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  1. So I saw another user post this idea and I just love it!

    I love tons of different genre's and I'm simply having little luck making up my mind lately. So here is what I would like you to do. Send me your favorite intro, and come one. We all keep ose intro's we write up and just love to much not to save them. I have a couple myself hiding away.

    Anyway, don't ask me what I want, because them it's not your favorite intro. Don't explain what you're sending. Just send me an intro and I'll reply and we'll see what happens. This is an experiment I really would love to try.

    A quick bit about myself.
    1. I normally play female, so if your intro is for a female let me know in a () if you want to do f// or double.
    2. I like to rate my rps mature, in case anything spikes to high. If you're uncomfortable with that please let me know in a ()
    3. This will be casual to advanced.
    4. I do m//, f// and m/f

    If you don't just have a favorite starter already, or just want to make a fresh one, and are having trouble thinking of ideas here are a few things I enjoy.

    1. Demons and angels
    2. Odd pairings
    3. Fantasy
    4. Medieval
    5. Vampires
    6. Harry Potter
    And soooo much more.
  2. Bump, still looking. :)
  3. I would like to join an odd pairing RP with you! I have a really good idea for it.
  4. Cool! Send it over to me.
  5. I am interested, but instead of angel or demon would you care to RP with my Djinn character? I can provide you with some basic info regarding their lore if you'd like? Maybe from there we can brainstorm something together?