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    The very moment I set my eyes on you for the first time, I knew our destinies were intertwined.
    - ​
    It all started that one night, when you were visiting the festival with your parents. I was looking for some humans to mess with, but instead I found you. A little lost boy in the street. You were so tiny and adorable, your precious little hands quivering and your large eyes filled with tears. How could I resist talking to such a cutie? In fact, I believe I could have kidnapped you right away... yet something within me convinced me to do otherwise. I think watching those fireworks together moved something within my twisted heart. As such, I acted unselfish for once and helped you find your parents.

    Days passed, then weeks and then months. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't let go of the festival where I met you. Something about you was simply... entrancing. I found you a fascinating human- so I decided to find out where you lived. For years I followed you around, watching you from a distance, from the shadows. I watched you grow as an individual as you aged, watched you get through moments of hardship and moments of happiness. With each passing day, you became more and more fascinating in my opinion.

    Eventually I realized,
    that I love you.

    And that is where our fairytale begins. Heehee... watch out, little human. You belong to me.
    Forget me Not!​
  2. [ Peeks over, interest piqued, is this for someone specific or is anyone free to reply? ]
  3. It's for Incubus prince. ^^
  4. [ Oh crap I thought Incubus Prince refereed to the character! Pfff, My bad! Sorry to bother you; ]
  5. A light rain pattered down upon the windows of the small school. It had been raining in the early morning, long before anyone was awake and it seemed to continue like it wasn't going to stop. It wasn't a hard downpour, but it was strong enough that you would get soaked pretty quickly if you stayed in it for too long.


    The bell had rung, signaling the beginning of the new school day at Amber Academy. Students rushed through the halls as they scurried along to their individual first classes. Moving against the tide of students rushing to the opposite half of the school, where most of the many, many MANY Freshman and Sophomore classes were, was a young man named Jack Thomas.

    Not much stood out about him. He stands at an average 5' 10" height and is kind of a scrawny guy. What really sticks out, is the dark blue of his hair. Of course it wasn't natural, but it looked really good on him. He strode through the oncoming mass of students without faltering in his steps, being used to this.

    Walking into his English class, he made his way to his desk in the back of the room. He didn't share this class with any of his little group, so he was quiet and sat down in the corner farthest from the door. Since he wasn't entirely friendly with anyone in this class, the three desks closest to him were all open, all of the other students closer to the door and closer to the front.


    The tardy bell rang, signaling the beginning of the class period. Choosing to look out the window at the rain, Jack sat quietly and tuned out the loud chatter of his peers as he waited for the teacher to show up.

    "Good morning, class!"

    Jack stayed silent as a few students responded to their teacher's usual chipper mood.

    "We have a surprise today! We have a new student joining us here! Come on in!"

    She gestured to the door as Jack looked up in moderate confusion. It was about the middle of the semester, so it was incredibly odd for anyone to come at such an awkward time.

    Who would be dumb enough to jump in at semester? He thought to himself, eyeing the door.​
  6. [​IMG]
    "We have a surprise today! We have a new student joining us here! Come on in!"

    That was the cue he'd been waiting for. The door opened, and a young man with a rather peculiar appearance stepped inside. With his naturally pinkish red hair and eyes (though most would think he'd dyed it and used contacts), Weylin stuck out like a sore thumb amongst the other students attending Amber Academy. He was tall and lanky, almost somewhat feminine in appearance. The very way he walked was light and elegant, almost as though he were floating across the floor. No matter how one looked at it, there was something outlandish about this handsome young man.

    "Introduce yourself," the teacher promoted, casting Weylin a meaningful glance.

    The pink haired youth flashed everyone a dazzling smile. "Good morning, everyone. I'm Weylin Landcaster. Due to my fathers work, I had to inconveniently move here mid semester. Nevertheless I'm looking forward to joining you for class," he swept a slight, elegant bow.

    "Thank you, Lancaster. Please take a seat." the teacher gestured in the direction of the empty seat.

