Give Me Attention Dammit!

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  1. Skip to 0:34, or don't I mean, be you boo.

    Unless you is a douche canoe, then be someone else, but definitely don't be me.

    So I return, after disappearing with no warning over six months ago. Hell if someone I know very dearly is on here still, he will probably back immediately to correct me on that. If he isn't, then oh well, lol. Either way, I am Ner0, Senpai-san, Elise Hinata (god if you know me by that name.. just god..*) Anriu7, Anrix, Jilliane, Dammit even I'm not sure which Gender I am! (It's boy, I'm a boy)

    Either way, hi their folks, I have returned with gusto and am once again beginning the arduous journey of reintroducing Elym to this sight. As proof I supply a development blog:

    Now if you do not know me and are simply wondering 'who the hell is this obnoxious guy who as an anime character as his avatar?' Then let me explain :)

    I am a old member of Iwaku that moved over almost immediately following 'The Fall of RPG'. If you don't know what that is, then let me just say that it was worst then the incident in Sudsbery, so bad that I now drink my coffee black. It reflects my soul.

    Onwards past my ridiculous tangent, I am an 'experienced' rp'r and writer that can boast over 8 years of history 'writing and participating in epic roleplaying adventure's.' Now you might be thinking, 'why the apostrophes?' Well that is simply because in that entire history, I have only been successful one time, plagued by laziness and immaturity, I was unable to properly develop my rp skills and was left in a limbo of join, post twice, disappear. It was shame of these actions that caused me to disappear so long ago.

    But now I return, with new life, and I ask Iwaku,

    W-w-will you notice me Senpai...?

  2. [​IMG]
    Welcome back. Thought I should leave this here for you to notice Senpai ​
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  3. O.O

    I have never been so in awe...

    All my best girls... IN ONE PLACE!!!

    T-Thankyou sir!
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  4. Thats what I am here for. Randomly posting things in the middle of the night for random strangers.

    omgomgomgomgomgomg senpai noticed me
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  5. Let us hope that the future would change our relation from 'strangers' to 'good friends', Your alright Hono-kun.
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  6. If google is right... I think you just called me a pineapple....

    Yes we can absolutely be friends Aho-senpai
  7. Lol, I just took the first four letters of your name and...

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  8. I thought you were making a reference! So I googled immediately having been shamed for not knowing it and found a pineapple person named hono-kun and some saucy fanfiction written about him and a strawberry
  9. This has to be the greatest misunderstanding of all time, simply due to the great hilarity that has ensued following it xD

    Edit: That was a rather saucy fanfic, my my.

    Well goodnight new friend. I work in the morrow and it is rather late.
  10. A simply beautiful way to end my night. Aloha for now my friend.
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  11. Welcome home
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  12. Welcome back ^_^
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  13. Thankyou every one :)
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