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  1. Edit: Added pairings and a few more fandoms, anime as well.

    I'm looking for an action/romance type of role play, if you didn't get that much from the title.

    I am looking for a literate person that can give me a few paragraphs to a post. Someone that isn't afraid to add some action and twists. Someone who likes romance.

    I am looking for straight pairings. I can play either gender. If I refuse to play a male, then that means I have accepted too many male characters. We can also double, which I prefer.

    I will go ahead and list pairings, genres, and then fandoms I am willing to do. Also, we can form fandoms into our own.

    Spy x Spy
    Gangster x Flapper (1920)
    Assassin x Target
    Knight x Princess
    Psychiatrist x Patient
    King x Misstress

    Post Apocalypse (non zombie)
    Twisted Disney/Fairy tales

    Tomb Raider
    Chronicles of Narnia
    Once Upon A Time
    Vampire Diaries
    Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
    Lord of the Rings
    The Hobbit
    Hunger Games
    Harry Potter

    Death Note
    Rurouni Kenshin
    DN Angel
    FullMetal Alchemist
    Wolf's Rain
    Kingdom Hearts
    Final Fantasy (VII, X, X-2)

    Please suggest!
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  2. I'll Rp with you:bsmile:
    I'm interested in the SpyxSpy, AssassinxTarget, Lord of the Rings, and Fast and Furious
    (I have a writing sample on my profile)
  3. Hello!

    1920s Gangster x Flapper or Gifted Assassin x Target, if you are still taking partners, please!

    I prefer playing males, so... your choice :D!
  4. Still looking!
  5. King x mistress seems interesting.
  6. Shoot me a pm. :)
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