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  1. So I'm new here. I'm not a new roleplayer though, so don't run away screaming just yet, ok?

    I'm looking for two or three new roleplays to keep me busy. I love romance, but it doesn't have to be the main part of the plot. I prefer MxF, but may be willing to dabble in FxF or MxM if I'm intrigued. I don't do much male, and will be a lot more willing and outgoing if I'm a female (my male characters are better fleshed out but more poorly played, weird.) role. So hit me up with something new. I would appreciate the distraction. I do have a few possible ideas in mind.
  2. Well what is it you want to do?
  3. It really depends on the roleplaying style of my partner. I have a couple that I'd really like to be super fleshed out and in depth, others that don't really need that. Also depends on your interests.
  4. I'm up fir anything!
  5. Hmm.. Well, are you looking for a romance or something else?
  6. I do romance all the time! I do it as either a side plot or a full plot, I leave that up to the partner.
  7. Pming you
  8. If you're still looking for RP ideas and partners, I have a couple that I'm interested in writing. And I much prefer playing the male roles to the female.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.