[Gladis & Otouto] Forget Me Not

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    The very moment I set my eyes on you for the first time, I knew our destinies were intertwined.

    * * *

    It all started that one night, when you were visiting the festival with your parents. I was looking for some humans to mess with, but instead I found you. A little lost boy in the street. You were so tiny and adorable, your precious little hands quivering and your large eyes filled with tears. How could I resist talking to such a cutie? In fact, I believe I could have kidnapped you right away... yet something within me convinced me to do otherwise. I think watching those fireworks together moved something within my twisted heart. As such, I acted unselfish for once and helped you find your parents.

    Days passed, then weeks and then months. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't let go of the festival where I met you. Something about you was simply... entrancing. I found you a fascinating human- so I decided to find out where you lived. For years I followed you around, watching you from a distance, from the shadows. I watched you grow as an individual as you aged, watched you get through moments of hardship and moments of happiness. With each passing day, you became more and more fascinating in my opinion.

    Eventually I realized,
    that I love you.

    And that is where our fairytale begins. Heehee... watch out, little human. You belong to me.
    Forget me Not!
  2. There was something in the air... a feeling of calm and peace that spread throughout the town of Eastmoor. Of course these feelings were expected, for tonight was the night of Eastmoor's Annual Summer Festival! It was a festival held on the Saturday before the new school year began. This festival was a celebration of another calm year in the small town and a symbol of the town's prosperity.

    The Festival was always a grand occasion. There were games and rides galore and lasted long into the night... actually, until the sunrise the next morning. This would seem weird to others, but the residents of Eastmoor were more than happy to comply with the excitement. At the sunrise the following morning, there was always a grand fireworks display, symbolizing both the excitement of the festival and the excitement of the beginning of the school year.

    The festival was happening all over town. People were out on every street corner laughing and enjoying themselves. What shops that weren't closed had some form of 'Festival Special' that attracted friends and family everywhere. There was nowhere you could go that didn't have someone or something related to the festival.

    The festival had been going on for a few hours now and there were children running gleefully through the streets with worried parents chasing after them. There was laughter and excitement in the air, and the feeling was contagious. No one could stand being upset on such a joyous occasion.

    Only a few hours into the festival with many more to go... a lot could happen in such a time period between the setting and rising sun...

    Jack Thomas walked through the streets of Eastmoor alone. Not because he was completely anti-social, but because he hadn't been able to find any of his friends yet. He had just arrived at the festival not to long ago. He didn't live directly within the town's limits, though he was there until the sun was falling on most days, so he had to get himself into town. His friends had most likely been busy with helping all around the festival and weren't able to get to their phones, so he didn't let it bother him too much.

    A soft tune left Jack's throat as he hummed some tune that was uncommon to most as he walked down the streets, just looking at what the festival had to offer this year. It was much bigger than years past, the town seeming to have gone all out.

    Thinking he'd have the best chance of running into someone he knew in the center of town where all of the rides and the most populated place at all times during the festivals, he decided to head there.

    After about ten minutes of walking and ducking and dodging children and other people, Jack finally made it to the center of town.

    'Now,' Jack though to himself, 'time to find SOMEONE I know...'
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