Gladiators Tale - A Testament to Intrigue and Blood

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  1. It is the start of a new gladiator cycle. This happens every five years as a celebration. Millions of people from all around the globe show up to this event and watch the beginning of the games.

    You play a Gladiator coming into the new event. Most are there to get out of prison, to re-pay a debt, to make a legend out of themselves or the fun of it. Most are there for the second.

    Thousands of these gladiators come and only hundreds come out. Then the games last go on for two years after before there is a three year pause before the next gladiatorial cycle.

    At the beginning of a match you are given a random item, it can be everything from cake to a missile launcher but more often than not it’s something medieval and sure to cause a mess.

    Guns and laser weapons are given out to about ten, those people are targeted, they then lose their life and gun or run out of ammo and resort to other tactics.

    This is set in the near future. An empire spread across America and parts of Europe calling themselves the New Roman Empire. They are led by Emperor Helios, the first of his name and most glorious of all the land. His Father’s Father’s Uncle had started the New Roman Empire, it was young, popular and growing fast.

    Emperor Helios had a sort of fetish for watching blood and combat to say the least. He had erected several new arenas in the past year to prepare for his first gladiatorial cycle as Emperor.

    Most of the character’s wouldn’t know how to fight like a soldier or fight at all! Keep that in mind. But also feel free to play a complete badass. Your character can be anybody! But please no god modding. In the word’s of King Leonidas “Even a god can bleed.”

    This will be story of the whole gladiatorial cycle. ( If this lasts that long! :D ) that means it stretches from the first days to their whole career. The first part will be battle then it will move to more of the political part of gladiators.

    Gladiators aren’t like they were in Roman times, they aren’t slaves. They are more public heroes and figureheads. They get sponsored. The battles onward from the first they bring in their own weapons and armor. They run their own political campaigns and battle in the arena.

    Getting the morale boost and support from the crowd can be all you need to defeat Goliath without help from God.

    Technology is fleeting, not many technological advancements have been made in a long time. Most innovations have been war related, whether it’s Mechs, Robots, laser guns or battle satellites.

    Communication is done by either expensive radio or landline phones or messengers and letters.

    Mobility is mostly walking, motorcycles are cheaper than cars but still burn a hole in your pocket and bikes are rare. Aeronautics are performed in Zeppelins or old airplanes.

    Clothing is mostly leather, fur and snake skin. Lots of things are made out of snake skin, especially clothes.

    Feel free to ask any questions!

    Bio Skele:
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    Reason for becoming a gladiator:

    Willem Jackson:
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    Willem Jackson

    Reason for becoming a gladiator:
    He didn’t pay the bills often enough and there is always some way to pay a debt without money.


    As a child his parents didn’t have much, they scraped by doing whatever jobs they could find in this cruel world. So he grew up watching his parents. He began to collect things from the different places he moved and before he knew it he was an adult and off on his own.

    He had boxes full of things, useless things but from all different corners of the world. Things you could only find in certain places, items that used to be popular and some of the most random things.

    He began to sell them in a little shack. Before he knew it he bought a building and the building was filled. He began to make a steady living, he then met a girl, fell in love and married.

    They were happy together but soon the store began to fail, he stopped travelling places to pick up things and items, he spent more time with his wife. His business crumbled before his eyes, his wife left him and he tumbled into a world of debt and into the situation he finds himself to be in now.

    1. Intellect. He has a good mindset, he’s able to think through problems and pull out answers.
    2. Diplomatic. He always seemed to be on your side and be your friend.
    3. Agile. He was fast and he could out maneuver and out run anyone.

    1. Weak: He wasn’t able to swing a sword or throw a punch and hurt someone.
    2. Law Abiding Citizen. He wouldn’t dare break the law or a rule least it meant his life or well being.
    3. Hopeless Romantic. He falls in love hard and easy. He’s the kind of man who would fall for a penny whore.

    News and updates will go in my 2nd post and be edited there. Be sure to check in every day!
  2. News!
    News about the RP gets posted here.

    Posting habits: Please post every fortnight ( 3 days. ). If you are only going to post every fortnight then make it high quality and long posts! Otherwise. I don't care if it's a two paragraphs if you are posting every day or a sentence if you are posting every hour! Please include in your character submission ( Or at least somewhere. ) How often you will most likely post. I know I tend to post a lot. Like a lot within a day so you can always expect a reply from me!

    Find the IC here!
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  3. I'm going to reserve a spot for this. Can't post a bio or intro now-cleaning the house-but I'll get it done ASAP. c:
  4. Name: Aurelius Sojornus (Ace)
    Reason for becoming a gladiator: For his own entertainment, and the cash.
    Appearance: He's a very tall man, standing at just over six foot four. He's built like an ox and has the muscle to match. His hair is blond, cropped short, and he's fairly tanned. His eyes are blue, and he has a rectangular face. A strong jaw, heavy brows, crooked nose, and numerous scars give him the look of a fighter, which is what he is.
    History: Aurelius was born a farmer's kid with a nice family and three brothers, but that wasn't the life he wanted to live. He's terrible with plants, anyway. When he was sixteen, he left home and hitchhiked to the big city. There was where he discovered his talent for combat, and enjoying it thoroughly, he got involved with a local gang. A few years later, he was picked up by a mercenary who taught him to fight properly. After a while of essentially apprenticeship, he set out on his own and has been doing various jobs (protection, assassination, etc) for years.
    1. Experience. He's been a freelance mercenary for years.
    2. Strength. Ace can lift pretty much anything.
    3. Endurance. He's got incredible stamina and energy.
    1. Size. He's big, and that makes him slow.
    2. Empathetic. He's sensitive to other people, and that can make him hesitate.
    3. Lack of agility. He can dodge, but no where near as fast as a smaller person could.

