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  1. Hi! I am sorta new. I joined this cool site like four days ago, and I am excited about role playing but I feel like a zombie it's hard to get role plays with others.
    I know this sounds desperate, but I just want to role play with somebody. I got any ideas that need to be shared!

    Please give me a chance to see what I can do! I promise not to fail you!

  2. I've already got three RPs starting to take off, and possibly a fourth, but I don't think it would be any trouble to pick up a fifth, at least not until I go back to college.
  3. I am guessing you would like to role play with me?
  4. Were you looking for one on ones or group RPs? ^^
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  5. One on one and or group.
    Just want to be included into an awesome role play.
  6. What's with the negative rating, bro? ;_;
    I might've wanted to start something with you...
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  7. Oh wait! I am sorry! I am on my iPod and I touched that and I didn't mean too. I have kinda big fingers
  8. Why not? If you'd rather come in on a roleplay that I'm in, there's a Mass Effect rp that's only a few pages long. If not, I'm sure we can think of something.
  9. Really sorry. Q.Q
  10. Maybe, if I read it and check it out. And if I want to continue into that then I'll let you know, and if then I guess we can discuss some more.
  11. Its okay. I have fat fingers, too. ^^
  12. Oh what a relief, I thought you were mad at me.
  13. Alright, cool. Everything you need is here, feel free to get back to me on that.
  14. Alright cool, I'll let ya know. Thanks.
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