    The slight smirk that tugged Weylin's lips was barely noticeable. Perfect... a voice whispered in his head as he headed past all the other seats, feeling everyone's gaze on himself. Then he took the empty seat closest to Jack, a slightly mischievous look in his eyes. There was no way the boy could remember Weylin from all those years ago... or at least he didn't think the boy remembered him. Even if he had always been around, Weylin had gone out of his way to remain as discreet as possible. Now was the time to stop hiding in the shadows, however... now was the time to act. Even if he tried, he wouldn't be able to keep himself away from him anymore. To Weylin, it was already enough of an achievement that he didn't instantly throw himself at the poor subject of his affection.

    I want to kiss him, hold him, make him squirm and mark him completely as my own. I just need to be patient and bid my time... sooner or later I'll have him for myself. At some point, we're bound to be alone. Then I'll make my move...
  7. [​IMG]

    Jack looked up at the front of the room when the new student walked in. Weylin Lancaster? An interesting name... Then again, Jack may only have been thinking that because he had a basic name. But, this man's features were anything but basic. His pinkish coloured hair and same coloured eyes stood out immensely against his pale skin. Something seemed... off about Weylin, but Jack couldn't find out what. There was also a part of him that seemed so... familiar for some reason. Shaking that thought from his head, Jack turned his attention back to the rain on the windows.

    He was so caught up in watching the water splatter against the glass that he didn't notice that the new kid was sitting next to him until the teacher told them all to open their books.

    As Jack did this, he caught glance of the hair sitting next to him and jerked slightly, the surprise startling him. Jack debated on what he should do. The kid was new and probably didn't know anyone, but Jack wasn't one to make new friends... Aw, what the hell? After he opened his book he gave a sideways glance at Weylin and smirked slightly, his version of smile.

    "Hey. I'm Jack."
  8. "Hey. I'm Jack."

    "I know," Weylin replied simply, knowing full and well that he was causing confusion. Nevertheless he kept a friendly smile on his lips, tilting his head to the side as he watched the boy intently. He was as beautiful as he'd been back then, if not even more so, though this of course didn't come as a surprise. Weylin had been watching him from the shadows for such a long time now, there was barely anything he didn't know about Jack's life. "It's a pleasure making your acquaintance, Jack. I'm Weilyn," the fey prince introduced himself, keeping his voice down as not to disrupt class.

    Time passed, and eventually the bell went off, signaling that it was time for break. Before he knew it, he was surrounded by curious students asking him all sorts of questions. He answered everyone of them as truthfully as he could without revealing his secret, though eventually started to get slightly irritated. Weylin had no interest in the other students, after all, as there was only one person he wanted.

    Covering his face with his palm, he let out a long, slightly shuddering sigh.

    "Are you alright, Weylin? You don't look so good..."

    He peered at the girl who'd asked him between his fingers, noticing the worried expression crossing her features. "I... I feel a little sick," he lied wearily before glancing around and then finally setting his gaze on Jack. "Jack... would you do me the honor of showing me to the nurses office. I'm still a bit insecure when it comes to finding my way around here." Of course, this was a lie. He knew this school like the back of his hand, considering he had already spent so much time there.
  9. Jack was a little confused when Weylin said that he knew who Jack was, but the boy decided to dismiss it because he was at least moderately well-known in his class and school because of his acting and singing. He gave a sweet smile to the other before he spoke again.

    "And it's a pleasure to make your's."

    With that, Jack decided to turn his attention back to the teacher in their class, not really wanting to get too far behind like he does a lot.

    The ending bell, signaling the end of class, Jack stood and began gathering his supplies when a mass of students charged over to the new student, bumping into Jack and pushing him into his desk. With a sigh, Jack got his stuff and righted himself up, ready to leave when he heard his name being called. He turned to Weylin and nodded.

    "Yeah. I'd be glad to! Follow me."

    With that Jack pushed a path through the students, mainly girls, and pulled the ailing male away from them and began leading him down one of the many hallways of Amber Academy.

    "Sorry about that... stupid girls..."
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