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  1. ARRRRGH! This game is so frustrating!

    It is called Give Up, and the point of the game is to navigate a stick figure through a course to get to the next floor. The real point of the game is to get you to give up. Of course, me, being the most stubborn Brick-Thrower on the face of this planet, will never give up, and I have to say that my deaths have added up to the thousands. Give Up! Never! Well, as it turns out, I still haven't actually beaten the game...But I'm still not giving up! (I've been playing ever since yesterday, taking breaks every 20 minutes.) This game is unhealthy because I'm so stubborn. So I decided to take a break from it and play something else while I cooled off, because steam was coming out of my ears on my 500th death. I haven't given up yet, I have just decided to calm my nerves before attempting it again.

    So I decided to play Unfair Mario.

    Genius choice for a relaxing game, Fishwolf.

    ME: Okay, this seems like a good game, can't be too unfair....


    Aaaaaarrrgh! This IS unfair!

    I need to stop playing frustrating games.....I know! Let's go to Iwaku and roleplay a bit! That always calms me down!


    Okay, let's attempt at Give Up again...


    Have you ever played a game that made you want to throw something? Of course you have. Come here and rant about all of your frustrating gaming experiences.

    [​IMG] <<Random Horse Thingy that scares the hell out of me.
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  2. I remember this game! I haven't played it in a while but I will be happy to flex my gaming muscles and show you how easy this game is. Or how little of a life I have! lol =P

    I suggest Super Meat Boy, btw, if you want to really, really be frustrated.
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  3. So I gave up in this room:

    Linked for size. After dying in this room a few dozen times within about ten seconds I decided enough was enough.
  4. Wow. *salutes*
  5. QWOP

    and Phantom Hourglass. Great game, but the Temple of the Ocean King made me rage quit a few times; the backtracking, my god, the backtracking
  6. If you want to have a really frustrating experience, play I Wanna Be The Guy. That is guaranteed to be one of the most unfair game experiences ever. I, however, have not really raged at a game that is purposely designed to frustrate me, because I know that it is trying to get a reaction out of me. However, I do get angry at certain games when they seem unfair or just ridiculously hard. For example, I sometimes get angry at League of Legends when I feel like I should not have died or should have done better. Or when I come across a really unfair situation, like a one versus three or one versus four. It gets really frustrating when that happens.

    There are a lot of games which are designed to be hard and unfair on purpose, however, practice makes perfect. And for me, even though the game seems to be really unfair or annoying, I can definitely enjoy it.
  7. I think I Wanna Be The Guy is unfairly hard though. It has no skill, it's just hard for the sake of being hard because you need to remember EVERYTHING.