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  1. I'm newer around these parts, but I'm not new to roleplaying by any means. I'm an adult, so consequently I'd prefer that my partner be as well. I tend to prefer to play female and MxF is what I'm most comfortable with.

    I'm happy to roleplay with just about any level of person, but I'd mark myself at the intermediate mark so keep that in mind if you're rather advanced. My characters are all over the map, and therefore can fit many different plots and genres of roleplay.

    If it wasn't obvious enough, I'd like to have romance be a part in our plot. I don't really like playing out every single sex scene, but I can and will for the right partner. Anywhere from fade-to-black to in detail is an option.

    I don't have many pairing ideas as of yet, but I'm open to hearing yours! I'm fascinated with the prohibition era but I also like modern times.

    Prohibition era Mobster x Speakeasy waitress*
    Modern day FBI agent* x suspect
    Modern day FBI agent x witness*
    Reporter* x celebrity
    Teacher x student*

    Girlfriend* x Boyfriend's brother
    Roommate x Roommate's girlfriend*
    Roommate x Roommate's sister*

    And I'm sure I can think of some more. Always open to repeated plots. Either drop a message here or pm me
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  2. Are you open for a middle earth era romance?
  3. Sure, what did you have in mind?
  4. I saw you where more familiar with the female part so I can play the male. I was thinking he could be a protector of some sort. He could protect your character, the village, or something along those lines. This way you have full rain of who you would portrays.
  5. I can work with that. If he was the protector of the village then we could use my character at first in every day, casually run-ins and then somehow incorporate her into a more meaningful position?
  6. That sounds wonderful. To be honest I just prefer this timeline because I tend to talk that way. May I ask what your character bio is?
  7. That makes sense. I'll send you a pm with character information if that's alright?
  8. Sorry I'm on my phone and it's acting up. That's fine I hope I look forward to you PM.
  9. Bumping up
  10. boyfriend's brother?
  11. I only have a slight plot idea for that but I would be happy to develop it with you!
  12. Awesome, I'll PM you
  13. I'm gonna go ahead and bump this up again. Any takers?
  14. Modern day FBI agent* x suspect > This sparked my intrest
  15. I'll send you a PM :)
  16. Roommate x Roommate's sister sounds like it'd be fun.
  17. I'm up for it :) I'll send you a pm and we can discuss.
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