Glad To Have A Sense Of Smell? I Know I Am!

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  1. This is referring to my recent status post. It has been bedtime for me the past few minutes. Before I went to bed, I decided that I wanted to take a sip of coke from my Dad's large coke bottle (like those huge ones you see at parties lol) and found there wasn't any coke (in the bottle) in the fridge until a blue cup caught my eye. It was filled with "coke" and I immediately reached out to grab it. My sense of smell immediately grasped the fact that it wasn't actual coke- at the time since I found out it wasn't coke, I thought it was just beer- and I thought and told myself, "This isn't coke" and quickly put it back. Darn. The coke's all gone. When I told my dad about how glad I was to have a sense of smell, I shared this little "almost somewhat illegal act" I did, and he was all like "Did you try to drink my rum?" and I was looking at him, telling him I didn't know it was rum because it looked like coke, haha! Everyone, be glad for your five senses (esp. smelling lol)! XD
  2. Haha awe I thought this was going a completely different way. After the first sentence I was sure you were going to say the coke can was his spitter! Can't tell you how many times I picked up a bottle and almost drank it till I smelled it. We now have a strong rule that 1. Spitter will be see through and 2. Must have a lid. Even though they are NASTY and wished there wasn't any chew at all...
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  3. Oh my god, haha! NO he doesn't do that crap xD
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  4. I have no sense of smell right now... I can't even breathe through my nose. :ill:
  5. I'm sorry to hear that, but in general, you're glad to have that sense of being able to smell things when you can, right?
  6. Lol, I thought the coke in the coke cup was, well, coke (as in either the fuel or the fuel [winks]).
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  7. Bahaha.... I've never heard of.. fuel... In a Coke cup. Haha
  8. Oh my god you guys! XD

    It was never my intention to make you all think that my dad does that sort of thing XD
  9. We don't think that ^^. It's just the way you set up the story.. you set it up so well that we were expecting something crazy ^^. It's not you, it's us and our bad minds going there haha.
  10. I cannot smell through the left side of my nose. If I want to sniff something I have to take a really strong whiff of it ^.^:

  11. my dad used old 2 litre coke bottles to atore engine oil

    so glad my sense of sight noticed the increased viscosity
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