    Also, mind if I add in a second character?
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  5. If you can play a second go ahead!

    Be aware though, it might be hard for Aurelius in the political side of the RP. He is a criminal and maybe he would find a sponsor down there but do remember that could impair his ability to fight and win.
  6. Understood. c: Should be interesting, then. Alright, I'll go type up a second bio, then get on my intro.
  7. Bah, I'll just stick with one character for now. I'll get to work on my intro.
  8. I'm so into this omfg.

    Will make a C.Sheet soon~
  9. Will post a Character Sheet before tomorrow! I(:
  10. Awesome! I can't wait! :D
  11. Name: Red the Ripper

    Reason for becoming a gladiator: To get out of a life in prison for massive man slaughter and, as she puts it 'to be able to freely rip apart someone without getting in trouble'.

    Appearance: Red is a rather decent height for a girl her age, neither tall nor short. She's lean and mean, her arms like iron cables. She has short, spiky black hair that matches her cold, onyx eyes. She only likes to wear black clothing, preferably easy to move around in.

    Personality: Can shortly be described as unpredictable, violent, or insane.If you have ever watched Baccano, she's like the guy with the giant wrench.

    History: She became known as 'Red the Ripper' after a nasty incident that found her covered from head to toe in the blood of 32 massacred corpses that had once belonged to her small city's mafia. The name stuck as she showed a fondness for ripping her opponents bodies apart during battle. Her parents died in 'accidents' while she was living on campus at a private school. She came home only two days later on spring break and learned of her parents death. She went missing until the authorities found her a week later and she became Red the Ripper.

    1. Speed (Movement and reaction time)
    2. Flexibility (Like gymnastics and stuff)
    3. The usage of sharp objects. Mainly knives and things like that.
    1. Long-Range attacks
    2. Defense
    3. Uncooperative in anything that isn't battle. She rarely does politics and then, it's only to argue for the fun of it. She dislikes the weak people of the every day world though she drinks in the attention from the audience.

    Other: Since she doesn't really bother with politics or care about dealing with a bunch of sponsors, she likes to past time on some talk shows to 'brag about her occupation' or hanging out with the very, very few sponsors she does have.
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  12. It's not finished yet but looking good so far. Another weakness might be like shy or unpolitical. Don't just think combat.
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  14. Cool shadowheart, your character is accepted!
  15. Name: Maya "Scarlet" Carver [​IMG]

    Reason for becoming a gladiator: A cruel tradition of her family. A tradition which she opposes strongly.

    Appearance: Maya is mediocre at height, barely reach 5'7, her body lithe and moderately flexible she had a very athletic figure without sacrificing some of the girly features such as her lean arms. (Somehow unable to grow larger despite her fighting style) Her body is a feature she is proud of but she doesn't flaunt it off regularly.

    History: Maya born into a rich noble family, she was the first born child dooming her from the start. As soon as she was old enough, she was put into intensive training, slowly becoming a pure killing machine. She at first thought that it was normal that every parent did this. But on a single moment of seeing an embrace shared by a mother and her daughter she knew she was different. Only confirmed after her mother beat her for even attempting to give a hug.

    As she grew older and her parents gave her siblings attention she would never receive she ran away. Using her sword skills as a merc travelling across the continent. It was only recently when her parent's more or less captured her and forced her to fight in the tournaments.

    1. Strength, Pure gladiatorial attacks. Capable of cleaving heavily along with slashing swiftly.
    2. Skill, Due to her intensive training Scarlet, hits hard and hits well. Her accuracy is above-average.
    3. Swordfighting, Throughout the years Maya has learned different techs for different swords, whether it be katanas, short-sword, great-swords, rapiers, she knows the majority of them.

    1. Defense, Maya isn't exactly the most sturdy fighter. She has to rely on parrying and dodging seeing as a couple hard blows could down her.
    2. Impatience, Maya is terribly impatient often leading her to charge when the time is not right and or when there would've been a better opportunity
    3. Lack of training in other weaponry, Maya is heavily lacking in weapon skills aside from swords, she does not know how to use anything besides an axe but then again she is definitely at a disadvantage without a sword.

    Other: Maya is secretly trying to plot a way out of the Arena. Although she has been hit by a dead-end so far.
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  16. Sounds cool! I like it, fleshing out the strengths and weaknesses would be nice. However not sure about her parents being a weakness, they are rich and pushing for you to win? Sounds like a premade sponsor which is not a disadvantage at all. But of course this is why you should flesh it out to explain.
  17. Hehehe, man, I love the name Red the Ripper. It makes me feel.......evil. Like I should burn down a village of innocents somewhere.
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  18. Ah okay, well I fixed it and elaborated a bit more. ^^
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  19. Room for one more?
  20. I think so because we have like four players but it isn't up to me. Hehe. ​