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  1. Figured this would be fun :D. Post what you think would be a fitting boss theme for the person above you. Heck, even post a short description of what their boss battle would be like! Figured I'd post something fun for a change.

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  3. I figure it'd be some kind of frantic timed battle, like on a sinking ship or in a collapsing temple, where the boss refuses to let the good guys leave without a fight despite knowing that it'll likely mean their own death. :D

  4. Essentially, Jorick is the shit burger mid pointboss in an RPG, who can then becomes a random encounter boss until you finally fight him, in which he runs away. He's pretty much a hulking Brute with a bearskin robes and barbarian fur armor wielding a giant axe that is bigger than the main characters.

  5. I mean...your avatar has a mask and all....
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  6. The dance off mini-game boss.

  7. I'm unoriginal but I thought of this game when I saw your name, so I had to go for it. :D

  8. Your boss battle would be one either on Horseback, or In a castle. You would have to use the environment to kill you.

  9. I know it says Dragon, but your user and profile pic makes me think that you might be a legendary Dragon in disguise~

    Also, the boss fight would be in an open area, and the player will need to make you come to in front of a waterfall, which will become increasingly harder, and use a powerful crossbow to push you into the waterfall to create an opening in your defence for a chance to lower your hitpoints. :3
  10. It couldn't really be anything else when you have that Kamina avatar.

    Big mecha battle for the first phase, then out of them and into a sword fight for phase two.
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  11. Your battle is in a castle. We have to go up a flight of stairs, and drop increasingly heavier items, then slash at you.

  12. Your battle is in a plain field, the sound of swords clashing can be heard, you charge towards the enemy and shouted a battle cry, inspiring others to bravado and courage.

  13. Need a really holy theme.

  14. Obviously, I went with this one.

    I imagine there would be a lot of sacred swords and ninja styled fighting in your boss match. But that's because I stereotyped. :)
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  15. Your battle would be sword combat in the middle of a large Throne room.
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  16. This scenario is a bit off for a 'boss fight', but oh well. :) I imagine your character killing an ex lover or such.
    More of a tragic setting, but I see it started with polishing the dagger used for the killing.
    Then, you would relive the act of betrayal in your mind before traveling the dimly lit hallways of the estate.
    You would confront them and they would vehemently deny the allegations.
    Still, the facts remain unchanged and it becomes depressingly clear they never loved you.
    The anger builds once more as an argument ensues.
    You scream back and forth at each other and they reach out to strike you.
    As you recoil from their attack and feel the heat on your face from their hand.
    You reach under your skirt and pull out the dagger, clinching it tightly in your palm.
    You lunge and send the blade deep into their chest, slowing the beating of their lying heart.
    As they reach out to you from the pool of blood around them, you only look at them with disdain.
    While the light fades from their eyes, you swear to never again fall victim to the perils of love.

    Anddddd that opened a new chapter of 'dark and slightly crazy' in my writing.
    That was kind of fun. ^-^
    Sorry for deviating a bit from the thread topic!
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