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    hi, i'm gore, and i want you to be my role-play bitch.


    here are some rules.
    read my fucking resume, dear god, please read it.

    get out of here with that one-liner shit. check yourself that you can write more than two paragraphs per post before you take interest.

    contrary to popular belief, i do have proper grammar and spelling when i'm posting in-character. i just don't care out-of-character. have good grammar in-character or leave.

    i post at the approximate speed of a dead sloth. don't push me around with messages asking me to post faster. that's a one-way ticket to my shit-list.

    i play most all genders and i play them good. i'll list my preference based on the idea. don't try and convince me to let you be a certain gender. if you can't expand your horizons and play a different gender of character, that's your problem.

    i am a huge sucker for romance. don't even get me fucking started. i eat that stuff up. you can be as cliche and as horribly fluffy as you want with me, because i most likely will be the same back.

    i role-play on threads only. no pms or some other stupid writing platform or anything. threads are conventional and easy for me to use.

    i'm bitter as i write this, but i actually have a soft gooey-chewy heart. i'll be nice to you, i promise. i don't care what your personality is or anything, just be chill.

    i may message you, i may not. don't be a pushy piss-baby if i don't. if that's ever the case, your style didn't appeal to me or i felt we wouldn't mix well. i'm tired of forcing myself to write with partners that i dislike.

    i have a lot of bullshit going on in real life, and sometimes, it renders me unable to do a number of things due to either my depression or anxiety - these things include writing, sleeping, eating, and functioning like a proper human being. respect this. it's hard enough getting through a day like this without being pestered or complained to.


    here are the plots.
    red bolded are the roles i wanna be.

    lycanthrope [m] / vampire [f]
    modern supernatural. vampire is a friend of a friend of the lycanthrope. the friend invites the vampire to a bonfire and the vamp accepts, but sits kinda off to the side. the lycanthrope wanders over there and starts talking to her, and they both have to desperately try to cover up their true identities since they think each other is human. but they become extremely good friends and they sorta become a big part of one another's lives. they eventually find out about each other's species and it'll be a big thing, but we can make it fun.

    human [m] / fae [f]
    modern fantasy. fae (the tiny ones, like height-in-inches type fae) wanders too far into human territory and gets caught in a thunderstorm. thunderstorm manages to damage one of the fae's wings. they go to a human's house for cover and get discovered by the human. the human doesn't wanna hurt them or reveal them or anything, they're just curious, and they offer to help the fae recover with her wing. cool stuff.

    giant [m] / human [f]
    fantasy. human gets driven out to a forest by people who were mean to her and she gets terribly lost. upon giving up hope, a rather charismatic giant (the forty-feet tall kind, big guy) finds her in the forest and offers to help her out. it'll be an adventure type thing, but i want to keep it light-hearted.

    sociable [m] / shy [f]
    modern realistic. outgoing boy is in the same friend group as shy girl, and has been harboring a huge crush on her for a while, but doesn't know how to go about it with telling her. awkward, cute fluff and stuff.

    player [m] / asexual [f]
    modern realistic. guy gets all the ladies, or so he believes. he comes across a girl who seems totally uninterested in fucking him and it confuses him. he's aware of the girl being asexual, but thinks he can somehow 'fix' her into wanting to fuck him. he doesn't and maybe he can, like. find out that love doesn't need sex to stay alive and enjoyable. meant to focus on character development and relationship development.

    closeted gay [m] / openly gay [m]
    modern realistic. kid who isn't out to his friends really, really likes this friend of his who is openly gay. he really wants to ask him out, but is struggling with coming out to them and thinking his other friends would hate him. idk, character development, whoop.

    trans boy [m] / cis boy [m]
    modern realistic. only semi-passing trans boy gets introduced to a cis boy by his friends. cis boy isn't too educated on the trans thing. trans boy reaches out to him to help him learn about it and they start crushing on each other like dweebs. cute as hell.


    post here if interested. if you pm me, i'll probably ignore it. thanks.
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  2. I would love to do either of these.
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  3. >> I hate myself so much but...

    my faves are,
    • giant [m] / human [f]
    • player [m] / asexual [f]
    • trans boy [m] / cis boy [m]
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  4. my organ collection is so sparse .. it hurts.
  5. You can have my orga-

    I mean, I'd love to RP with you. ^^'
    We'd have to think of something tho.
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  6. dammit, i forgot to edit two of those pairings. edited them now, still sniffin' around for some guts.
  7. loving the sound of the pairings involving giants and faes, i'm a sucker for cute, fluffy, romancey-fantasy stuff.
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  8. I would love to write the closeted male/openly gay male with you, if you'd be up for it!
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