and affection onto the beast. The shed becomes your haven, the dog your only friend and companion. Yet loyal and affectionate as he may seem, the dog you’ve befriended isn’t your ordinary pet.

    The phrase ’one should be careful about what they wish for’ is not uncommon. Perhaps you should have been taking that in consideration before you wished for someone’s death. Especially when you’re dealing with an inugami who’s just made you it’s new master. Once you realize the power you now hold in your hands; will you embrace it or will you turn your back on the only friend you’ve got? And regardless of what you do; will you be able to control the beast you freed from its chains?

    ☠ You will be playing the human - seke or uke.
    ☠ He should be a high school student – perhaps somewhere around the age of seventeen.
    ☠ This is set in modern day Japan.
    ☠ Your gender is negotiable. You don't have to play male – the human could also be female.
    ☠ A dark character who'd actually take advantage of the inugami's abilities would be a more interesting partner.
    ☠ This can be romance – but doesn't have to be romance.
    ☠ This is not a plot for the squeamish, as it can probably get quite dark and violent.



    My Character


    || Status ||

    || Pairing ||
    Student x Teacher

    || Genres ||
    Slice of Life, Romance, Drama, MxM

    || Looking For ||
    Seme Teacher

    || Plot ||
    He’s loud, he’s obnoxious and wherever he goes there’s trouble. Yet you know he has so much potential as a student. Grades aren’t the problem; he may even be one of the brightest pupils you’ve ever had. If only he’d stop getting into fights all the time, dropped that absolutely horrendous attitude and actually started acting like a respectable member of society. As his teacher, it must be incredibly frustrating to see the young man with so many possibilities just completely ruin his own future.

    In a way its none of your business, but you still feel like it’s your responsibility. You are the kind of person who genuinely cares for their students, tries to understand them and wants to help even the weakest to get through their course with grades they can be proud of. What in the world are you supposed to do to get him back on track?

    It isn’t an easy question to answer, but I can say this much; sleeping with him most likely didn’t solve the problem…

    It all started that one afternoon when you asked him to stay behind so you could talk to him about the last test. It was a test your student would definitely have been able to ace so easily without even trying — and yet he failed so miserably; one could only think he’d done it on purpose. This wasn’t the first time, either. Lately, almost every test or assignment he’s handed in had been had been way bellow his potential; though not as bad as this one. If this wasn’t a cue that something was off, you wouldn’t know what else could possibly be.

    Yet you never really received an answer for that. One thing led to another and before you were entirely sure of what was going on… he kissed you. You know you should have told him off, you know it was wrong of you to go along with his game — and yet part of you didn’t want to. There had to be a reason this particular student was aways on your mind; wouldn’t you agree? So you reluctantly gave in to the temptation — you committed the sin. A sin so grave that if word got out, you could potentially lose your job.

    And that, my dear sinner, was only the beginning of your illicit relationship…

    ❥ You will be playing the teacher (seme).
    ❥ I will be playing the student (uke). Even so, I'm open for having them both be seke, though they'll still mainly conform to these roles.
    ❥ My character won't be your typically innocent uke. He is the one to seduce the teacher, after all. XD
    ❥ I'm not looking for an overly sadistic or mean seme. As stated in the text, he's the kind of person who cares for his pupils and wants them to succeed. He'll probably be struggling with the fact that he's having a relationship that isn't socially acceptable.
    ❥ That being said, his initial reluctancy doesn't really speak for how he'll be later on. I'll give you free reigns with the rest of his character.
    ❥ Where we take this completely depends on the person I'm playing with. You definitely have a say in the matter.
    ❥ I hope all of this made sense. If you have questions about anything, don’t be afraid to ask.

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  2. I'm looking for a RP partner... would you like to RP?
  3. Interesting!

    I'd totally be interested in the Black Hound roleplay!
    Only one thing- I do prefer playing female characters, so I would like to play a female if I could- if not, I 'd definitely still be interested!
  4. I'm fine with you playing female. PM me and we can work out the details. ^^

    Sure. PM me. o 3 o
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